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This is an addition to an earlier post. Let me try to give more detail on how I’m trying to customize the ponzi theme. I’m using the Events Manager plugin and I’d like my “Event Categories” to show up just as your Post Categories Health, Music, etc show on your Full Feature News 3 Column .


Above where you show ” Health” -> Backstroke Swimming -> I want “Event Categories” headings ( Ballroom, Contemporary, etc) to show. As below


These categories come from Events Manager. We have already learned how to add them to the Metabox as drop downs to select from, and we changed the post type from “post” to “event” in the Full 3 News Column template file ($custom_args[‘post_type’] = ‘event’; ) but it seems there is more to do than that, as no posts are displayed. Also Would changes be done in a child theme or the original ? We have copied the templates to a child theme in the content and page-template directories; is that the right thing to do?

Thank you!

Hi …

It should be add to in child theme ..
just copy ponzi/content/full-news-3-column.php to ponzi_child_theme/content/full-news-3-column.php ..
It seem you have been right $custom_args[‘post_type’] = ‘event’;
Make sure you have edit
$custom_args['cat'] = $cat_id;
$cat = get_category($cat_id);
                        $custom_args['event-categories'] = $cat->slug;


Thank so much, that worked!

Hi, is there any issues on install the woocommerce plugin and work with the theme?

This theme not officialy support woocommerce .

Hi, I am having problems when displaying a google Map on a page, would love your help!

The map shows up greyed out. See http://www.torontodance.com/wpamanuke/MapIssue.JPG

However, as soon as you resize the browser window, or scroll the page When you are on a smart phone, then the map fully displays!

See http://www.torontodance.com/wpamanuke/MapVisible.JPG

I have opened up an “inspect element” on the code for the map to show in the image below See http://www.torontodance.com/wpamanuke/MapCode.JPG

Note that on your advice I added the following code to my style.css, to solve an earlier problem.

.entry-content div { overflow: visible; }

Also, for some reason, the background of the tab area is orange .. can’t seem to get rid of that :(

Can you show me the url ? so i can inspect the element .

Hi we are running speed tests on torontodance.com and we notice your theme inserts the following into the page code:

<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’ponzi_css_custom-css’ href=’http://torontodance.com/?wa_custom_var=wa_css&ver=f8f98fb880eacfa993b841e2d61268af' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://torontodance.com/?wa_custom_var=wa_js&ver=1.0.0'></script>

This produces a wait of more than a second between the two calls.

Any idea on how we can resolve the delays?



I’ve had this theme for a while now and it does everything we need it to do, but I noticed that for the reviews there is no “AggregateRating” in the rich snippets code.

Is there a way to use this so that there is not just a review rating but an aggregate of reviews?

Thanks, Rob


if i want to create 2 post type like 1) City 2) Airport

A) is it possible post type City have a categories for review different from post type Airport ? like City will have 3 categories rating : Safety, Clean, Public Transportation and Airport will have : Lounge, Customer Service, Luxury ?

B) is it possible for users to create a different review for each categories i put on City / Airport post type ? like, if City have topic TOKYO, user who visit Tokyo page, will able to add different story and add different rating for categories Safety, Clean, Public Transportation ?

C) If i have Topic/post call TOKYO on post type City, is it possible in that TOKYO page, i put lot of information and show all summary rating from categories i set (Safety, Clean, Public Transportation), and when i try to access one of categories like Safety it will go to page that show all rating and review for Safety in Tokyo ?

Thanks, i hope it clear enough :)