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Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

Clean and very nice theme. Good luck dude :)

Well done! Nice theme Good luck :)

hi, is it easy to add 3 buttons if i buy the template

Great Theme!Good luck with sales :)

Great theme my friend!!!! Excellent work, wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thanks all ;)

Hi, where can i translate contact form of this template ?

Ok found : wp-content/themes/polaris/functions.php And for error message : wp-content/themes/polaris/js/jquery.validate.min.js Regards, Olivier

In the contact form when used, the email of the user who use the contazct form is not showed.



you can add parallax as shortcode from shortcode menu.

In your wordpress admin navigate to Pages > Home In shortcode dropdown, click Parallax to show generator. Click Upload/Add image and choose your picture. Click Insert into post. Insert your content like this: ‘[Polaris_parallax image=”url”]Your content[/Polaris_parallax]’

hi, is it possble to include the scroll button on the top page and please pretty new to this can you indicate how that can be done. Thanks!

you can add button to file footer.php. Add this code Back to Top Then you should style it file style.css.

The short code drop down is not showing up for me? I am running WP 3.8.

Is the theme 3.8 compatible?? I looked up and down the site to verify the drop down wasn’t there.

The latest release 1.0.2 breaks when using WP 3.8


update you installed is for different theme, that has same name. We have made update, which disables these updates. You can download it from themeforrest.

Hello. Can this theme handle “store/shop” like using woo commerce? Thank you.


this theme is not designed to be used with woocommerce.


Thank you for such a great theme, I was wondering with the gallery – how do I edit out the title “by Marsel Van Oosten” ? I don’t want the title displayed here – please let me know where to edit out the function.


Hi Can you reply asap – we are about to launch the site and would really like these titles removed!


add this to file style.css:

.mfp-title { display:none; }

Thanks for the reply – I just came back to reply the very same thing. :)

Hi, great theme.

Can I create standalone pages that are not part of the scrolling functionality?



yes, you can create standalone pages.

For some reason my gallery thumbnails only show if you click all. How can I fix that so it shows them by default?


make sure that your gallery posts are in category ‘polaris portfolio’ and category that is child of ‘polaris portfolio’. Go to ‘Appearance’ > polaris settings and in Categories section set ‘polaris portfolio’ as Portfolio category.

How do I designate where the email is being sent for the contact form?


you can set email in Settings > General.

Can I change the header bar color (and consequently the text in the menu)? Also, Trying to put sponsor logos on and no matter what I do they look lo res and won’t center. Any ideas? eventsthatclick.com


you can change header bar color in css. In file style css, on line 70 are defined styles for menu, there you can change background property. On line 82 there are styles for menu item, there you can change color property.

You need to wrap your sponsor logos into div with class for example “sponsors”. Then add these lines to style.css:

.sponsors { text-align: center; } .sponsors img { width: auto; }

Thanks, mostly done. Can you tell me where to find the hover text color code. Now that the background is white the page I’m on disappears from the header.

Active color is original file on line 85: .navbar .nav>li.active>a { color: #fff !important; } Hover color on line 84: .navbar .nav>li:hover>a { color: #ff643e !important;}