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Ruven, quick question. I’ve tried adding a search box in the welcome bar, what’s the easiest and fastest solution to this?



You’d have to edit the function rvn_put_welcomebar() on line 1226 in the file “lib/frontend/functions/functions.php”. You can use this WP function to display the search box:

Great, thanks a lot. I want to try and keep the title on the welcome bar and have the search box flush to the right of the text.

A quick follow up of my previous post… I’m not sure what version of this theme I’m using, as the developer changed the name of the theme to something else, but it does say ver. 1.2.

Hi, please update to the newest version. Here are inscructions on how to do it:

I would like to be able to activate Google Analytics Event Tracking to the links displayed in a shortcode button on my Polyon site. Can you tell me how?

Hi, I never used Google Analytics Event Tracking. But if it is just some Javascript code that you have to paste into your site, then you can go to “Theme Options” in your admin panel and paste it into the “Header Code” or “Footer Code” field.

Hi, A month ago the excerpt from each portfolio item condensed on the front page of the site perfectly. i.e. Featured Image, then the Title, then a few lines of text from the item. Now there is no cut off. The entire portfolio shows up on the front page of the site. No upgrades were done to the site. So I have no idea what happened or how to fix it. (I am not a php expert…just the person who adds new content to the site).

Thanks for your help. Ed

Hi Ed, what version of Polyon are you running. Maybe an update will solve your problem. Here are instructions:

If that doesn’t help, could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Thanks Ruven. I found the version by opening the text editor. Under stylesheet. It says version 1.6.

The current version is 1.7. Here are instructions on how to update:

Sorry further to the question about excerpts. My theme is Polyon…

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Ruven, I’ve added 5 featured photos, but sliders only display 3 (max set to 7). How do I display all featured photos?

Can you send me a link to your site, so I can check it out?

Ok, even in the source code, only 3 images are loaded, so the issue doesn’t include the image files. Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Hello, We have been using your theme and it really is great! However we have a little problem when our clients browsing the web site using IE. In our frontpage we are using Piecemaker Slider however it does not show images after 2. Here is our link : Can you pelase examine the link? Thank you

Hi, I see the problem and I will provide and update when I get it fixed. First I have to get to the bottom of it. I also recommend to update the theme to version 1.7. It might not fix the problem, but the theme will work better with WP 3.5. Here are instructions:

Hey Ruven! I can’t seem to setup a portfolio page properly.

In each category, I want only ONE of the portfolio items to be displayed on the portfolio page, and on click lightbox would appear and allow the user to scroll through the rest of the portfolio items.

Here’s the page:

And a quick 2 minutes video of the setup inside:

Let me know if need further clarification.

Thanks for the help. YOU ROCK!

I can’t seem to pull it off :( Smashed my head like 2 hours against the screen. Argh!

Can you setup an example?

I work with a lot of designers and they would all LOVE this option:)

btw, Your quality of support is astounding.

Where can I leave a review?

Yes, I could setup an example on your page. Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the task within this email (for my record)?

Thanks for your kind words, you can rate the theme under “My Account / Downloads” by hovering over the stars :)

How to put the meta tags for every page using the theme? thanks

Sorry, could you be more specific on this? If you want to set meta tags like keywords or meta description for SEO, I recommend using a SEO plugin.

Hi, I have purshased and installed this stunning theme, but I am facing a problem. When I am using iPad an I click in an image to see it in the Lightboox sometimes it does not showup and a white square stays in place…. Is there something I am missing here? This should work on iPad right? But in general the theme is very very good. Congratulations.

Thanks, Regards, Pedro.

Hi Pedro, I don’t see the problem with the iPad on my demo page. To recreate the issue, could you send me a link to your site, so I can check it out?

Hi Ruven, it doesn’t happens allways. It happens more with 3G connection when you open the second or third image. It freezes. Try with 3G. The site is not finished yet but you can go to My Gallery menu option and try in the sub-galleries I have there. The site is:. Thanks, regards, Pedro.

Hi Pedro, I don’t have a device on 3G. I think the issue is more the 3G connection than the themes lightbox, because it works fine with faster connections. But I’ll make sure to update the lightbox plugin to the newest version too, with the next theme update.

