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Hi. Loving this theme! Could you tell me how to make H1-4 lowercase?

Hello, in the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\stylesheet\stylesheet.css line 23 delete text-transform:uppercase;

Template worth the money! Support super rescue at any moment. Thank you very much Katilina

Oh, do not exaggerate :)

Hi Katilina, I love your template, but I would like to modify and add some things to your template, you could do it?

Yes, send me an email that you want to change

Hi, the theme is great, I want to buy it later. And now possible to buy a separate module fast order on the Product page?

Hello, fast order on the Product page is not modul. This part of the code is on the page with the ability to disable the admin panel

Clearly, I would recommend this the module to make and sell separately :) Cool thing, this is not seen anywhere else, basically doing “Quick Order” button.

Oh, thanks for the helpful advice


1. in the default view, does the template have list display of the products (not grid)? 2. does the template support all the languages?

thank you

Hello, 1 In the default view is grid (change is not difficult) 2. the template supports all the languages

This is a pre-sales question. I see from another comment that the theme supports all languages. But let me ask you, where on the themes frontend do users change the language. I dont see that on the demo

Thank you

Including a change of language. In the admin panel has the ability to change fonts

What if I wanted 5 languages, can the site users change that from the front end somewhere?

do not support changing the language 2 units: custom block in the top menu and in the footer. You can install multiple languages. The archive is to download the language files (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Russian) for additional modules

Hi, Very interested in this theme, 1 quick question..

Is it possible to have a most recently viewed product module placed under the product information page…?


Hello, You can install any module. I can help with the installation.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelToolImage::onesize() in /home/prlib/public_html/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 212

hello, set vqmod


I am interested in this theme, my customer is using open cart 1.5.6 and your theme is 1.5.5 do you think all will be ok or not? thanks

Hi, yes, Theme compatible with OpenCart – 1.5.6

I am willing to buy your theme. Just wanted to know, if I share FTP details ready with OpenCart installation with v1.5.6, can you host it on my server with sample data

Hello, yes, no problem

When click on WRITE REVIEW. it should scroll to bottom Review section but currently it does not scroll. http://opencart.katilina.ru/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=61

Same should happen if someone want to read reviews !!!

Is this bug or it is correct and working as expected?

When you click the tab Review is opened. This option also works with the default version. I will consider your comment.

Thank you for quick responses. Just going through theme and looking all features.

Like RU , is this ready with HINDI language as well or I need to find somewhere else? I have plugin but it is asking to replace complete content folder, I believe this may affect your theme? Please advice. Here is the URL for plugin I ask talking about http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=13542

Hello, install any language packs, write me an email, I will tell which files to copy for additional Polianna modules.

Hi Katilina, I just have installed this theme. Can you please install demo date for me so I can start it with exactly the same as your demo site?

Thanks for the great review!

All good so far just except a couple of things. 1. I believe the custom menu must support multiple languages. Hope this can be done in next release. 2. Some buttons such as ‘Continue’ and ‘Login’ buttons at the Checkout page are not showing properly with iPad ios7 installed. 3. Please also consider to add custom CSS and Javascript features so people can use their own CSS or change properties without modify the original files.


I will try to overcome these obstacles :) thanks for the comment

Could you give me the demo data? including images and database sql file. and could you tell me how to switch between sport theme and vintage color theme?

Hello, there are sections in the documentation ‘Variant 1 Polianna Theme’ and ‘Variant 2 Polianna Theme’. Change the colors, fonts, and make the width of the menu in the module Polianna Theme Options

Thank you!

Hello, 1 – I have my store installed in version, which amount to install this version 2 – I wonder if iphone / smartphones running the shipping methods and payments? thank you

Hello, send me email, please. Polianna version will not work with opencart But I’ll try to help you

Hi. Was just about to purchase the theme, but I noticed the following error at the top of your demo store:

Any ideas?

Warning: Division by zero in /usr/hosting/stripedcat/opencart.katilina.ru/html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_latest.php on line 74Warning: Division by zero in /usr/hosting/stripedcat/opencart.katilina.ru/html/catalog/controller/module/categorytab.php on line 66Warning: Division by zero in /usr/hosting/stripedcat/opencart.katilina.ru/html/catalog/controller/module/categorytab.php on line 66Warning: Division by zero in /usr/hosting/stripedcat/opencart.katilina.ru/html/catalog/controller/module/product_tab.php on line 160

Hello! Sorry, experimented with a price. Such errors are not.

Hello, thanks for the quick support !


Always glad to help :)


I am looking to purchase this these because of some seriously poor support issues with my previous theme.

If I buy this theme and install it, will it affect my current store in any way?

I understand that I will have to play around with things but I want to know if extra extensions will be affected, and if so is your support good to assist?

Love the look of the theme, wish I’d seen this before.


Hello, Time difference… Yes, I will help you

Great, already purchased. I like the look of the theme, great work!

Thanks :)

I would like to know how to redo the image browser on the product page so I can open an image in a popup and then browse left and right through additional images?

Hello, in the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\product\product.tpl in line 41 replace class=”cloud-zoom-gallery” on class=”cloud-zoom-gallery colorbox”

Thanks. I can browse through images by clicking on the left and right, but no controls are visible?

You can view images in a modal window as the default theme

I am in the search to buy a e-commerce open cart theme for a jewellery store with the requirement there should be the Price Slider available right from the Home Page itself, it should then bring out result on price range across all categories. the purpose being the buyer should be able to choose any article based on budget and not have to go into each category to look for the same. this will reduce buyers time for purchase as well give choice across categories within the budget in one view. can you provide that solution in any of your themes? at present your slider works inside a specific category page.

Unfortunately, the Price Filter only for low within the category. I’m not ready yet to make such a module for all products on the main page.