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Politician HTML - template for politicians

Politician HTML - template for politicians

About the File

Politician is a template created with public persons in mind. The template consists of 7 pages and is in 5 color sets. Each page includes a brief information about the person, the party’s logo and a photo in the central part.


  • Home – welcomes visitors with your motto and shows them the latest news as well as links to your blog articles. The news list has a pleasing accordion effect.
  • Blog – gives you vast opportunities to present information as you like – you can divide the page and build up to three equal columns of text in line, use ordered and unordered lists, include quotes which appear in special blocks, write text next to a photograph and create tables.
  • Calendar – ideal to inform others about your plans and schedules.
  • CV – allows you to create your own Curriculum Vitae.
  • Gallery – you can put your photos there. Round corners will be added automatically to each photo’s thumbnail.
  • Subpage – you can build this page with the same elements as on the Blog page.
  • Contact – contains a contact form for visitors and a place for your address, e-mail address and phone numbers.


There are 5 color sets to this template:

  • midnight – for style with a tinge of mystery.
  • avocado – for elegance and thought against the flow.
  • beige – for prosperity and wisdom.
  • light – for open mind and bright idea for life.
  • sky – for peace and soothing calmness.


  • Modularity – you are the only ruler of your template. This means you can include the elements you like and forfeit using the ones you don’t. Most of the blocks can be easly removed from the code and it will not affect other elements nor destroy the structure of the site.
    Another advantage is the opportunity to place the elements as you decide to. If an element has one of these classes: “left” or “right”, you can manipulate these classes to move the content on your site. Sometimes you will also need to change the order of blocks in the code.
    (full instructions in purchased file)
  • Communication – the template allows various communication channels: news, blog posts, latest tweets from your Twitter. It also includes links to your Facebook page and RSS channel.
  • Professional code – the code is clean and semantic and modern technologies as HTML5/CSS3 were used.
  • SEO-friendly – this means your site can be easly found using the most popular search engines.
  • Browser optimization – the template displays properly on all the popular browsers. It also supports old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7.
  • Menu system – you can easly create submenus and sub-submenus.
  • Wordpress-friendly – the template is easy to transform into a Wordpress theme.
  • Clean folder – all the files are fully layered are grouped.

JavaScript used:

  • jQuery TOOLS
  • HTML5 for Internet Explorer lower than 9
  • Kickstart – JS only
  • Custom Form Elements
  • Cufon – for Myriad Pro font
  • Prettify

Fonts used:

  • Arial
  • Georgia
  • Signika
  • Myriad Pro
  • Radley
  • Kuba_reczny

Photos used in preview (you have to buy them if you’d like to use them, but for sure you’d like to replace them with your ones):

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