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Does it support multi-language theme? arabic persian, russian? does it support rtl?

There is support for other languages, additional modules have French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Russian languages. If you want to install another language, write, I’ll help you

+ Portuguese

Wow!! Really liking this theme, awesome work dude, good luck!!

O, thank you, very nice!

Very beautiful theme, this is great! with greetings from Russia

Thank you for your support!

Hello! It would be possible to make changes the position of the button to buy the product price. Like this site is that in my country this site is tipode references and people are used to using such sites! http://www.casasbahia.com.br/Forno-de-micro-ondas-Consul-Facilite-Uso-Facil-CMP25AB-com-Pote-Uso-Facil-20-L-238617.html?recsource=home&rectype=Destaque-int

Hello, yes, of course I can change the position of the buttons. Send me an email

Hello ! I’m buying the theme , but I have some doubts , 1 Vqmod he works with ? 2 changes you make in the shopping cart as I had asked ? 3 it is possible to translate the theme to Portuguese Brazil ? The theme works with third-party modules ?

Hello, VQmod works. The documentation says how to install it. I would send you an email with a link to the Portuguese language. Changes in the theme will make and send to you by mail after buying theme.

Hello from Ukraine, very nice template, very much, respect the author! But have not bought because I do not know how he will behave with the following modules: FilterProMega and SimpleChekout? Modules and understand how vitally important, without them anywhere) ?? ???? ?? ???, ??? ??? ??, ??? ????, ???? ???! ?? ? ?? ??? ?.?. ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????: FilterProMega ? SimpleChekout? ? ?? ? ????? ???? ???, ? ? ??)

and yet your site does not see Cyrillic (

Hello, on the site default is the no Cyrillic font. You can in the administration panel in the module Polianna Theme Options to select a different font. Please send modules you need, I will install them

The module FilterPro tested, with the theme of work, write to mail, will send the file extension styles.

I am interested in buying this template. I have got on query though. Q1. Do we still need do coding if we have Joomla Template+Virtue Cart+any payment gateway plug-in? Q2. Can u please suggest best payment gateway plugin other than paypal? Q3. Can we easily integrate SSL? Thanks for support in advance. Ahmad

Hello, Modules payment systems you can download on the site opencart.com, or search the Internet. Polianna theme does not affect the core files of the system, so problems with the installation may not be. You will need to purchase a certificate ssl. Then Open the control panel for your OpenCart store and go to System> Settings> Edit tab SERVER select Use SSL: (ON) Changes in the configuration file, I can send to your email

please send me, I will be grateful. webmaster@i-mebli.com P.S. already acquired)

Hello, I sent you a letter with styles

The slider images on this page doesn’t scale properly on smaller screens i.e. 1024 px. The width of 100% doesn’t seem to work properly. If I click Inspect on the slider image, it scales fine to 100%. (using firefox)


Hello, check with the help of special tools www.responsinator.com

HI , can you pls help me , i couldnt change the Polianna Slideshow pictures .

Which files i need to change,

Hello, use the module Polianna Slideshow. The images are loaded into system > banners. And do not forget to choose the type of slideshow module Polianna Theme Options. Please email me, I will help

Thanks a lot .. i got it and already changed.

Very Friendly and Quick support, love her work.

wishing you all the Best :D

Thanks! Very nice. Always glad to help

Dear Katilina,

I have just purchased your theme, but surprisingly after download and installation we got the basic opencart theme and not your good looking theme I wanted to get. Did we forget to install anything, or this is normal that we have to set up everything to look like your theme? I thought that after installation we will get the exact theme you are promoting. Thanks your answer. (Hallali)

Hello, Please read the documentation. You need to enable the module slideshow, product category, tabs product and news. It’s easy :)

Thank you. I will try it. I am beginner in this field.


I have purchased this item but look like this theme not functioning as per my expectation. FYI, I’m not good in this matter.

The problem i saw is :

1. No admin panel at extension – modul 2. Picture clash between each others 3. My last installed program were not functioning well. (SOLD OUT and maybe got others. I’m not try yet and still using last theme)

Can u help me? I try to find installation guide but not found.

Thanks, Hazrin

I have replied your email with pictures attached. Thanks

Firstly thanks for your good support. Really appreciated =)

But I think this theme is not mobile/smartphone friendly since our products is not fully displayed when we reach the web via smartphone.

We worry that this will affect our customer range whereby only customer who surf using laptop will buy our product as the full view only can be seen through the laptop or PC.

Can u do something on this?

Thanks, Hazrin

Hello, theme is responsive. Check with www.responsinator.com

Working nice so far. Thx Katilina !

Thank you! There will be problems, please contact me, will always help

How does the product tab work? I don’t get anything there!

Hello, This module 3 in 1: latest, bestseller, featured, special. If you have products in these modules, they will be in the module Product Tab. Send me an email, I will help you configure the module

I just bought the template. After following the first instruction, i got this error when i tried to run it on my server. Notice: Error: Could not load template C:\wamp\www\OPENCART/catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/topcontent.tpl! in C:\wamp\www\OPENCART\vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 91 What could be the problem pls.

Hello, see the documentation section Installation. STEP 3: After successful upload, you should go to your admin panel and activate Polianna theme by choosing it from themes panel System / Settings/Store.

Thank you so much. fantastic theme. but i have an issue with the social section. its not coming out as displayed on the theme. i need directions pls

Please contact me on mail. Send your facebook link or twitter

Hello, I was wondering whether the frontpage modules showing products in featured, bestsellers etc. works with multiple layouts, or shopper groups?

I have 5 different shops, running on one installation, and I’d like to show different products depending on either layout or shop group, or some other solution?

Hello, you can install the module product tab to change the subject, I shall write to you which files should be transferred. Sorry for bad English. if misunderstood the question, write me an email

Thanks, I bought your template and would like to know what files should be transferred for the module product tab. Also, I like the template very much, but one thing is that there is alot of whitespace in the Menu and Mobile Menu

Hello, tabs are automatically generated. Just select products on the module Featured and the products they appear in the product tab. Send me an email that you do not like the menu. From other customers I have no comments

I created a demo store. In the product page when you click the additional images the small thumbnail opens. It should let the bigger image of that clicked thumbnail open. But it doesnt. http://notjustshopping.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=40 Can you tell me the possible causes of this issue?

yes, change ..htaccess.txt > .htaccess

In the Live Preview I could see that the category page contains the filters in the left hand side. Can you give me some idea how to get that into my theme. And how to connect those filters to a products.

You can read more about this in the Documentation and see the admin panel theme opencart.katilina.ru/admin (demo, demo)

Lovely theme!!! Can you help me with one small issue. After successful installations i deleted all the categories so i can make my own. After deleting all the categories i now get an error at the top of my page (home page only)

Notice: Undefined index: name in /home/content/54/11764654/html/catalog/controller/module/categorytab.php on line 83

Did i delete a few categories that i shouldn’t have? If so, how do I solve this? :D


Hello, create your own categories, and set them in the module Polianna Category Tab. Now the module uses the default category that you removed. When you choose your category, errors will not be. If you need assistance, please contact us by e-mail

Thanks for the quick reply! However I am unable to see the module ‘Polianna Category Tab’ in the modules list. I see all the other ones though. Am i looking in the wrong place?

Please send me email a link to your site. The module in the module list in admin panel

Hi, i bought theme today, my opencart version is 1.5.6 i follow instructions as in doc. but top menu bar is not showing.

Hello, in the admin panel Catalog > Categories > Tab Data > Checkbox Top. If there are problems, write me an email

Hi, nice theme!

On the detail page, it would be nice to have navigation in the large images overlay.