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I am having a nightmare with wordpress or/and my web host. Basically, polyon theme has disappeared from the available them and looks like I need to re-install it.

Can you instruct me how to install through wordpress?

Thank you!

Re-installing a theme is basically the same as installing it. Here are instructions:

If you want, look into the “wp-content/themes/” folder on your server first and delete any folder named “Polyon” in there first, before reinstalling :)

Thanks for your swift response Ruven!

Any way to display a dynamic copyright year on the Footer bar (where the year automatically gets updated) – e.g., (c) 2010-2013 John Doe

You’d have to edit the footer.php on line 26. This PHP code will display the current year:

<?php echo date("Y") ?>

Hey! Is there anyway to update Google fonts – i do miss a lot of fonts, unfortunattly those that i want to use :)

Thanks und Danke!

In the file “Polyon/lib/shared/functions/functions.php” starting on line 291 you can add any google font you like to the array. I’ll probably do a big update on the google fonts with the next theme update.

I have a problem with the Customize the Latest Entries of Post Type (Grid Layout) Shortcode, as you can see at in the section “ultime news”, the entries appeare not in the same line. How can I resolve it?


Hi Alberto, Please make sure to leave a line break between each shortcode. Then the unwanted top padding should disappear.

i have a product list and i want to change the color of letters hierarchically…Some letters should be red , some of them should be grey.Is that possible and how?

That is possible.

1. When you write a title, wrap the word or letters that you want to appear red in a span-element, like this:
Heading with <span class="red">Red</span> Letters
2. Please paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field in “Theme Options > Layout” : { color: red; }

Can a shopping cart be added to this theme?

There should be plenty of plugins who can add this functionality. I personally haven’t tested any though.


I have updated the theme and the wp version, but I am continuing to receive “error while loading twitter feed” where the widget should be displaying my latest tweets. I have tried with multiple twitter accounts. I saw you were working on a fix for this? Thanks

Hi, Twitter updated their API and disabled the function to fetch tweets via REST. In the next update I will remove the twitter widget and instead recommend to use the plugin “Display Tweets”

Hi, sent you an email, the homepage on my site isn’t loading all the way all of a sudden (the front page content below slider and footer). It’s loading fine on the rest of the pages. Is there something specific that could be causing this issue?


Can you send me a link to your site, so I can check it out?

Two questions: 1) Is there a way on themeforest to search within Comments for Polyon only? 2) How can you make slider images fill the entire screen width? Thanks!

1. No, but you can use google for that: . Just click the link, go up into the search field and replace the word “test” with whatever you’re searching for.

2. This is not possible without some customization work and I can only cover support for this theme as it is. Customization work is done through my partner:


just one (simple?) question: will there be a theme update for WP3.6? In case that there will be an update: Can you estimate or do you know when you’re going to relaese it?


I’ll release it in the first 2 September weeks. Sorry, I currently have no time to do it earlier.

Okay. No hurry ;) thanks for the fast response


I see from the options that I can set the page background color/image when using a boxed layout.

Can this be controlled page by page or is it one setting that applies to all pages that I create.


It applies to all pages.

Ruven on vacation until Sep. 2

I will be gone until Sep. 2. Please just add your support questions here and I’ll get to them once I’m back.

Thanks, Ruven

Hi Ruven,

Polyon is a good theme! but I have a question, How/whee can I set the “Prev”and”Next” for the page (blog page, portfolio page.

Waiting for your reply! Thanks

Unfortunately it is not possible to use CSS for that. Updating the theme will probably solve the problem, because it needs to be compatible with newer WordPress versions. You can send me the link to your site and I can tell you exactly if you’re running an old version that needs to be updated.

I build it at my local computer service at this moment

In that case just check the version number under “Appearance > Themes”. The current version is 1.7. Here are instructions for updating the theme:

I am having a couple of issues with the theme. 1. my new posts are not linking under the BLOG page. I have already set the default blog to the BLOG page as instructed in your documentation.

2. when I wanted to input a video into a page/post it does not show up as a video… I have followed your documentation on that as well.

Please advise.

sorry about that. go ahead, its been changed.

I got everything fixed.

1. The “Theme Settings” interfered with the “Reading Settings”. I reset the reading settings to standard and now the blog works as it should.

2. Please try to switch the editor to “Text” mode when inserting an embed code. I did this here as demonstration:

Thank you for your help. truly appreciate it.

I am having a couple of issues with the theme. 1. my new posts are not linking under the BLOG page. I have already set the default blog to the BLOG page as instructed in your documentation.

2. when I wanted to input a video into a page/post it does not show up as a video… I have followed your documentation on that as well.

Please advise.

(see previous comment)


I was trying to use the button shortcode that you have in the pricing boxes in the shortcode page. I’m trying to make the button link to something, specifically a mailto link. I tried wrapping the link code around the button but it doesn’t seem to work, is there trick to it or some parameter of the short code I’m supposed to set, I don’t see an example anywhere to follow.

As I’ve said, I love your theme. It’s so flexible.


Nevermind I figured it out, I was just using the shortcode page for reference. I never thought to check the shortcode generator in the text editor toolbar.

Great theme!! Fairly new to this, but trying to make my front page look like the demo… specifically, trying to get the grey box at the bottom (before the footer) with the 4 icon bits of information.

My site is

Any help would be appreciated!

Please use the “Box” Shortcode for this. In the demo I used it like this:

Here are more instructions on shortcodes:

Hi, I updated to Wordpress 3.6 (Norwegian) just now and several features stopped working. I can no loner add tags to an image and adding a featured image only sort of works if the post is saved as a draft first.

I should mention that this is on an iPad which I have up until now used to add blog posts. I haven’t tried doing so from a computer.

Thanks for answering! Yes it works normally on my computer. But not in either of my iPad browsers. A drag because I like being away from my computer, blogging from somewhere else. But it probably has nothing to do with the theme really. More like how the iOS handles javascript Or something. There are plenty of pages that use dynamic content that won’t display properly on a mobile device. But Wordpress always did so perfectly until now.

They’ll hopefully fix this issue with the next app update. The reason that I am so certain that it’s not a theme issue is, that it includes absolutely no custom Javascript in the WordPress admin panel.

Yes, let’s hope so! Thanks for the feedback! :)

Hi Ruven, been using the Theme for a while. I’m by no means a power user but it is an elegant thing :) Quick question (and hopefully simple as I’m a simple guy): I want to re-arrange the order of the featured items (on the slider). I have five and would like to swap the item in slot three for the item in slot two (and vice versa :). I’m guessing there’s an easy way to assign/change this existing choice but (of course!) can’t find it. Thanks so much.

Ah….miracle of miracles….I READ THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS and saw that you had answered this with regard to installing a plug-in. Hosannah etc :) Thanks again.

I love the theme. I understand that you aren’t going to make it responsive, so I have tried some plugins that attempt to do that, but the short code doesn’t convert. Does anyone have a solution for getting Polyon to render on mobile devices?

Anyone? Ideas- ways to get this theme to be responsive?