Hi RuvenThemes – my client has just informed me that his portfolio thumbnails are no longer appearing. The portfolio pages are there but there’s no thumbnails just page links. please see I tried refreshing the permalinks, but no luck. Any ideas? thanks, Peter

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Hi RuvenThemes – Just to let you know that the error is resolved now. I think it was a problem with the theme and 3.5 WP, I updated your theme and that fixed the issue – Thanks.

Is there plan to make this theme responsive or more mobile friendly? Great theme by the way – I purchased this for a clients site and working out very well (only thing missing would be responsiveness).

Currently I have no plans to make the theme responsive – sorry.

Hi Ruven I’ve installed Wordpress 3.5.1 Now the [tabgroup…] / [tab…] Tags don’t seem to react any more. Any changes I’ve got to make? Thanks! Bea

Hi Bea, please update to the newest version of Polyon. Here are instructions on this:

when i setting Blog Page in Theme Options,the funtion “Exclude Categories” maybe inoperatived?when i select some categories exclude , but the categories posts also display in Blog page?
check it?

Hi, it works fine on my installation. Please update the theme to the newest version (1.7) if you haven’t yet. Here are instructions:

Hi Ruven I just purchased your theme. Very nice. I have a problem with the main navigation menu. I have a rather high number of items that I want to show there – 10 Links.

Currently, the menu is overlapped by the logo on the left side.

Is there a custom CSS that I can add to 1.) make sure that there is an offset on the left side, so that the nevigation menu starts after the logo 2.) let the navigation items stand closer together, so that there is no wasted space.

Thank you.

Hi, the theme supports 2 menu styles. One is without buttons and it saves much more space. You can switch the style in “Theme Options > Layout” in the “Header” panel (“Main Navigation Style: Simple Navigation”). I hope after the change your menu will fit :)

Hey Ruven—

I am using the Pricing Box shortcodes on my site embedded into a three column short code but the last pricing box isn’t fitting on the same line. The problem is the margin-right = 4% and I need it to equal 2% for the columns to fit perfectly on my page.

I know I can just adjust the style.css to fix the problem, but I have other columns on the site that get messed up if I do this. Is there a way to assign an ID or Class to the columns or do inline CSS to correct this issue? I saw we could use inline for DIVs and SPANs but those methods failed when I attempted to use them with columns.

Can you help me out? Thanks!

The last column shortcode needs to include the attribute last.

It should look like this:

[one_third last]

Oh man, silly mistake. Yeah, adding “last” to the column fixed my issue. Thank you so much!

Also, is there a way to assign the buttons for pricing boxes values so that they will select a specific variation from a drop down in WooCommerce? I saw that links could be specified but I’d need to assign a drop down menu a value, not link to another site/page.

Sorry, I never used WooCommerce and can’t be of help with this issue. If this is something you can just insert into your editor, you can insert it instead of the button shortcode and it should work just fine.

I’m having trouble getting the rounded corners to display in older versions of IE. I’m noticing I’m delivery 404 errors to ”/css/”. Notice that is from the root of the site. Any idea why that is?

Edit: /css/ might be unrelated, but I’m still having trouble displaying rounded corners in IE.

Hi, rounded corners that are created with CSS simply won’t work in the old versions of IE, because they don’t support it. There is no “” file or even a directory named “css” in the theme. Are you using a plugin?

Yeah it could be a plugin, but i saw some info elsewhere that people had trouble displaying rounded corners were also getting 404 errors on /css/ It could be unrelated here, but maybe the browser automatically tries to detect a css/ on older version of IE?

It looks like this is what css/pie is for:

I’m familiar with the concept, but I can only guess that there is a plugin at work, that is not installed correctly or something like that. Of course a 404 is caused, because the file and directory “css/” simply don’t exist in the Polyon theme.


is the twitter plugin broken? it does not work on my theme. just installed it yesterday…

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. There is some kind of interference with the twitter widget when the JetPack plugin is installed. If you can, deactivate it. If you can’t (e.g. because you’re using it for something), please try a Twitter widget plugin for now. I’m about to upload an update for Polyon next week to fix the error.

Hi Ruven themes, images inserted into posts do not display the shadow or fancy frame when viewed in the browser. for example: I would like shadow and fancy frame to show on every image throughout the site. Any suggestions? Many Thanks Bridget :)

Hi Bridget,

Images are automatically ‘framed’ when set as featured images. When inserted into the post content, they have no style by default. If you want to add a frame and/or shadow, please use the Image shortcode. Here more instructions on shortcodes: