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Hello, How can we remove the featured image in a blog post without deleting the other hand, only the article related to the blog? thank you

ah! in fact I’ve found ilf aut add: .single .entry-featured-content { display: none; }

Yes, that should do the trick :)

I tried everything and can’t get the portfolio stuff to work. I made a portfolio page, I made a portfolio entry, I made a portfolio category. I’ve put the ‘Select the page you want your portfolio entries to appear on’ on ‘portfolio’ but it doesn’t show anything.

Maybe you forgot to select the categories of the portfolio items that you want to see on the page. Here are the exact steps again:

1. Go to Theme Options ? Portfolio

2. Select the page Portfolio from the select menu under the options Select Portfolio Page

3. Now select the categories of which you want portfolio entries on your page

4. Click the button Save Changes (on the bottom of the page)



Love your theme so much I’ve purchased it several times for different clients.

One quick question – in the TOGGLE shortcode title area, if a word has an apostrophe in it (like ’s), the shortcode doesn’t work as intended. I take the apostrophe out and all is great. The client wants their apostrophe’s though, so do you have a fix for this? Many thanks in advance…


Sorry for my late reply. You can change this behavior bt replacing the ’ with ” to wrap the title. Here an example:

[toggler title="Ruven's Toggler"]
...Toggler content goes here...

I tried to upload this theme but got the following message

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

Am I doing something wrong?


Do you have updated shortcodes for the site? I tried to add the codes for the gallery and the gallery is all messed up.

No, I didn’t make any changes. There are a lot of “pre” elements in your code that shouldn’t be there at all. It seems that you might have copy and pasted the code from an HTML site. If you do that, please use the “Un-format” function in the WordPress editor. However, I recommend to use the shortcode editor:

do you know if this theme would work with woocommerce plug-in. i know you dont specify that it does, but wonder if you have had other buyers mention it works ok or not.

I never tried the plugin in combination with the theme, but I also never heard anybody complain that it doesn’t work.

hi,Ruven! when i use a static page as my homepage, and use some shortcode on this page. how to let the mobilephone display homepage content ,but shortcode source code?
or if there is another method, let my site display a static homepage on PC ?and display the new posts on mobilephone or pad?

The themes does not have a feature like this, but I bet there is a plugin that can show different content depending on the users device or screen size.


the bottom of my page does not appear on ie. The background opacity. No problem on firefox, google chrome, Safarie … How to display the background on ie?

here is the site in question:


I tested it:

.transparent_class { /* IE 8 */ -ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50)”;

and it does not work! on firefox, the background is not transparent, ie on the bottom disappears.

Something like this might work:

filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#0FFFFFFF,endColorstr=#0FFFFFFF);

The old versions of IE need a different color code that has 8 digits. Here is a generator:

Please note that all this falls under customization and not support, since the transparency is not a build-in theme feature and I can only offer very limited customization work.

Ah yes! Thank you for help! Thank you for all that information, I’ll look.


I am getting the following message on my website through the polyon theme.

Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No route to host in /hermes/bosoraweb084/b602/nf.kitemediastudios/public_html/weddingsnmedia/wp-content/themes/Polyon/lib/frontend/functions/option_css_code.php on line 157

the website is

Please just go to “Appearance > Menus” and reassign the main menu after you install the child theme.

Now im getting the following error again

Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /hermes/bosoraweb084/b602/nf.kitemediastudios/public_html/weddingsnmedia/wp-content/themes/Polyon/lib/frontend/functions/option_css_code.php on line 157

Please let me know what the solution to this is. I have already done everything that you had advised me of.

Hm, the child theme doesn’t even make use of line 157. Do you maybe have a cahing plugin installed? If so, please flush the cache and see if it works then. Please also check if the child theme is really activated.


