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Hi,I really like your commerce-based themes. I’m considering purchasing it.

Is it possible to put paypal function like you did with Craftista theme or paypal code provided by the official website on this theme? Thanks!


You need to check in the settings if your editor is really HTML (go to then click Dashboard on the top right, then see if you have the Text Editor as Plain Text / HTML).

After this, in the post field, click HTML and add as HTML.

I hope this helps :-)

It works!! You AWESOME!! ;)

I’m glad it worked :-) Thanks!

Hi misspato

does it include html/css files of the template?


Hi khulood2! It include an HTML file with CSS and JS included – as this is a Tumblr theme is all one single file that you need to copy and paste.

Hello! Great job, thank you. I can not figure out how to put bubble TAGS, and make comments on facebook :stress:

Hi again!

You need to create a Facebook app id (here: then, enter the number in the field with the same name in the Customizer.

Did as you said. But the comments do not appear.

Hi! In that case I will have to check it out. It might be a bug that I has appeared with this last update. I will mark it to solve it as soon as I can. I’m sorry for this.

Hey there! Fantastic theme! exactly what I’m looking for. One question and apologies if this has already been asked, but how exactly does one go about applying this theme to an existing tumblr page? I’ve already downloaded the theme, but have no idea what to do next. thanks!!

Hi jojeh!

Please check the help pdf file that comes with the theme. You will get thorough step-by-step instructions on how to use and also how to customize the theme.

Thanks :-)


Can we firstly say that we absolutely love your theme. We’re having problems with just one small thing:

Image Posts: The hyperlink added to a photo is not working once we publish the image. The image only enlarges from ‘post size’ to ‘light-box’ size but no “click-through” appears.

Is this a fault with tumblr or with the theme. We’re just retrospectively implementing a workaround until we hear from you but it would be great to know whether or not we are idiots and just doing something wrong or if it is a real fault.

Our tumblr is

Look forward to your thoughts

Hi ministryofdone! If you have the lightbox option enabled, you can’t have the click-through working. The link can only do one thing and if you have this option on, the other wont work. I hope this helps.

Very original, good luck with sales!

Thanks StylisticGFX!

Hello, thanks for a beautiful theme!

How I can make BUY IT button instead of CONTACT ME. Is it possible to change button URL different for each product?


Hi Leo! Thanks for buying my theme. You can turn off the contact button, and instead add a new one for purchase. You can add it as a simple link and add the classes as follow:

<a href="" class="button customfont smooth">Buy Now</a>

I hope this helps.

Hi misspato,

I’m considering to buy this theme. May I know if the background color can be changed? Or is it just white?

Thanks so much!

Hi cathycanaceli! You can choose the color you want and also use a background image (or pattern) :-)

Hi CosmicBreeze! I’m not sure what you mean, but if you are referring to square thumbnails, you just need to uncheck the option to make circular thumbnails and click ‘save’. I hope this helps :-)

hello is there a way to use “Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme” as a plain html? with its own host?

Hi loon3tik! This theme works only in Tumblr, not as a standalone HTML file, sorry…

Hey. Can you give me LOGO PSD?

Hi There! Unfortunately not — this isn’t included in the theme, as it’s designed to be used with your own logo.

Error in the insert / remove numbered list and bulleted list:

Error in the insert / remove numbered list and bulleted list

Hi CosmicBreeze! I’m sorry — we must have missed this comment. I can’t see that Dropbox link any more, but if you share it again, I’ll take a look! Thanks.

Hello, I hope support is still available for this theme!

I’ve been able to tweak most of what i want to help customize it to suit, it’s an amazing base btw, but i’m stuck on a few items.

I’m hoping its possible to move a few of the elements around, namely:

the post caption and post-related contents like the “next and previous button” elements that are usually sitting below the image, I would like to move them to the upper right area Next to the image instead, like in the link below: and have them fixed in that position so regardless, it’s on the right.. I think at present it wraps around based on how big the screen is since my small cintiq shows it as I’d like it to be.. ..but this is how it currently is for me on my montior:

As well as moving the social media links element on the left side so that it sits inbetween the search bar and the tags listed in the sidebar. or on top of the sidebar, I just want it further up than it currently is.

finally, my header title font appears to be quite large and the spacing between lines is quite large. is there any way to tweak these values as I end up getting cut off when writing text for it?

here’s my page if you need to look yourself:

I’ve tried to look around in the source code, but it’s not my strong point and the code is starting to blur together now.

I think that’s all. Everything else is looking pretty great! Thanks for taking the time to read my message and try to help out! :)

Hi There! Glad you’re enjoying the theme. Those changes go above and beyond what we’re able to offer in terms of support I’m afraid (bug fixes and our standard customisation options). You could try Envato Studio ( as a place to find a freelancer who could help though? Thanks.

okay, thank you for the fast reply! :D

I dont like the New Version, How can I download de 2.1 Version?

Thanks for your reply In the previous version it has zig zag view and I could hide the sidebar I wanted this features

The old version of Popgallery theme is like your new version of the Mood tumblr theme. I have bought it again, It´s a bad joke

Could you contact us via and we’ll make sure we help you out? Not sure quite what’s not working for you, but I’m sure we can help!

Have you planned to make a wordpress version of this tumblr theme?

Hi Jack — Not at the moment, unfortunately. Sorry!

themelantic does not currently provide support for this item. Is this correct?

Hi There — We do provide support via our website, yes.

What do you mean your website? What about support through codecanyon? If support is a question mark I’m reluctant to purchase.

You can get support here after purchasing: