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Cool animation ! glws

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Perfect animation!!!! Congratulations my friend!!! The best ;)

Thank you

Welcome to TF and GLWS ;)

Thank you and thank you :)

Looks nice! Good luck with the sales ;)

Thanks, this is my first project here :)

nije loše, nije loše :D

Hvala, to je tek prvi projekat. Slijede?i bi trebao da bude bolji ;)

mah kad se sjetim svog prvog templejta, sramota me pogledati ga sad :D sretno! :)

Awesome project dude! The next one will be kick-ass! :)

Thanks man, I hope so :)

Countdown is always useful to many projects… Welcome !!! GLWS… :D

Thanks …

I absolutely love this one, great job!

;) thanks you, contact me if you need any help with installation ;)

I have a question, my php is very bad, where do I add my email for the subscribe.php?

Hi camhaney, you need to do one little “hack”. Open “init.js” file and change line 155 from “subcribe1.php” to “subcribe.php”.

But If you need notification on every new subscribe, I can made it in next version.

Ahh, very good, thank you so much, beautiful design! Is it possible in the future to have it integrate with a mail chimp list as well?

Hey Champ,

First of all, great template.

But i can’t get the subscribe thing to work?

I have changed line 155 to subscribe.php but when i try to make a subscribtion i get this message “System error: Not Found”

Hello Barnholt,

thanks for your comment. File name mismatch issue is fixed, (waiting for review). Please wait for new version or change line 155 to: “subcribe.php” NOT “subscribe.php”.

Sorry for this :(

And, of course, you should run script on Apache (+PHP) Server.

How could I integrate this form with MailChimp? Can you tell me what I would need to edit, exactly? Thanks.

Hi MYS7, my script will create “storage” file and every email will be saved in that storage file.
Please watch video on this page How do I import my list.
If that not works on first try, please try to add “Email Address” to the top of the list in your storage file and follow instructions.

Thank you very much for your quick response. This solves it (I’m buying now).

Nice one bro!


Hi, I love your product. Where do I find the storage file? I have done two tests and apparently the emails are registered properly. I just can not figure out where those are being stored.

Is there a place where I can specify my email address so I get notification each time someone subscribes?

I have one more question, how do I view the site while I work on it?

Thank you!

Hi mexicanoloko, thanks for purchasing.

1. So, storage file is a .txt file located in same dir as index.html and subscribe.php files (subs.txt by default). You can change storage file name in “subscribe.php” file.
2. You can add next line to the end of “subscribe.php” (before ”?>” )

@mail('your_email@here.com', 'New Subscribe', 'New Subsctibe');

3. You can work on subdomain or something… Coming soon page usually use index.html.

$file_name = ‘subs.txt’; // please change this line

Hello, what do you want to say by “please change this line” Please Thank U


So, you should upload next files index.html, subscribe.php and directory zscoon.

System error: SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token ’<’ – When i tape a e-mail and push on subscribe -

Hi, you should run this script on Apache server (Apache + PHP). It can’t work on machine without server. (You probably tried on your machine)...

bought it, downloaded it, copied it to my server, opened the site: no countdown at all. :-( Same in Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Looks like this: http://cl.ly/image/1J0m0Y0P3A2O Any idea what might be wrong? Apache 2.2.16, PHP 5.3.24 Thx!

I’m waiting for feedback ;)

Awesome! That did the trick! Works fine now! :-) Thanks a lot for the quick help! :-)

No problem man, I’m here for my customers ;)

Hi Zeljic

I having a issue with the subscribe email bit.

I have uploaded all files in question to my website FTP below is the link: http://www.greenlanemasjid.org/eid/

However i get the following error: system error: timeout

in the file subscribe.php i have change the below line:

$file_name = ‘subs1.txt’; // please change this line

thinking it was a .txt file that needed pointing for all emails to upload two.

I have noticed that the error is different wil upload to a different host provider could it be in relation to this??

Please help..

Is that Apache/PHP server (witch version of PHP)? If is not, you should use Apache/PHP server (If you use Plesk, login to admin panel and enable apache/php for your site).

I did check this and yes it is a Apache/PHP server, any other reasons why you think it may not work ??

Hmm, I don’t know, did you change anything else except $file_name?


I ask if you can have 10/20 countdown on the same page

do you mean more than one countdown on page?

Technically yes, but it looks ugly on this design…

bought it, downloaded it, copied it to my server, opened the site: no countdown at all. What am I doing wrong.

Contacted via email

Hello. I purchased your product. I know that is included customization, but could you tell me how to make the smallest timer? I would be very grateful!


Hi, sorry for delay, I was on vacation. Did you find solution? Do you still need help?