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The Live Demo link is a 404 :-(

Hi bchalker, thank you for notify us. We have fixed it, please recheck again :)

Very nice. Great work!

Thank you very much :) Wish you have a good sell too.

very nice work but takes a ton of time on an iPhone to load. at least 3 minutes

that and its auto launching Google maps when it gets over two minutes into the load.

I had to abandon after three consistent failed attempts to load it. something is very wrong

Hi drmedia1, thank you for reporting this issue. We are consider it and will find the cause and fix on the next patch. :)

Looks Great , congrats :)

Thank you :)

love! If you can make it Wordpress, I’d buy.

Please stay tune, we already have plan about it :)

Very nice and clean template. Congratulations!

Is it possible to add a phone field to the contact form? /( Will you give me instructions on how to add it?


Hi jesusdelagarza, please post your request at : http://support.wegrass.com/

We will upload the sample file there.

Thank you :)


Very nice template!

What should be optimal sizes of the images in Slider, Standard Features and Other Features sections, so they will look good in iPad?

Currently I see Slider is 1000×400 and the rest are 600×300, but these sizes look stretched in iPad.

Thank you! :)

Hello, I purchased the landing page and can’t find how to make the changes from the “settings” tab permanent for my visitors. Thanks.

Hi shaial, please check our online document : polar-html.wegrass.com/documentation.html

Hope this helps :)

Thank you for the notice, we will improve it :D


How to change the twitter feeds profile. I don’t find the code to change it.


Sorry, there is not “purchased” badge beside your username. Could you recheck that your user has already purchased our product.

We purchased your Polar landing page template and we would like to embed video into the Flexslider. The slider goes to the next slide before the video stops playing… How can we fix this?

Sorry for late response, we just update the template to fix this issue. Please try. * Only Vimeo at this time



why do you have removed the oportunity for Windows Phone apps?


Hello. I’ve searched a little bit in the web and found a Windows Phone chassi by Microsoft which you can include into your theme. You can find the information here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5014

Thank you very much. We will consider it :)

That would be great!

Polar is AMAZINGLY great in every way! I have never purchased a better web template – worth much more than $9. It keeps amazing me as to how well it’s written and the features it offers. I am extremely delighted!

Thank you :D

Hi, is it possible to choose iPad only? In the preview, no matter what I choose, I get both – iPad and iPhone.

Yes it could :)

Nice work good luck with best sales;

Thank you :)


I just bought the theme: Polar, However The purchase code is invalid when prompting to customer support forum.

Is there any chance to edit this template, since when editing the Index.html and saving it again, the changes are not updated in the file..any chance what I might be doing wrong.

Thank you!

Best wishes, Gero

Sorry I meant changing the BG colour to black or any colour.

Apologies for my delay. Thank you for making this theme, it’s great. I have following inquiries regarding this template. Can I change the BG colour to black. Is this supposed to be changed in the custom CSS? If I want to expand images in the gallery i.e. viewing the higher resolution image on “click”, how do I add more images to the gallery and make them appear in the “gallery slider” ? Thank you for the support!

here is the link to the website (wip): http://sandboxdaydream.com/

Best wishes, Gero