Discussion on Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency Template

Discussion on Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency Template

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does the template support “https” ?

Presale question. Is the theme still current and secure? i noticed last time was updated was in 2014. Thanks

Hello, how to use to page 404 and redirect to it?

Hello, we answered your mail support message ;)

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.

Is there an option to disable the animations?

Hi there, does the sound can work in the video background? thank’s


please use the support page to conatct us for better and faster support.

Hello there, I want to add a new page, but I don’t want the page I added to appear on the homepage. How can I do that?


please send us a message thorugh the item support page for better & faster support.

I’m having issues with self-hosting a mp4 video. I’ve checked the mime (video/mp4 – mp4 mp4v mpg4) and it seems enabled. It basically the video plays but it’s cropped to a thin 100ish pixel slither. It works offline fine, which leads me to believe its something on my server. Any ideas?

Hello, we solved this issue via the support mails ;)


the social icon font awesome is available at the bottom of the site.

We can not change the instagram icon in the new one, there is the old Instagram icon now, if I go to the awesome font site and check the entered code is correct f16d but it always gives me the old instagram icon.

Is it possible to update it with the new icon?

Best regards

Hello, we answered your support ticket via mail weeks ago. Please always use the support page to contact us for better and faster support. Thank you.

Hi, I have a problem with my slider movie. The movie is cut with a rectangle form, in the top, i don’t understand why… Can you help me? If you want, i can give you a picture of the problem..

Best Regards.

Hi. What is the solution for the following? After editing a page with the page builder, a few version later I can not see the content in the admin/editor, or sometimes in the (split section) the content disappear, only displays “undefined”in the editor. Meanwhile on the page the disappeared content is available. (But can not edit…) Thank you very much

When I press the back button of my browser, the page loader doesn’t end…

Could someone tell me how I can delete the page loader? I do not have budget to buy a support-subscription – my time has expired. If I delete the <pageloader> part of the index.html, the navigation doesn’t show/work…


please contact us via the support page for better & faster support. Note, that your support period has expired.

...I’m still hoping to get the update of this html version to the same version as wordpress…

best regards


we will try to update the template with features of the wordpress version.

Hello, I love this theme and would like to use it but I need it as a video portfolio. Is it possible to insert a full-size embed video inside “page-title” section (on portfolio-single for example)? It even doesn’t have to be parallax.


you have the possibility to insert a background video (only selfhosted) on the hero section (page title) for any page/portfolio. http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/pond/demo-two/

Hi, there are few questions before I buy: Firstly, currently when I am in the team area, there are 3 images sliding. Is it possible to add arrow right and left for easy UX? Secondly, for map, since my client have quite number of network, is it possible the map automatically change when the user click other office? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Cheers, N2


unfortuantely both options are not possible by options and would need some major customizations.

How much it will cost if there are some adjustment? Thanks.


unfortuantely I’m not available for any customizations.

Hi There.. I would like the site to be the desktop only version as the mobile version has issues on Chrome. If I could bypass the mobile version and just have it go to the desktop one that would be great. Cheers

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Where can I find theme options. I have purchased the html version. Cheers nikki

Sorry, I mixed up the items. in html template you can just delete the inlcude of the mqueries.css. Please conatct me through the support item page for better/faster support.

Thanks… I’ll try that. Cheers Nikki

Hi, How to make the send button on the contact button actually work to send to email?


please have also a look at the codumentation file. You just need to adapt your email adress. Make sure that your server supports the php “mail()” function to send emails.

For better/faster support, please contact me via the support tab.

Hi! I’m working on http://illusoriumstudios.com/ But when I see my website in a tablet (Like here, in my iPad -> http://subefotos.com/ver/?b91b94c9192a943456b2e906b78c414eo.jpg ) The portfolio grid is not working properly, any ideas why? Thank you! Best, Belen.


unfortuantely I don’t have any purchase + support validation from you. Please send me a support ticket with the account you baught the item with. Have also a look at the support page http://www.spab-rice.com/support.php

Hoping soooo much for the next update…


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