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May I suggest, you please add the reserve table screen/layout and the order food layout.

Best wishes!

Thanks for the suggestion, great advice.

Hi Acid! Nice theme! Maybe you want to add to the item description that the green circles are not actually in the theme but only there to visualize where the user just clicked at :) I’m sure many people will think that’s actually part of the theme.

Regards and good luck with sales!

I really think it’s a good idea, I have updated the live preview.

Hello Acid!!!!

Does this template support the FIX Footer bar, so the site scrolls up when the page is very long?

Thanks in advance?

Hi gluegl,
can you explain? I did not understand exactly what you want to do.

I’ve tested the web with iphone, and a scroll bar is displayed, so I can scroll page down, should it be there, or I’ve done something wrong?

Hi monstar,
I do not exactly understand your problem, you can explain it better?

@Acidstream: Thanks for making this visually pleasing and very user-friendly layout

I found a simple way to modify this design so it’ll work nicely with both iPhones and Android devices (Androids often have much taller screens)

If you want to add this to Pomodoro 1.2, I’d be happy to share the code tweaks for free :)

- Andriy (aka “mishchenko” and “shearcomfort” here on envato)

Hello friend,
thanks for your comment. I would be happy to learn more.
Send me an email (via the form).


The theme looks very good! But can you add some kind of “order food” layout into the it?

Perhaps something where you can order the pizza from the site – so it could be delivered by the pizzeria?

Good idea, I’ll think about it ;)

will the this be automatically recognized by browser as a mobile page? Also, were you able to implement styling for Android devices? Very interested…

Thanks in advance.

Hi, this Landing was designed with a style appropriate to the mobile device will then automatically view well on them.

I also tested on Android and is seen correctly.

Hi, I am having an issue where changing the email type of input in the Form section, from text to email, breaks the validation feature/script.

<input name="email" id="email" value="Your email" type="email" />

But keeping the text type impacts the usability by presenting the standard keypad (@ symbol 1 additional click away).

Any solution? Would be much appreciated!

Hi Ymo, I just tried but with my test the validation is working perfectly.

Perhaps if you sharing the code you’re using I can help you better, you can email me using the contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/Acidstream

any live preview I can access from my iPhone… a video is just not the same… let me know…

I’m so sorry, but because of the high theft code I haven’t made available classic mobile version.

hi, nice template! but i need to try this live on my iPhone and iPad! is there any possibility? thanks in advance.


Hi, I’m sorry but there’s no full version available for demo.

Hi, i have a menulist that’s quite long. So all the other menulists have the same height, so that causes a long empty space till the the div#content. How can i solve it? Also there was a height on the area div which i changed to min-height 416px, or else the div was to short for longer lists then the the menulist from the template. Example at http://ismobiel.mobi/pizza/

Thanks anyways.

Your idea to change the minimum height should work, alternatively you could divide each portion into multiple pages (e.g. “Salades 1/2, Salades 2/2). I hope I was of help.