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Excelent work. I like it so much. :)


Thanks, man! This coming from an TF author like you means a lot to me :)

fantastic and very flexible theme !!


Thank you :)

Reminds me of Striking with all of its capabilities. It may even be better! It certainly is a great addition to themes which are packed to the gills with features. If your support excels, this can be a seller in the 1000s. Best wishes!

Thanks for the kind words. I invested a lot of time into the details. Even though it has a lot of options, they all make sense when you use the theme, so I hope it does well and I did a good job on the item description, so the everybody gets a sense of what this theme is capable of :)

Best regards, Ruven

This is the most customizable theme I’ve ever seen! And it looks great too. It does seem to have a problem though. When I go to front page options, I just get a blank screen where the options should be. And where are the tags? They don’t display in posts anywhere.

Hi izdale,

sorry about the inconvenience. Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data, so I can investigate your problem?

Thanks, Ruven

I just want to saw how awesome Ruven is, he helped me fix my issues. They were problems with my server, not the theme itself. Do yourself a favor and buy this!

Very Impressed! Awesome theme.

Thank you so much! If you want you can post the URL to your site once its done. I always like to see what others can do with the theme :)

Best regards, Ruven

Awesome theme, congratulations. I have problem though, any new page I create has the “Leave a Reply ” comments box at the bottom. How do I get rid of this?

You’ll just have to uncheck the box “Allow comments” in the “Discussion” panel. If the panel doesn’t show up, you’ll have to activate it by clicking “Screen Options” (tab on the top right of the screen) :)

Best regards, Ruven

Also how do you change the slider images from the theme admin panel??

That you can do by clicking on “Featured Items”. The Documentation will tell you more, if needed :)

Best regards, Ruven

OMG !!! I am sickened! Angry!! Dissapointed!! Pee’d off!!

Why have I spent my money unwisely?

I should have been just waiting for this theme from the start. It is frickin awsome looking and from what I see is very intuitive to use. It will just have to be the next on my list of purchases. I have lost count of then number I am up to now, but this will be at the top I think.



Haha – you just made my morning xP

Glad you like it :)

very nice theme. i would buy if skins were included. the colors i pick never look good together.

Hi seanheis,

the customizer in the demo is pretty limited in its functions. In the themes admin panel you can pick colors and fonts for different areas of the theme.

But I might include some preset color sets in one of the next updates :)

Maybe this helps:

Thanks for the feedback, Ruven

Good work – now i just need you to answer one question. Should i swap from Digitalis or not :)

Why did you leave mojo themes?

Ha, thats completely up to you – what ever suits you better :) And no, I didn’t leave. But I like both marketplaces ;)

Best regards, Ruven

Hi there Ruven,

Would you consider an update suggestion for this incredible theme?

A child theme I think is what it might be called? Specially to accomidate for wp-e-commerce plugin. So that a product page can take on the perfect styling of the theme. I have installed wp-e-cmmerce on the theme, and it looks so ordinarry. It doesn’t show off the theme in its full light. Is this something you might consider for a future update?

It would make the theme so much more used for sure.



Hi Ciaran,

I will definitely take a look at this plugin and might put it on the feature list for future updates. Let me know if you have more feature requests :)

Best regards, Ruven

Good morning Ruven,

Thank you for considering this, not many themes on themeforest are tailored to showing off wp-e-commerce module very well. There are a few specially built on here, but none this diverse as this theme.

I am very excited and await your findings.

Regards, Ciaran

Nevermind, fixed it :D. Great Theme By The Way.

Oh, ok :) Just wrote an answer. Here it is anyway:

You can import the dummy_content.xml or you can paste this – – into your editor (use the HTML editor to make sure not to copy styles from your clipboard).

Best regards, Ruven

How could I change the lenguage ?

Thank you

Hi Alexvs,

please takt a look into the documentation section “G) Translating the Theme”.

Thanks, Ruven

Thanks Ruven,

I can translate every word but the “read more”. I can’t find it in .po file

Thank you

This you can actually edit right from your “Theme Options” in the WP admin panel :)

Hello Ruven,

The comments on this post make you no less than a superhero in theme designing. I appreciate the theme alongside the support you provide. Kudos!!!

