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1.I am having issues with my logo appearing, as I scroll down the page it shows as just an image box like the image is broken..Is there anyway to use a larger logo?

2. Is it possible to remove “blog” area entirely, I have tried removing it from ‘Boxes’ but it still appears and destroys the page.

3. Is it possible to place a logo/photo, above or below the countdown? I tried inserting using wordpress Add Media, but it does not work.

My link: midwestmixup.com/2014 Thanks!

Hi, what exactly is the issue with logo?

Hi, when uploading logo, make sure you set ‘Link URL’ to ‘File url’ and image size to full. Don’t forget to click Save changes when you upload logo.

Those are the default settings for the upload, that is what I have and it still does not work.


How can I fix the padding between the menu while scrolled and the box area? The margin is to thin and the menu cuts the titles.


Hi, I would like to purchase your theme but I saw it’s wp 3.7 compatible… I’m using wp 3.8.. is there any problem or should I wait for a theme upgrade?



it is compatibile with WP 3.8, you can update.


First I wish to say great job on the overall website, easy to use and clean !

I am having a big issue concerning the implementation of the slider, as I am not a coder and hope I can be directed towards the steps to follow: what code to use? how to include images? how to modify the flow ?

Thank you in advance, I am available via my personal email: sandro@jsg-jmsb.ca




it is described in documentation:

Slider contains custom posts “Slider”. You can have multiple sliders on your page by creating categories for slider. To add a new slide:

Go to Slider > Add new Click “Set featured image” Choose image from your computer or media library Set category of slide Insert text to the content editor Click “Publish” to save slide

To show slider on page, select shortcode FlexSlider from shortcode dropdown in post/page editor.

Options: Category: Slides in selected category will be displayed in current slider


I’ve detectes an error with google maps, generate html errors, about de protocol request http – https.

I’ve changed the protocol in functions.php but still generate errors, can yo help me.

Thank you very much.


where do these errors appear? If you use this shortcode [polaris_map location=”Your location”] Map should display without errors.

hi, the map display OK, but internally safari in error console show protocol errors

Hello! I am trying to find the line of code that changes the color of the current link. Right now, the home link (or whichever page you are currently on) is white against a white background. I want to change it to a darker color so that it can be seen against the white header.


Thank you! :)


it is in style.css line 85 .navbar .nav>li.active>a

Hi, Enjoying your theme so far very much, great piece of work :-) I’d like to have the flexslider sliding automatically. Any suggestion on how/where to tweak that?




in functions.js on line 159 change slideshow: false to slideshow: true

thanks for the coming back so quickly, worked perfectly.

just purchased this wordpress template and downloaded files and they are for a html version. Please help. ASAP. thanks

just purchased this wordpress template and downloaded files and they are for a html version. Please help. ASAP. thanks (sorry for double post – forgot notification when you reply :)

Hi! congrats on your theme, it’s great. Can you tell me how can I change the text in the parallax container please?

Best regards, E.

Hi, thanks for your quick feedback. I’m able to create a parallax and insert my text content, but it’s not full width, like the example parallax that came with the theme. Perhaps if I show you the difference:


where did you insert your shortcode? You need to place it in homepage, not a box.

Oh I see it clearly now, thank you very much for your help!!

Best Regards, E.

Hi, another question – is it possible to use the gallery/portfolio in a way as in your RENO or Ypsilon themes for example? I mean having an option to view the picture and liNk to the details page.



in Polaris it is not possible.

How Do I Add more boxes to the homepage… I tried adding a box named About then I used the shortcode “[about_box]” but that didn’t work. How do I add new boxes/shortcodes?


adding custom boxes is not supported. You can add additional content directly to homepage. (Pages > Home).

So then how do I make it so the menu goes to the desired place? Like for event u would put #event but idk how to do it using homepage only.

Hi there, I need help with the slider. First of all I need to know if I can make a slider with video as the same I can do with pics. How can I do it? I love the vimeo video in the top of the page but I need to post 3 or 4 video with I slider!

than, in a normal pictures slider can I give a link to the immages that I use for?

thank you so much, your template is great.

Hi, we have made update. You can add iframe with your video to the slide content and it will be displayed. You can give link to images in the ‘link’ custom field below the content.

Hi. Great theme.

Two questions: 1. For images placed in posts and pages, they take up the full width of the page, rather than staying the designated size I set. How can I fix that?

2. If you look at my site, http://quantifiedskin.com in Safari, there is a weird black and white gradient below the footer. Any way to remove that? It doesn’t show in Chrome.

Thanks for the awesome theme and help, J


1. in style.css change line 37 from img{width:100%} to img{max-width:100%; height:auto}

2. I don’t see the gradient in Safari.

Hi, Nice theme, this maybe a stupid question but how do you change the background pics within the boxes?


i was being dumb, ignore me!

Thank you for purchasing Polaris theme. Best regards

Hi- I purchased this theme and every time I upload it tells me to try again. Suggestions?

never mind i figured it out, but am sure i’ll prob have more questions. :-)

Hi- I’m having a few issues with the site. I need to add additional content to the site and I’m not sure if it would be considered a “box”or “page”. For example, the website will be used for the purposes of providing info for our upcoming family reunion. The main sections I need are Home, History, Event Info, Registration, Gallery, and Contact. Currently, I don’t need invitation or blog. How do I delete or hide “invitation and blog” and add history and registration?



navigate to Pages > Home. There you can remove [invitation_box] and [blog_box]. You can also add your content as html: your content…

Hi- This is a beautiful theme and I hoped it would work, but I can’t get it to do what I need it to do. It looks like I’m going to have to purchase a new theme that has the features I need. Can I please have a refund? Thanks.

im having problems with my portfolio i have the images in the gallery section but when you click on the arrows to scroll through it only shows the images thats on the main page and not the ones that are in the gallery for each section is there a way to fix this

how do you change the photographers name at the bottom of the images when you click on the gallery images it says undefined and then the name of the artist


you can remove it by adding this to style.css file:
.mfp-title {
    display: none;

Best regards

How can I have other pages then just the one long page. I want a about us page on a different entire page.

So then how do I make it so the menu goes to the desired place? Like for event u would put #event but idk how to do it using homepage only. You need to wrap your content into div with id. For example: Your content…

Then add this link to the menu: #my-box

How can I have other pages then just the one long page. I want a about us page on a different entire page. Hi,

just create page and add it to menu.