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Hello I just bought this theme for my online store. I am getting error which is shown below.

Undefined index: name in C:\xampp\htdocs\beauty\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 83Notice: Undefined index: name in C:\xampp\htdocs\beauty\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 83

Can you please let me know how can i resolve this error


Sorry, I was away. The module Featured category, select the category that you have on this site. Now the module selected nonexistent or hidden category.

Katilina i want to remove the home tab from the top how can i do that ?

In the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\header.tpl remove line 716

  • <?php echo $text_home; ?>
  • Hi katilna, fast order isnt working despite the config from the documentation. is there something else i’m missing.

    Hello, Refer to the documentation. You did not enter email in the file fast_order.php

    i did actually. but it still didnt work.

    Check e-mail spam

    Hello, theme does not change files admin panel. Theoretically, this module must be compatible. I did not check.

    Hello, I installed your template as in the documentation steps, but I got stucked in a strange problem: the home page is white but the subcategories are working normal, could you help me?

    Hello, send me your link stripedcat@yandex.ru

    How to solve this error?

    Notice: Error: Could not load template C:/xampp/htdocs/site/catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/topcontent.tpl! in C:\xampp\htdocs\site\vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 90

    On the home page worked, but other links continues the error: Notice: Error: Could not load template C:/xampp/htdocs/site/catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/topcontent.tpl! in C:/xampp/htdocs/site/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 90

    Unlock modules theme Polianna in the admin panel: Polianna Featured Category, Polianna Box banner, Polianna Product tab

    Perfect!!! Thanks

    I followed the steps in the documentation. But under Slider does not appear in “under menu”, only in “top menu”.

    Hello, When you install the theme replaced files in folders – catalog\controller\common\header.php – catalog\controller\common\home.php Check, please. You can email me at stripedcat@yandex.ru and send the link to your website

    Hello, i installed the theme and without applying this theme, i was getting error on default opencart theme. Also i changed the theme from administration to polianna and able to get to the site.i installed the Polianna Theme Options module. i try to change the values here in this module like color but its not showing up in site. Please help me.

    The module Polianna theme options in the top line change status: Enable

    Hi Katilina, can you please let me know how to disable responsive mode? Thanks

    Hello, rename the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\stylesheet\responsive.css And in the file verticaltab.css, jquery.maximage.css, news.css remove the lines @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) and lower

    Hi Katilina, can you please let me know how to disable responsive mode? Thanks

    Hello, rename the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\stylesheet\responsive.css, js/menu_script.js And in the file verticaltab.css, jquery.maximage.css, news.css remove the lines @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) and lower. In the file stylesheet.css in line 97 in #container replace overflow:hidden; on overflow:auto;

    Hi Katalina, loving the look of this theme. It is my first time using Opencart as I normally use woo. So with this theme, can I install Vqmod and then http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=7562&filter_search=multiple%20product%20quantity&page=1.

    Will this work with your theme? Many thanks, Clare.

    Hello, Yes, this supplement should work. If there are problems, you can always write to me. I’ll help

    Hi Katalina, All is well with the theme but I cannot get the above opencart extension to work. Please could you help, many thanks in advance, Clare.

    Hello, in the archive Opencart1.5.6\extension This is vqmod

    Hi, my Site is http://globalfurnish.com/ And I just installed polianna theme here but getting the error after uploading the theme.

    Notice: Error: Could not load template /home/globalfu/public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/topcontent.tpl! in /home/globalfu/public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 70

    Please check it urgently and let me know how to get rid of that.

    Thank You.

    Hello, Adminpaneli select a theme Polianna

    If you want to return to the theme default, the file catalog / controller / home.php remove the line 20 ‘common/topcontent’

    search by tags not working, I tried to use the theme with my opencart 1.5.6 store, also you can’t see tags in demo, then the author know about this issue and just hide it from a possible buyers, it’s very bad, how you can work this way, I think there possible much more troubles and errors, just think about it, the author hide their errors and un-quality works from buyers, when I wrote to the author support they just tried to show me what the problem in engine of opencart and provided a link with some information about trouble with tags for opencart 1.5, but I bought here some themes from another authors and there all ok with tags and others things, so, they just want to provide wrong information and they don’t want to fix their errors

    Sorry, I’m not wrong. Tag Search also works poorly in version default. I just do not corrected this error opencart. I do not know how to do it. I do not need to blame for this

    then just write about it, why in other themes it work ok, I don’t want to make it myself, I pay for the working theme, like I thought, but there was bad trick

    I have corrected tags search. After updating to version just copy again the files from the installation archive catalog/controller. If you have a problem, you can always write to me, I’ll help. And not to put right a low rating

    Hi Katilina,

    I’m having an issue with the News module when you have side columns populated. It happens with the Featured Module also but I worked around it for the better actually.


    You can see that having the Column Right and Left modules directly affect how tall the body of center is and how far down the Read More button lands. Could you point me in the right direction to fix this?

    Thank You,

    Jordi and Aaron

    div style=”clear:both;”

    Write me an email

    Email Sent


    In your Demo you have ‘Custom Blocks’ in the navigation. How can we add this?

    Hello, custom block is in the module Polianna theme options. You can see in the admin panel (demo. demo)

    Great thanks. Is there a way to add more than 2 custom options?

    You can find the module, for example http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=14173 I’ll help build it into a template

    Top Notch Support! Helped us with a Module that was conflicting with her theme.

    Quick to respond on All correspondences. Knows her theme and how it works with OpenCart.

    Best in the Biz!


    For some reason the ‘Featured’ and ‘HTML Box Banners’ modules are appearing in the ‘Specials’ page. I have check all setting but can not remove them?

    Hello, in the admin panel System->Settings->Tab Store Default Layout: Default

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    Sorry, I did not understand your question

    hello Not Found

    The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Sorry, the server had problems

    hello, overview template does not work. please fix it