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Very nice!! This is perfect for a site I have to redo soon, will be back for this one for sure :) Cheers.

Thanks! Glad you like it ;-)

Cool theme man!

One issue though I thought you might fix. When you hover over the menu and the dropdown appears, and you keep over it, when the video from the slider is shown, it’s over the menu.

Thanks for the heads up! I forgot part of the youTube embed code (not a theme issue) ;-)

Really good work. Clean and elegant. Do you plan a html version of it?

Thanks! I do plan on an HTML version. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.

Nice job Chris, congrats! :)

P.S.: check out the 2nd drop-down level in IE8 , for me (at least) it’s not working…

Good luck with sales!

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Nice theme I like it and it suits it’s purpose perfectly. Not sure where else you could use the theme though. Still, well done!

Thanks! I thought I would be the first to “test the waters” and try something new ;-)

I appreciate that!

So good, so good… Great job themolitor :)

Thanks navigator!

Another beautiful Wordpress theme! Great job.

Just remember to change the countdown clock every 4 years ;)

Ha! Yeah, I’ll have to program some auto-reset feature for the demo ;-)


Great theme. Congrats mate.. Thnx..

Thanks! :-)

Is there a way to create your exact demo theme and then make image and text content changes and add and or remove widgets and features?

Also do you have a chronology outlined for adding widgets and widget content? Thanks, S~

Hi SamuelL, I responded to your email(s).

could you make the demo site data available, so that we can purchase the theme and have a setup just like the demo ?

and the question about the (perhaps) problem in menu level ? 2 or 3 ? in IE8 previously, was that a bug or ? – has this been fixed in the downloadable version as of now ? or ? (just asking before purchasing, you know)....

I can send the site date to you if you need it.

Regarding the menu, I plan on including a fix in the next update. I’m waiting for additional feedback on feature requests or potential issues that I haven’t come across yet to include in the update.

This is what I’m getting, in a default WP install.

Warning: include(slider.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nap/public_html/go/wp-content/themes/wppolitico/header.php on line 85

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘slider.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/nap/public_html/go/wp-content/themes/wppolitico/header.php on line 85

You have to set a Type of slider under theme options.

Got it working, you have to set a Type of slider under theme options.

Glad you got it worked out.

wow great job…


i purchased the thema, but when i upload it to the theme folder it doesn’t work. Actually it shows up at the theme selection at the wp admin panel, but the preview doesn’t work and as a result the template is not working.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Please review this article:

Ok, i already did. Thank you for the quick response.

I can confirm that all the theme files are included and everything is working. I can only suggest you make sure you’re properly uploading the theme to your hosting as outlined in the article link I provided.

plz send me direct link i can downland the plugin

or make quck install with WordPress

these link not working

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i am install theme but not working

All links are available (and working) in the help file.

How can I insert slider images in the homepage without having to write a blog post for that? I need image to be always the same in home, independently of the blog.

Per the help file and video walk-through, you need to use the WordPress featured image tool. For instructions, please watch the video or review the help file.

In the help file and in video there is NO reference about what I’m asking fot. It seems there is no possibility to manage the slideshow separately. If it’s so, I have to notice this theme is highly overpriced respect is really poor functionalities.

The images on the homepage slider are individual posts in a category you specify on the theme settings page. You don’t have to use blog posts. You can create a “featured” category and have posts only for the slider, independent from the blog.

The slider has to be controlled by posts because it isn’t just a picture gallery, it’s a news/updates gallery, which requires post features.

The theme is very well written and themolitor is great about support. My questions were answered in a couple of hours. Can’t ask for more than that! :-)

Thanks cudneys! Much appreciated! :-D

hi there great theme..!

can you tell me how i get the gradient effect in the banner top and bottom colours.. i can only seem to get a solid colour, where your preview shows a nice smooth gradient..

many thanks !


Your question is addressed in the help file. Please review that for details and instructions.