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Sorry, but where could I find the theme option panel as it on the screenshot: http://i1338.photobucket.com/albums/o682/katilinailina/options_zps99393525.png ?

Should I have to install something else? The domain is http://www.payloansecrets.com – Thanks in advance. ;)

I use Bulgarian language. I will check what you have written here and will let you know. :) Thanks a lot. You have an email.:)

Oh, additional modules on the Bulgarian not. Make a copy of the folder FILES TO UPLOAD\catalog\language\english bulgarian

and FILES TO UPLOAD\admin\language\english for additional modules, except for installation of the Bulgarian language site

Hi,I find my theme haven’t the Polianna Manufacturer modules after I install it.

extension==>module==>XXX their is’t the modules.

Polianna Manufacturer. Send me a mail to access the adminpanel

Please check availability the file admin\view\template\module\manufacturer.tpl


I already bought the theme and i ve used it. its fantastic. pls how do i change the ‘special’ menu to ‘sale’ or clearance.

thank you

In the catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\footer.tpl line 268 before insert:

  • And your picture in catalog\view\theme\polianna\image\paymetod

    ops, send me email

    thanks for your kind support. You are the best

    Hello Katilena,

    Please let me know the header image size so I can place my custom header images for this sports theme: http://opencart.katilina.ru/


    Hello! 25×25px

    Hello, we don’t have answer when click submit in the fast order and don’t return to another page to successful !!!

    Is it possible ????


    check the folder fastorder in the site root

    I check it… in the fastorder.js we dont’ put the www !!! Now it’s working.


    You can write simple: /fastorder/fast_order.php

    I would like to know if it is possible that in category view a grid of 3 products is displayed and not 4?

    Hello! In the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\stylesheet\stylesheet.css line 1276 .product-grid .block{ width:280px;}

    Thanks, I have set it to 278px and it works :)

    can not English. Google Translate. :)

    Theme is Polianna, very good. www.mutlucicek.com

    There are a few problems, but

    1. Home is “view source”, keywords not?

    2. Footer Facebook and twitter does not work.

    3. I can not speak English, i am sorry.

    Theme with no seo module

    1. View the source of the homepage when we say “keyword” does not appear. ( www.mutlucicek.com ) 2. View the source of the Category, Product: not problem.

    I wrote to you via email


    I have a problem with the Google Fonts. They don’t include the latin-ext subset, so some of the letters from my language are not displayed well. For example if I use Roboto Condensed, it says in the source:

    <link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

    It should say this:

    <link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

    Hello, in the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\header.tpl line 42


    I am getting this error after upload, do you know what it is?

    VQMod::_parseMods – ”/vqmod/mods.cache” FILE NOT WRITEABLE


    Hello, Try to set permissions 777 on the folder vqmod in the root of the site

    unfortunately that did not work? it is strange because i developed the site on a test server and it was fine. since switching to the main server i am always getting this error?

    vqmod install the server again. You spelled local paths


    I am getting another error, I see that another user has had the same issue;

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelToolImage::onesize() in /home/**/public_html/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 212

    You replied ‘Set vQmod’, I have got this installed already so do not understand??


    http://www.braceletshopper.co.uk Poliana variant 2 Hi,

    Having a bit of a problem getting twitter feed to show in the footer of the template. Anybody able to help please?

    I also have a couple for niggles with changing the link colour for tweets by… just under the main Twitter heading. The link is the same colour as the background but if you mouse over it the over colour will show. I am attempting to change the the active link colour but so far have not been able to locate it in the stylesheet or the admin panel for Polianna.



    Hello, your twitter id 314686611138953217

    Look on twitter.com under settings> Widgets

    Many thanks


    Thanks for answering the first part. Is there an answer for the second part of my question regarding the active link colour change for twitter?

    Is there also a way to limit the number of tweets available in the footer to two as it is looking a bit crowded at present. I don’t particularly want to increase the footer area to accommodate the cut off tweet.

    Link to twitter appears if the wrong id

    In the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\footer.tpl in line 196 add data-tweet-limit=”2”

    Hello, I would like to ask you do you provide the psd file? I would like to do some modifications. Also I am from Bulgaria and I would like to know if I could a maintain a Bulgarian language?

    Hello, psd files are not available. Send me an email, I will send the language files for the Bulgarian language


    I have problems with module ‘fast order’ I’m working with 3 multisite and it doesn’t work with 3 sites only with one of this… Any solution???


    Sorry for my English. I did not understand your problem.

    The discount % is showing on the home page and Specials Page, but when the same discounted product is shown from the category page, the discount % tag appears but there is no value of the discount % in the tag. It only shows – %. How can this be rectified?

    Send me a mail address of your website


    Few more questions. 1. Please tell me how can I increase the font size of the heading of Products table on View Cart page. Currently it is appearing very small. The font I am using is Cookie. Following is the line which I refer to:

    Image Product Name Model Quantity Unit Price Total

    Use Coupon Code

    Use Gift Voucher

    2.How to rename “Specials” in Menu to “Sale”. I tried to follow you instructions in one of the comments but that couldn’t help.


    In the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\stylesheet\stylesheet.css in line 1862 .cart-info thead td{font-size:14px} (for table) and accordion.css in line 23 .st-accordion ul li > a{font-size:15px}. In the file catalog\language\english\common\footer.php You can change Specials


    I have a problem. None of the modules show any products. Please check the site at ht*tp://optika24.si. I have selected the categories to show products, but there are none shown.

    you can remove the category title and description in the module Featured Categories

    I can remove the description, but the title and the image displays always. I have cleared the images in the module preferences.

    In the file verticaltab.css line 52 .verticaltab #about_category { display: none;}


    hello there, I have problem with slideshow… in need it work same as variant 2 as example… not variant 1… I have done the following:

    1. Polianna Slideshow- 1200×400 2. Polianna Theme Options->slideshow->camera slider responsive 3. Main Menu Settings->The width of the main menu:->Fixed

    Please advise…. thanks alot

    I’ve already edit that… I just need to know how add style (css). Thanks

    Style which element? style file stylesheet.css

    by default your theme using position: inside… I remove it… I just want it looks like as example in http://www.starplugins.com/cloudzoom/examples.... thanks


    I have some problem

    1. how can I change the product name without ”...” at main page? 2. add fonts in theme option 3. and sort the payment icons. I want paypal at first

    1. In the files catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\module\categorytab.tpl product_tab.tpl latest.tpl find lines <?php echo utf8_substr(strip_tags(html_entity_decode($product[‘name’])), 0, 30).”...” ?> 2.Fonts can add to the selection list in the file admin\view\template\module\polianna.tpl 3. catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\footer.tpl lines 211-267