I am looking forward to buy this theme but the layout that I am aiming at is more flowing without borders. For the same reason I would like to remove the borders at the top and the bottom of the slider and the gradient background behind the slider images. I understand that I can fiddle with the CSS for a while to achieve this. But is it possible to do this from the theme admin section or will you be able to help me with this if I had to do this with CSS .

Also is it possible from the admin panel to move the main navigation below the logo and replace that area with some other information. I will send you a mockup of the page that we are aiming at for you to have a better idea.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

I will send you the mockup via email functionality on Themeforest.

Many Thanks and Keep up the amazing work!!!


Just replied to your email :)

Hi Ruven,

New to purchased themes, old to WP, designing a business site and I absolutely love the layout of this one for what we want to do – travel and leisure, image heavy, simple design but ridiculously customizable. Looking forward to working with it!

Before I go ahead an purchase, a simple probably silly question, in the live demo I wasn’t able to find any info on the logo area in the header – how customizable is that, can the font change, does it allow for imaged logos and text?

Thank you for such a beautiful design!


Hi Kat,

I’m glad you like the design :) Please take a look at the general options page (1 of 13) here:

You can upload an image as your logo and you can also adjust the height of the header (layout options), if your logo is bigger or has a subtitle.

I’m always open to feature suggestions, if you prefer other methods :)

Best regards, Ruven

I’ve been playing around with the theme for a few days, I really like it a lot.. some suggestions for future updates -

-being able to change the color or image for buttons background and button hover background from admin options

-same as above for other various areas like header and footer bars

Also, I am new to shortcodes… I am having some problems that every time I try to put a tab wrapper in and then put a image on the same page, the tab wrapper disappears, but the content is still there in paragraph form.

Hi creecyle,

thank you for your suggestions. I’ll consider it for the next updates. About the tab wrapper image issue: Does it disappear right away in the editor, or after you hit “Update”? Also have you tried the image shortcode or are you talking about a plain image you insert into the post? You can send me your URL to support[at] so I can check it out.

Best regards, Ruven

Hi Ruven,

In this page: , say “The Theme comes with 300+ icons. Here you can see some examples of text icons and their display options….”, where are this icons? I don’t see them…


Carlos J

Hi Carlos,

they are available as shortcodes. In your visual editor click the yellow shortcode (flash) button, choose “Text Icon” and hit “Preview” :)

Best regards, Ruven

Thank you very much Ruven!! :)

Hi Ruven,

First of all; what a great theme! Many other themes has some great featured, you put them all together in one theme, excellent job!

But I’ve got one question; how can I change the words Prev and Next at my portfolio page? I want to use the words Vorige and Volgende (that’s dutch).

I could’n find it in php-templates or adminpanel.

Can you help me?

Dear regards Arnoud

Hi Arnoud,

the theme is translation ready, so you don’t have to dig through the files and and change the words. You just have to create two files in the “language” folder – thats it :) How to do that is stated in the documentation section “G) Translating the Theme”.

Best regards, Ruven

Hello Ruven, It ‘nice to see you in TF. Digitalis or purchased in the Mojo, but I must say that with this issue Did you superat!

Some clarification:

- The theme includes templates for page 404, Sitemap …? - You can change size and color of buttons to admin? - The icons are in color? You can see them all? - There is the possibility to enter the share buttons (facebook, twiter …..) in the post? And ‘supported seo: title, description ….?

Thanks again & congratulations for your work.

Hi cphone,

The theme has a 404 template. I might include a sitemap template with an update at a later point. For now there are some good plugins out there, that can do the job (

Yes, buttons sizes can be adjusted (small, big, bigger).

There are 300 text icons included with the theme. Some of them can be seen here in the demo: – they are grey to match with the overall design of the theme. I used the icons. If you have Photoshop you can look at all of them by downloading the file.

I’m planning to integrate facebook and twitter buttons with one of the next updates. For now I’d suggest the use of a plugin like this one:

The theme is optimized for SEO . If you want a full featured SEO solution I highly recommend the All in One SEO Pack (

Best regards, Ruven