Discussion on Polo - Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

Discussion on Polo - Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

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Hello Sajid,

Sure, here is the updated file http://www.inspirothemes.com/polo-v4/home-architect.html#

if you wish to buy, please do let me know so i can send you the updated file before the update is released on themeforest.


Hi, thnx for the reply but its still not showing any mobile navigation when seen on mobile device. Atleast can you please show me screenshot of the mobile navigation of this homepage.

Hi, please try to check it with a different smartphone it could be the browser cache.


How do you change the size of the logo and nav-bar after you scroll down and only that? I’ve tried for the past 2 hours but the code’s super confusing for the navbar. Changing the logo once you scroll down changes the logo when its unscrolled.

Hello there

Thank you for contacting us.

The logo size is not a good idea to be changed, since it will mess the design, but we can help you on this matter,

Please open a support ticket here: http://support.inspirothemes.com and send us your site url so we can give you exact css for your site.

Best, Inspiro Team

1. when changing preloader, according to docs – ”<body data-animation-in=”fadeIn” data-animation-out=”fadeOut” data-icon=”12” data-icon-color=”#76aa00” data-speed-in=”1000” data-speed-out=”500”>” – some strange code symbols appears on the top of page http://joxi.net/n2YOY4Gfo8M4Nr 2. impossible to change main color of the template, according to the docs, i.e. – ”<link href=”css/color-variations/custom.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen”>”

Browser – Google Chrome.

Do you guys test templates before update?? At the moment – disappointed with the quality :(

Thanks, that helped. What about changing the main color of the theme? Impossible to change main color of the template, according to the docs, i.e. – ”<link href=”css/color-variations/custom.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen”>” Color not changes, after adding this line before </head> after including all styles

Please contact our support team here: http://inspiro.ticksy.com one of our agents support will assist you directly ;)

ok. thanks for your help

WOW!Nice Work,Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks friend :)

Thanks for this great template but there is no example with a form using the attachment even though the code exists. There is a page for contact-form-attachment but no example of the form

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us.

There is a file page-contact-advanced.html you can find the contact form with attach field.

Best, Inspiro


two issues, the first one:

from where can I translate this message? “We have successfully received your Message and will get Back to you as soon as possible.” to spanish

the second one: I want this correction to: The 5.2.13​ version of thePHPMailer​ you included in this template is outdated. Please send us the files for the php-mailer folder based on the latest PHPMailer ​version on Github is 5.2.23. ​ ​​​As this problem has already dragged on for more than 2 weeks I expect to receive these files within the next 24 hours. I will post this message on the Themeforest comments board.

thank you

Hello there :)

Yes, you can add data-success-message in form then add your message there.

Example code:

<form class="widget-contact-form" data-success-message="We have <strong>successfully</strong> received your Message and will get Back to you as soon as possible."</form>

You can download phpmailer here (updated version) https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer

We are about to update the site soon so, the new update will be included in this update.

Best, Inspiro

i’ve tried about 3 times to install the theme in Wordpress but always the same error massage : 500 internal server error … what should I do??


We are so sorry for the Inconvenience but this is not a Wordpress Theme, so this cannot be installed on Wordpress. Please check the title and item description.

If you wish to refund, please purchase the same version of POLO in Wordpress here: https://themeforest.net/item/polo-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/16078535?s_rank=9 and send us the purchase code in our support page here http://support.inspirothemes.com, so we can be able to verify it, and give you full refund this purchase.

Hope you can understand us.

Hi guys, i need your help.

I want to use portfolio-3-title-desc.html . When i change the columns to 5 – class=”grid-layout portfolio-5-columns” data-margin=”20” – i get 4 columns.

What should i do to fix this?

Thank you. A.

Thanks…will do it after Christmas

Hi guys, i’ve sent you a private support ticket. Please take a look. Thanxs

Hello Anna, i was about to replay your ticket, sorry for the delay.

Just purchased this – can’t wait to have a good play around and see how it looks :)

Good job guys.

Hello there :)

Happy to hear that, Polo is amazing template, it allows you to create any-website you want. If you need support, please feel free to contact us at http://support.inspirothemes.com/



I had posted here before about the “quick view” feature not working. I was not as active on that project as I am now, thus I wish to post this issue once again.

