Discussion on Pomana - Lottery & Giveaways WordPress Theme

Discussion on Pomana - Lottery & Giveaways WordPress Theme

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dpctech Purchased

How do I replace the word lottery with another word in the product section? because the word lottery is banned in my country and I want to change it to my country’s language. and I have submitted a support ticket.

We’ve replied to your ticket, please check !


dpctech Purchased

If I buy this, can I add the payment methods available in my country or can only the payment methods provided by the template? because in my country does not use paypal in digital payments.


dpctech Purchased

thanks I already found plugins for payments in my country


There are WooCommerce plugin that can be used for Indonesia, such as:

Nowadays all the payment processors have integrations with WooCommerce. Just search them on WordPress.org.


dpctech Purchased

thank you for the answer, I’m interested to buy

Hello, I just bought the script. I want to ask if I can import all the demos? Or should I choose only one?

It says child theme is out of date. Do you have a latest one?


The child theme by itself has no templates on it. Perhaps you added/override some templates from the theme in your child theme.

This being said, it means that if the templates from the parent theme are NOT outdated (*but only those from the child theme), then you should upgrade the templates from the child theme (of course by checking why you have made the overrides).

So, firstly check what you have modified on the copied templates, make backups and then copy the files from the theme into the child theme.

Hi, I submitted a ticket. Prompt response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I have purchased this theme for a urgent project but I’ve sent a support request since it been 3 days no reply :-(


We already replied today to your help request.

Hello! I ve installed theme, and trying to activate purchase code and stuck on loading…

We’ve replied to your ticket, please check !

I have purchased the theme, but i cant edit nothing. I am trying to import demo theme content, but i get an error “You have not activated this license yet! Click here or go to License Manager Tab.” while when i got o License Manager Tab it says License activated. Contacted support, made ticket but noone is answering.. If i knew about this slow support i would not buy this.

We’ve replied to your ticket, please check !

1. from your demo i cannot go thru any order, how it work? 2. backend running wooc?

The lotteries on the live demo had the time run off, I’ve reset the countdown for this one: https://pomana.modeltheme.com/product/abt-audi-rs3-sedan/ for you to check.

I wish I’d read the comments before buying this theme. I’ve now filed a refund request. It seems people have had problems for months with the core functionality. The theme does not track users when they purchase a ticket. The raffle doesn’t update and ends with no one purchasing and failing to run.

It looks like people here have had the same issue for months with no fix.

We’ve replied to all of your tickets and everything seemed to be working fine from your end as there were no more replied. Everyone that purchases a ticket is stored, in the single product you can find the list of the users.

We are here to help, if you can reply to your tickets these would have been solved.

do you have elementor version wp bakery is slow.

modeltheme-addons-for-wpbakery.zip is coming back as 1.5.0 not 1.5.1

also do you have elementor page import?


We’ve updated the plugin. Now you can update it to version 1.5.1. Also, at the moment our theme comes just with the WPbakery page builder editor.


Hi, I would like to ask some questions:

1.May I know how does the raffle draw work? Can we do live draw [Manual picking] and automated like spinner or roulette?

2. Is there a feature where we can have commisions per sale from the vendors or commision per payment transaction?

3. Can we add maybe a voucher or coupon so that they can join for free?

Kind regards,


1. When a lottery ends, the winner will be automatically selected from the confirmed orders/purchases. You can do a manual selection but this is outside the platform. For example, take the first and last order and randomly select a number between them.

2. If you use the theme with a marketplace plugin (such as Dokan, WCFM) then yes! you can enable % or fixed commissions from your vendors/sellers.

3. Yes! You can add vouchers (fixed value or percentage). The percentage can be up to 100%.

Let us know if you have other questions!

Purchase Pomana Theme


Hi, last question before purchasing.. Am I able to export all the details of the purchaser to excel?


Yes! You can export details of every single registered user or order in CSV/XML formats


lootcl Purchased


Pre buy question.

1. Is this plugin working correctly?

2. Can we hace a 3rd party choose the winner? For example a notary could receive all the ticket numbers for a certain prize, and they sort them randomly in their own certified system. We just have to give them an excel with the ticket number and user info.

Thank you.

1. Yes, from our tests everything works perfectly.

2. You mean like a manual pick of the winner. With this version the winners are picked randomly, if you are interested in extra customisations you can find us at : sales@modeltheme.com .


lootcl Purchased

1. Ok thanks I’ll consider it.

2. Ok, I’ll email you. Thanks.

Hello…I’m interested in buying the theme. Can I initiate refunds if the ticket sales are not up to the number required?

Okay. Sorry about that.

Yes! You can refund any ticket/order at any given point.

i am interested in getting this theme but the comments do not seem to be great, what is the status as of today with it ? i want to use my own lottery system thru woocommerce and to be fair i like the design of this theme and i want to know if i can implement the lottery system thru de woocommerce


Can you tell us more about your own lottery system? We need to know more about it before confirming that it will be ok.

P.S: We are also from your country :) Don’t hesitate to contact us via this form to discuss more: https://modeltheme.com/theme-customization

I was talking about this one -> Lottery for WooCommerce by Flintop, as it seems to be covering all needs and we are mostly after the styling part. Salut

Hi again (we are also from Romania) If you want to say hi send us an email here to discuss more https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme#contact

So far we didn’t worked with Lottery for WooCommerce by Flintop but if you have the plugin we can make some checks

Purchased but its not working. Tickets are not issued when demo orders are placed. Is this a bug?

I’ve just replied to your ticket, please check !

I know you responded but thats all you did. Bug was not fixed.

It was fixed, please check.

Hi, I’m interested in the theme. so is it all functioning correctly at the moment? I see some comments complaining some things don’t work, or are there things I need other plugins for to make it function

Hey, we have helped our clients with any issues and took in consideration any suggestions we’ve received. The theme does not have any issues reported at the moment.

Hello, we have an outstanding ticket with no response since Friday last week, the theme functionality is not working as described in the ticket, need this fixed asap or we will have to use another theme and request a refund

Replied to your ticket, please check !

Thank you, I have replied to that ticket shortly after the response from you, thank you for coming back to me, please see my reply

hi, dose the admin can handle the winner?

Hello, at this time it would not be possible just with the features of the theme. If you are interested in custom work, send us a message from our profile’s contact form.

Thanks !


osmev Purchased

I bought this theme but it’s not working, when someone subscribe the counter stays at 0. (by the way, the support doesn’t answer on tickets)


We’ve replied to your ticket, please check !


osmev Purchased

I answered please, please recheck my ticket.


osmev Purchased

oh thanks, the support fixed now my problem, thank you!


1. Do raffles auto restart after selecting a winner?

2. Is there a maximum on the amount of concurrent lotteries and/or giveaways?


1. Can you give us more details about this?

2. No max number of concurrent lotteries. No limitation on this.

Thank you! - MT

What I mean is that the lottery should restart when a user is selected as winner.

I want to do raffles, where when 10 raffle tickets are sold a winner is selected automatically and the raffle restarts so new player can buy tickets.


You can set to automatically Relist lotteries and also automatic winner selection.


I am very interested in purchasing this theme, I have already purchased the lottery plugins with extra features as use on another theme.

I like you layout and idea, but a bit concerned about all the comments you are receiving, I can’t afford to spend ages making it look great and it don’t work properly.

Are all the issues fixed now please?

Hi there,

We are working continuously to fix any reported issue and also add new demos and features.

In the meantime, if you want to be sure about one or more particular things, please mention here and we’ll confirm.



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