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Really? $13 for all this, saw this and had to buy it, amazing. Cannot wait to use it, haven’t a use right now, but it was too good to miss and you deserved the first sale :)

Yes sir, only 13! Thank you for making the first purchase.. :)

Hi, I want to buy your landing page but don’t know how to implement it in wordpress. Can you help me out?

PS. I have an existing wordpress theme, do I have to edit it, remove it???

Thx a lot

Sir, this is not a wordpress theme. Unlike wp theme this html site works straight out of the box edit the text using a text editor like sublimetext and upload the site via FTP. 

Ok thx, bit i like working with wordpress. Do you know a way maybe a workaround or something like that?

sorry, there is no workaround…


Looking like an amazing theme but before I buy here are my questions -

1. Can I change the order of the sections ? I would like for example to have the head images with text and to be able to register on the same page and not to scroll all the way down

2. Increase the width of the text box next to the phones

3. Change the phones to ipads

Thank you

Hi thank you for the kind words.

This is a html site and to make any changes you can use a text editor like sublimetext. You need to know basic html to make changes. All the changes you have mentioned is possible. If you need customization I can do it for you and it will cost a little extra money. If require any custom changes contact me via contact form on my profile page.


Is there a working WordPress theme or similar, I purchased this thinking it was a WP theme

Oops… WP theme is in progress but i don’t have an update on the release date yet.

Would be interested will i get a free one when it’s a WP theme

WP is a different entity so you cannot get it for free.

I am interested in buying your topic but I need the images to be Android and not iPhone devices.

You can make this change?

hi it’s easy replace the mockup images of iphones with android you can download free mockups from here http://goo.gl/0qc5VJ

Hi, I’ve purchased and uploaded all of the files for 09 layout and when i look at the page the sections aren’t full width?

Just replied to your email

Ok thanks, very weird I pretty much duplicated the file, ran a find and replace to edit all of the file paths and uploaded it. But yet there seems to now be a fair few open tags, Thanks for your help.

Your welcome

Is this compatible with other email broadcast systems? Instead of Mailchimp I’d like to use Campaign Monitor.

Yes Campaign Monitor form would not be styled. Ok i look forward to your email :)

I just sent you a message via your profile page :)

Got it sir, will reply soon

Thank you buddy

Would it be easy to add a name field to the mailchimp signup? I am a total rookie, but know basic HTML. Perhaps I could pay you to do it, if I buy it?

Hi Its very easy to add name field should work if u paste the default code however if you have any issue with it I’m happy to help you :)

Need location map.. any idea if you can add that?

hey please email me the link using the form on my profile with example what that you’re looking for… i’m going to release an update soon and might as well add it…

Very Nice work..:)