I bought Polyon Theme for Wordpress and I was unable to install it from the admin panel and even manually. This error message appears:

PHP Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in E:\home\viplimpeza\\web\wp-content\themes\Polyon\lib\frontend\functions\option_css_code.php on line 157 PHP Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in E:\home\viplimpeza\\web\wp-content\themes\Polyon\lib\frontend\functions\option_css_code.php on line 157

How do I fix this?

Thank you, Leonardo

Hi Leonardo,

I’m so sorry for my late reply.

Please take a look into the FAQ section of the documentation of the theme for the solution to your problem:

is Polyon theme support wordpress 3.8?

I tested Polyon with 3.8 and couldn’t find any problems :)

Had a working Polyon installation here. Don’t know what changed, but out of a sudden, those 3 portfolio items (pictures and excerpt text right under the slider on front page) disappeared and the theme only shows a page instead. I found how to change the page to be displayed, but am completely lost how to get those three teasers (which are also used in all demo versions of Polyon and make the frontpage so unique) back? Please help me out, this is quite urgent. Thanks in advance


You’ll have to use the shortcode “Entries > Latest Entries of Post Type (Grid Layout)”. Here are more infos:


My theme seems to be missing the style sheet? Although it is in the database, something is not allowing the link….

Please try to deactivate your plugins to see if one of them is causing the issue. It might be a caching or minify plugin that is not configured correctly.


I would like to roll down my vertical menu on the right in a sidebare, here is the page in question:

I would like to scroll up the menu for International Students only have the great chapter, you have an idea?

thank you

yes it is! sorry I do a google translation, maybe my English is not just.

Sorry, but unfortunately the theme has no option to make the menu roll down this way. Including this option would require some customization work. On Microlancer ( ) you should be able to find somebody to build this in.

Ok! thank you for info I’ll try to do it by myself. I’ll post here if I ever found a simple solution to implement.


How do we change the colour of all the white content space? Every white background on my sight and pages seems to be stuck to white…

See here…

BOOOOOOOOM! Oh word that looks HOT! – Thanks for the support man – super happy!

check out that sexiness… hahahaha, keep well mate.

Hey man! Your site looks really awesome! I’m really surprised that the theme looks so good with a dark skin :)

One last thing:

If you want to get rid of the empty space on the home page below the slider, please use this code:

.home #main { display: none; }


Holy smokes! – That looks tight!!! ;) Thanks a lot man, really appreciate all the help!


Hallo Have a question how i can make page, (not a home page) what look like this im didnt find option set a featured image with that decoration around. THNX

Please go to “Theme Options > Front Page” and set a page and select a slider. Then go to “Featured Items” and set some featured images to show in the slider.

I have this “space” between my slider/slider background and the main heading of the page… I can’t seem to get rid of?? HOME PAGE space between slider and “Welcome to Fayette…”

Any suggestions?

It looks fine to me: Did you got the problem solved already?

Sorry – yes.. that space was for the header – if you don’t use the header the space remains however. I was looking to get rid of it – but this works – APPRECIATE you looking!

The ‘Latest Work’ widget only shows a maximum of 15 portfolio entries. Can you change this?
Whats the file to edit?


Please open the file “Polyon/lib/shared/widgets/latest_work.php” and delete line 53. Now you can set the max. items to any number you want :)

That did it. Thanks!

Hi Ruven,

This is my website: How can I hide the share button at the home/front page. Any CCS code could fix it?


awesome!!! it worked. Thank you for your help Ruven!

HI Ruven, I have setting Hupso to show share buttons on Portfolio, but I can not showed at Portfolio items page. what can I do now? Thanks!


I have never used the Hupso plugin and can’t give you advice on this. Please contact the developer of the plugin. It looks like custom post types are not supported by this plugin.

Hey Ruven,

For some reason the theme is auto adding the default sidebar on the page I set to be the homepage (set to no sidebar). I also cannot remove it. Is there anything you can do to help with that? Anywhere I should look to change it?



Please check, if you have the reading settings set to default, as in this screenshot:

Set the front page only through “Theme Options > Front Page”. If it’s set up like this, the sidebar problem should disappear.