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Finally went live with this theme, iit is such a big improvement on my old site.

How can I set the products to show as ‘list’ by default?

Hello! In the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\product\category.tpl line 291 display(‘list’);

Great theme, I have only one issue, when using fast order function it does not work when i use my company emails which are hosted by google, but if i use any other email it works.

I have no issues with the default open cart contact form, or the email notification.

here is the settings I’m using for mail: Protocol: SMTP SMTP Host: ssl://smtp.gmail.com SMTP Username@domain.com SMTP Password: (withheld) SMTP Port: 465 SMTP Timeout: 5

I would really appreciate your recommendation.

Thank you Adam

spam folder is empty, how can I change the simple script to make it use the default email client, or where can i change the simple script to add to it the smtp settings please?

I would really appreciate your help

Sorry, but I do not know how I can help you.

Hello, please tell me what settings I need to do to work function “FAST ORDER”? or it depends on hosting settings?

Sorry, you do not appear as a buyer

Hi, how add link in the banners?

Hello, system > design > banners

Hello Katilina,

All I can say it’s a fantastic theme & would like to purchase it. Before purchasing I would like to ask few questions. I don’t need answer how to do them, just want to know if below things are possible (Yes or No) and any chance you helping me out.

1. I would like to disable the responsiveness for the template & Can I change the template size to 1000px instead of 1170px.

2. I understand that you’ve given 3 options for the slideshow, but I would like to move that slider into container box next to categories (I mean I will disable the special product and other options on the homepage, so the categories box will be right underneath the mega menu and I want slider next to this categories box). Is this possible?

3. In the demo template there are 4 promo banners. Instead I would like to make them 10 banners (5 in one row and 5 in another).

4. Megamenu – My category names are big and wont fit in that mega menu and you have given only 2 custom filed options. Is there any chance to ignore categories in the megamenu and put something else?

I greatly appreciate if you could let me know asap & Also please let me know if you are available for freelance to work around on this template.

Many thanks, Ashok.

Hello, tell me please, “Fast Order”, I want to translate in two languages, how can I do?

Hello, fast order is multilingual. The field names in language files

I know this, But I need to changed in JS here: http://s019.radikal.ru/i607/1402/c3/7cfdc220fce6.jpg

This message in a js script. I can not make it multilingual

i have not purchased the theme yet , i am interested in knowing , if the price filter module comes with the theme ,

Yes. Filter by price included the theme


resolved now..

??llo! In the module Polianna Theme Options. Or replace the picture in catalog\view\theme\polianna\image\paymetod

I am getting errors Notice: Undefined variable: topcontent in E:\wamp\www\10OCthemes\test\catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\home.tpl on line 2 (on localhost for testing)

Using opencart version

you do not appear as a buyer. Copy the file catalog/controller/common/home.php from the archive

Great theme! I can’t wait to see it online. However, I have one question. In Polianna Slideshow, in the banner drop down list, I cannot find “slider”. I find only three entries: HP Products, Manufacturers and Samsung Tab. How can I select slider? Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. I solved the problem. Thanks.

In the admin panel: HP Products, Manufacturers, Samsung Tab + create Slider.

Thanks. Everything is ok now. I sorted it out. One question. Do you happen to know, since you are quite experienced with opencart, which would be the best way to import a products database into opencart? I’ve seen that there are a number of extensions I can use for this. Do you know which one is the best? Thanks a lot, Katilina. Your help is much appreciated.

Hi Katilina. I get the following error when I switch to Romanian language: Undefined offset: 7 in C:\wamp\www\opencart\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 85 and the template breaks up. Could you please help?

Hello, no language Romanian in the theme files of additional modules. You can create them. Copy the files from folder FILES TO UPLOAD\admin\language\english\module to folder admin\language\romanian\module and from folder FILES TO UPLOAD\catalog\language\english\module to folder catalog\language\romanian\module

I have already started doing this. Thanks.

Hello, I could do look and image of the product with fast order?

To show the image in the email message

Hi Katilina. On home page, I get the following error: Notice: Undefined index: name in C:\wamp\www\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 83Notice: Undefined index: name in C:\wamp\www\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 83Notice: Undefined index: name in C:\wamp\www\catalog\controller\module\categorytab.php on line 83. It seems to have something to do with the fact that I replaced the default categories with my categories. Could you please help?

I solved the problem. No need to answer me. Thanks.

Hello, in the module Featured Categories select your new categories

Hi Katilina, It is possible to show images in email notification width fast order

you do not appear as a buyer, sorry

I did not buy, but I administer the website owner’s

To insert a picture in the letter had to write a new script. This question is to support the theme does not apply.

I would like to know, where is the Mega Menu configuration?


Hello, in the module Polianna Theme Options

Hi, first of all great theme. i have 2 problems with fast order 1. when somebody clicks to send fast order, there is no confirmation message to the user that the message was sent (although i receive the email). 2. in the email i receive, because the products are in greek, the product name and subject are missing (when they write them in greek). the site is ledmall.gr

thank you in advance.

thank you but the problem is not the folder placement or the settings. i also sent you a reply.

thank you

Make gluing domains ledmall.gr and www.ledmall.gr

It was the path and the encoding… Thank you.

hi, first of all i would like to say that this is the most beautiful and complete theme that I have ever seen so far, so Katilina great job ! I have tested it thoroughly and it works flawlessly except for the price filter which behaves strangely even on the live preview demos, for example if you apply price filter it doesn’t filter properly the products also if you return the filter to the original min-max values it doesn’t shows all the products in the category? Is the problem within the price filter module or it just needs some code tweaking? Nevertheless great job !

Hello! I bought this module on opencart.com. It has an extended license. I have an update this module.

Your Demo page is not going to inner pages. please check…...




Hi, I have HTTPS problem on theme image, I checked whynopadlock.com and it shows these insecure items, how can I solve these problem? Thanks image/data/polianna/mobile_phone.png image/data/polianna/clock.png footer logo image

You can change in the file catalog\view\theme\polianna\template\common\header.tpl in line 619 and 634 $this->config->get(‘config_url’) on $this->config->get(‘config_ssl’)

Thanks and I have one more problem on slideshow image, my pc using 1920×1200, the position show correct but if use other reoultion the position is not correct. the slizeshow size are follow the demo