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nice work, gud luck :)

nice work, gud luck :)

Thanks, twice :)

Good luck with sales!


Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Awesome Minimal Work ! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Is it possible to hook up with some content management system like WP?

Hi, this is just html template, CMS not included. Theoretically ,ofcourse, it is possible. But landing is so small and simple that perhaps it would be easier to edit just html. Thanks.

Ive made this a page template in WP but the contact form wont send? Any ideas? thanks

Hi, I’ve tested contact form (just paste your email in contact.php). Everything works fine. Sometimes a letter may fall into spam.

Registration form with validation only, 100% working only subscribe & contact forms.

Try check out form without WP on your domain Thanks

Yes it does work without WP but i want it to work in wordpress as a template? how do we get this to work?

Not yet started to do a WP version, so I can’t help you with that. Sorry.

Maybe you better connect contact form with some wp “contact form” plugin

Can I customize the contact form? Id like to add more options to get more info from my prospects. Thanks

Hi, Yes u can. It’s not very hard, but will require u HTML and CSS knowledge.


I’m pretty proud of myself for “editing” the contact form slightly, but my main hope is to be able to have them submit the form, and then forward them to a different address, like a thank you page.

With my minimal knowledge of coding, I’m a bit stumped.

Could you help me with this modification?

You can see my install at

Hi, Not sure about redirect user, but with form submit I help U. Send me your email to

1. is it possible to only show (contact landing version) the upper part of the design? just the background, text and the contact field? and the rest (below is not there)

2. also, is it possible to make the contact form larger and adjust its placement easily?

purchased the item and going well – like it – one thing I wanna try though – what should I do to make the background pictures show up without the dark shadow over them – so they appear as they are (slider behind the “contact” form)

Hi, you need delete one line in style.css

#intro #slides { opacity: 0.4; - delete this line or modify to suit your needs


Just purchased this theme, and gotta love it! But ehm, is it just me or isn’t the smoothscroll working?

Looking forward to your answer!

Kind Regards, David

Hi, at the live version smoothscroll on your computer works fine ?

answer pls on my mail

Multifour solved my problem through mail!

Hi, does your template contain popup info/alerts like flashbag “Thank your for subscribing…” etc ?

Hi, update with modal popups & video_bg version will be tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

Hi there,

I’m trying to add phone to the contact form on the contact page, however when I test the validation isn’t working and it’s not retrieving any post data from the phone field.

Can you please help.

Hi, did you followed the steps (how add field) in the documentation v1.1?

if YES and it still isn’t working – send me your project on mail

if NO – try follow this steps.

Hi, nice work! I followed the steps in the documentation (video bg) und have added a new video file but it is still the video displayed from the template.!?

Do I need to modify the “ogv” file also? if yes how is this done?

Hi, thanks!

Yes… you need modify the “ogv” file also. Use to covert mp4 to OGV

Thanks it works,excellent support!

4 or 5 stars I can’t decide. It’s a great template, but the mobile experience is not perfect. I disabled the wow.js animations because they would not load when scrolling down the page (leaving large empty spots,) but that is totally a problem with the theme. The big background image however is sketchy on mobile (iOS7): when scrolling it’s smooth, but when the user stops, the background changes as if it’s catching up with the viewport’s position. This takes away from the experience on mobile.

edit: Still decided to rate this 5 stars because it’s an impressive design and execution

Could you troubleshoot my page to tell me why the footer logo is not showing on retina mobile? It’s showing on retina desktop so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Hi, thanks. About your footer logo:

style.css replace

footer .logo img { content: url(”../images/antidote-dark.png”); }


footer .logo img { content: url(”../images/antidote-dark-sm.png”); }

or paste url of your retina logo

in the html version video_bg the video is not shown in explorer and google. in firefox the video runs without a Problem. can you please help here the draft with Video: – don’t play, file missing or broken. Check pls. – this file works good

Problem solved once again many thanks for your support

you’re welcome :)

Could you tell me about the preloader? I have a script that slows down the preloader… but it’s not an important script. Is it possible that the preloader can ignore this script and not wait for it to load before it displays the page?

To disable rotation you need: 1. delete unneeded images from index.html 2. in custom.js replace:

$(”#slides”).superslides({ play: 8000, animation: “fade”, pagination: false, inherit_height_from:”#intro” });



To slowdown testimonials rotation: Open custom.js, in “TESTIMONIALS SLIDER SETTINGS” replace “autoPlay : 4000,” to yours value (fo exmpl: “autoPlay : 8000,”)

Thanks for your reply. There were so many js files I didn’t know where to look ;) about the superslides, I had problems when I followed your instructions. Instead I changed the play variable to 0 and removed the unneeded images.

Glad you got it :)

Hi, I installed the template, but the videos isn´t work. Why is that? Thanks


When I hit submit on the contact form, I just get a white page. Any idea why?

Doesn’t seem to want to load contact.php

mywebsitehere isn’t my url silly.

glad you found a solution :) but version 1.1 also work, if you give me live url – I’ll find the problem

with v1.1


How do I get the contact page but with the video background?

Is there a simple way to do this? Could you let me know what scripts I need to change?


Hi awetherill,

sent a reply to your email


Thank you so much multifour. Outstanding customer support!