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Between every element like parallax or normal box I get a <br /> stuffed in there. Where is this coming from? I checked every field I changed and still can’t find it.

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go to Pages > Home and select ‘Text’ editor. See if you can see the code there.

I am such a novice on tech stuff – I love this theme. It’s very easy to use – thank you. I’m doing a mini site for sales for a topical special report so the page will be static.

In the sidebar (right), I removed Recent Posts, Archives, Search, Categories, Recent Comments. What’s left is META but under it, now appears SITE ADMIN, ENTRIES RSS, LOGOUT, COMMENTS RSS, and WORDPRESS.ORG

Where are those and how do I get rid of them? www.referencesforjobs.com

Thanks so much!


you don’t have our theme, just the same name. Please contact creators of the theme http://www.xinthemes.com/


I’ve managed to install a event manager plugin and tie the countdown and information under event to dynamically populate information from the next event coming.

I would recommend adding this as a feature in future releases as having someone go in and add one event at a time and manually changing the clock/event data isn’t practical. I’ve also made it so you can specify information in the event manager for a background image and it will change on the front page as the event changes.

Hello everyone! We have launched a new support forum. We believe that we will improve flexibility in responding to your questions. We will also add FAQs for quick answers that do not require discussion. Have a nice day!

How can i set up the countdown background in a responsive way? i need to set up an image that fix his size among different display’s settings.

Hello, please use support forum: http://entiri.ticksy.com

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Do you know if your theme is compatible with Event Espresso?


plugin should be compatibile, but style of the plugin will not match the theme.

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Hello, how are you? How to insert the portfolio in the homepage? Is there any code? I can not insert!

this was answered in our support forum http://entiri.ticksy.com/

FYI – your live preview is dead in the water. 403 forbidden. Thought you might want to know. -sam

Hello! I was baught this template and install this with documentation. My wordpress version – 4.0. But something goes wrong after setup polaris-demo-data Site here http://julianconcert.ru/


just install and activate plugin Visual Composer (it`s attached with theme). Also I`m not sure if you have set menu as Primary menu.

how to change favicon

?Hi, ? ?use your ftp client and go to the /wp-content/themes/polaris2/img/ and change favicon.png to your image (rename your image to favicon.png).

Have a quick question. I have a default install of WordPress, and installed the theme and imported demo data.

When I hover my mouse over the menus, the box and text goes white for some reason. Have any idea of what might be doing that?

You can view the site here and click through the menus and see the background of them turn white : http://threeskateboarding.com/costalmirage/

any info will be helpful. thanks

Oh I see, so that is normal. . So when you click on a menu item, the menu item turns to a white box. Is there a way to have the menu name still show in there?

screenshot: http://s17.postimg.org/455x6j7vx/blog.jpg


use your ftp client, go to the /wp-content/themes/polaris/ and open style.css .

To the end of style.css add:

.nav>li>a:hover, .nav>li>a:focus { background-color: transparent; }

Perfect, thank you

Hello, is it possible to place a normal link in the menu to a standalone page, instead of using an anchor to move it somewhere on the home page.

I would like to have a menu item, which goes to a stand alone faq page. But when I add it to the menu, that button doesn’t seem to send the user to the FAQ page.


yes, of course it’s possible. In “Appearance > Menus” check page with FAQ from section named “Pages”, click “Add to menu” and save menu. This menu item has a different type. This one is “Page” others are “Custom”.

Yes I have the menu item setup properly. Here is a screenshot:


This is the example site: http://coastalmirage.com/wp/


code and image looks fine, it’s probably some issue with jQuery. Can create a new private ticket in ENTIRI support forum (http://entiri.ticksy.com/) and send me link with access to admin area.


is it possible to put more events? I have about 5 events every month.



countdown can be only one, but event section can appear multiple times on page.

Hi, great theme!

But is there an option to add more rows to the product preview on the home page?

And can you please tell me, where to change the “view all of this category” and the “account” or “wishlist” menue-names at the header? wie need to change the language.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, please open a ticket on our support forum. http://entiri.ticksy.com/ We do not provide support via themeforest comments.

I would like to confirm if this theme can customise it’s colours and is there support?


you can change colors and you have free support for 6 months. Here is more about the support http://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy


yes, you can change theme colors, you can change theme background, links colors and all fonts colors. I think you can not change header color, but it is simple change in CSS. As you will build everything on the page using Visual Composer, you can change background and font colors of all elements you will add as a content of the page.

Hello, can you please tell me how to change the color of the button on “active” from the menu, I’ve tried but it does not work. My page is http://rencoretylabbe.cl/es/ thanks!!