I am still unable to have my “quick view” feature work either locally/live.

Please visit my website: http://store.fanticsview.com and try clicking on the quick view option for any product and you will notice it doesn’t quite work.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thus I thank you in advance, Anshul

Hi there

Pleasw can you check the link you’ve sent. We are not able to see what issue you may have with the website.

In mean time please consider opening a support ticket here http://support.inspirothemes.com and one of our support agents will assist you directly there.

Best, Inspiro Team

Looking for the fonts.scss file….

Hello there

Thank you for contcting us, please open a support ticket here http://support.inspirothemes.com and we will send you the updated filles, including fonts.scss

Best Inspiro Team

I cannot find the Revolution Slider Editor. There is only a blank HTML file in the Slider Revolution + Visual Editor Addon folder. Please fix.

license for the editor

Hi there

We will update the editors, you dont need license for that.


I just re-download it now or later? Also one more question. The rev sliders you provide are amazing. How do I import them into editor to modify and customize them? Does each example have a zip file to import? or is it expected that I hand modify the actual slider from the html code?

In your latest version, downloaded today 16th of November 2017, in the Slider Revolution + Visual Editor Addon folder in your package, there is only a HTML file inside, and when you click on it, it takes you to http://polo.inspirothemes.com/assets/revolution/ but there is nothing on that page, it seems not available.

What happened? Where is the assets that should have been included?


Hello there

Please take our apologies! We’ve just uploaded the new versions and the interruption occurred.

If you need support, please feel free to contact us at http://support.inspirothemes.com/

Best, INSPIRO Team

Hi, I’m sick of spam! How to protect? Spammers send emails through the form from the site … http://www.inspirothemes.com/polo-v4/home-creative-v7.html


Have you configured google captcha validation?

Please open a support ticket here and we will guide you to do that.

Kind Regards

how to add captcha?

Which version of polo you are using v2 or v4.

Hi, I recently noticed that the navigation bar at some times does not work well on my site. The nav bar lines are somtimes unresponsive. Im not sure if this was in the updated version but I purchased this in May. Is there anyway to update my current version?

Also, I am having trouble changing some of the text to gold. Can you clarify that for me? Thanks!


Thank you for contacting us.

I think you are using v2. We have updated recently Polo to V4 and header is redesigned.

Please kindly open a support ticket and send us your site url (include a screenshot and point as where the issue is) and we will assist you directly.


Hi, Presale Question,

1) I need a Modal-popup to include… 1 or 2 images as banner sliders. Is this possible?
2) I want to use Polo Magazine v-4, but need a animated Banner under the menu…instead of just current images..is it achievable?

3) Search, Login, Register are these Forms working models or just templates?

4) Footers Samples are not present in Demo? Are any other footer samples available ?

5) Shop Menu : Can we include images also?


Hello there

Thanks for your interest in POLO.

1) Yes you can use carousel sliders inside modal. See shop product, click quick view button. 2) sure, use the slider from polo corporate v7 3) Search is ready to use for any website using google indexing, login/register are just for templating purposes. 4) I agree with you, we are about to update template and include them soon. Sorry for that. 5) Yes you can do that, you can easely add background images or add mega menu using portfolio items etc.

You are welcome my friend :) If you have further question feel free to ask.

Kind Regards INSPIRO

Hello, i used the code of this demo page http://www.inspirothemes.com/polo-v4/revolution-hero-vimeo.html but i see that the autoplayed video doesn’t work in your demo and in my page too

Hello there,

Thank you so much for this report, please open a support ticket here http://support.inspirothemes.com and we will send you the updated file.

Kind Regards

please help me how can i increase the height of banner in home-corporate-v4.html. i did not find any option in this. please guide me


Change the class in #slider from slider-halfscreen to slider-fullscreen

Kind Regards


Please resond to ticket: https://inspiro.ticksy.com/ticket/1356332/

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

We have replied your ticket, please let us know if you need further support.

Kind Regards

Thanks… I have sent you a follow up questions

Your ticket is replied :)

How do I change the homepage to another style? (ie youtube etc)

Hi there

We have responded yout ticket in http://support.inspirothemes.com

Kind Regards


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