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Very cool! Good luck, dude! ;)

Thank you very much. :)

Thank you.

incredible desgin mate :)

Thank you :-)

good theme GLWS


Thank you ;)

Hello, In the fist picture with the countdow, can i add a link to a video from my vimeo pro account,. but can the video be display like the photo gallery , in the same place, Just fades to black and the video appears,. ? what software do i need to use, to manege the site after i edit my layouts,. thank ypu for your time

Hello, this version doesn’t support video in countdown section. For template edit you can use some of html or txt editors. For example PSPad. Best regards

Very nice theme and I’m excited to put it to work, but I am wondering how you suggest navigation will work in the Blog and Blog Detail sections, since this is a one-page web site. What did you have in mind with the list of blog entries in the Blog section, followed by a full blog entry? I am struggling to figure out how to perform navigation this way. Please give some insights; thank you!


thank you for purchase Polaris html template. Blog and Blog Detail sections are only styled in html version. Blog requires a connection to some cms system. Navigation you can create for your own needs. You can inspire: http://entiri.com/polaris_wp

Best regards

Thank you for replying, but I am not asking about the underlying CMS functionality. That much I understand. I am asking about the design aspect of the Blog section of the template, where it contains an index listing of blog entries, but it’s in a one-page web site. If a user clicks on one of the Recent Posts, an entry in the Archive section, or even the Continue Reading link, where would these links take the visitor on this one-page web site? I am trying to understand the intention behind your design, as opposed to whatever underlying mechanism would be used to implement that intention. Please respond to this question, and thank you.

Disappointed I didn’t get a reply regarding the design intention, but I did figure out an approach that uses jQuery to re-load the #blog and #details divs, thereby preventing reloading the one-page site (which I think is not an acceptable approach).

I am purchaser # 100. How do I make my Countdown Clock work. Its not counting down!?

Hello, you can set your date in js/functions.js section “Countdown” line:

date: “october 04, 2014 15:00:00”,

Best regards

Does any one know how to make the Countdown Clock work? Its not counting down!

I just want to Add an EXTERNAL LINK in the Navigation Menu.


thank you for purchase Polaris template. Code to external link:

<a href="http://themeforest.net" class="ext" title="test">Test</a>

Best regards

I want to Add an EXTERNAL LINK in the Navigation Menu. Please send line of code.

Thank you soMuch for such a quick response!

Your design work is really awesome!

Thank you very much.

Is there a way to show a photo on the other side of the text in the event section? Like if I wanted to show a picture on the left of the Info section?

Hello, if you need photo on the side of event items, please contact us via e-mail “support@entiri.com”

Best regards

Is it possible to center the parralax images? By default they are left-aligned, so it’s hard to use a photo because it crops the photo off.

Beautiful theme! Any idea where I might be able to find the photo you use in the background of the Christmas countdown? The one with the snowflake? I’ve looked on SXC and Flickr but can’t seem to locate it.

Are you guys seeing a grey box on the top navigation links as you hover your mouse away from the link? If so, what’s the fix in the CSS for this?

Dear entiri-team, I just purchased your HTML-template. Everything’s fine so far.

However, I need to use the winter version’s header image back-1.jpg (the one with the snow-like fractals). I wasn’t able to find it at the stockpages.

May you provide that image or a link to the stock item, please? Thanks in advance.