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I just purchased your theme and I like it very much so far! My question is how can I remove the Facebook widget? I don’t have a Facebook page.

Thank you!

Oh, I’m sorry! Yes, that’s the first thing I tried actually and the Facebook widget is still displayed. It just reads, “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.”


Ok, open customize apperance on tumblr, and choose advance setting, you can see custom css area, paste this code .facebook-like{ display : none; } then save. here a screenshot

if you have a trouble feel free to contact us.


That worked, thanks so much!

Me again,

I have one more issue that I’m hoping you can help with. I don’t like the way my images look when I post a picture. I took a few screenshots to help better explain what I mean:

This is the original image that I posted on my Tumblr as a picture post:

This is how the layout is currently displaying the picture on my Tumblr:

Instead, I would prefer the entire picture be posted in the preview/thumbnail, but just a smaller version of it like this:

I hope that makes sense. Is there a way to change the code so that the pictures are displayed that way in the thumbnail?

Thank you again!


For this issue, please go to then hit the ‘Edit HTML ’ button and find this code around line 714. here the screenshot: .

change the code like this: .content-thumbnail img { width: 270px; height: auto; } you just need to change the ‘min-width’ into “width’. and done. Cheers


That worked as well. Thanks again!

Hi, i’m loving this theme!

Is there a way to change the G+ icon for something like my personal page or just remove it?

Hi, Thanks for purchased our theme. G+ icon it’s simply to remove, the way is do not fill your G+ account on apperance settings.

if you have a trouble feel free to contact us, i’m sorry for a little bit delay.


That was easy, thanks!

hi LOVE the theme.. one issue ive found… my tweet widget doesnt seem to pick up the tweets… but i have put the correct twitter account in the customise section as the icon links correctly

any help greatly appreciated :)

ps.. have sorted this now… issues around name change on twitter as i suspected… thanks again for a great theme :)

Hi catchkitey, Thanks for purchased our themes.

Make sure that your tumblr settings are sign in via twitter. here a screenshot , and fill twitter account in appearance settings with your twitter account name.

if you have a trouble feel free to contact us, for fast response contact us via message board on my profile.


I just had 11 bucks left and thought I buy it spontaneously, 5 stars, beautiful theme!

I have some questions, can I add a dribbble icon at the top?

I know it’s not WP, but is it possible integrate something like a widget to display your latest dribbble shots in the theme? maybe in this drop down below the slider… I purchased a tumblr theme that has it, and I think it works with JS. so would you include this option with an update maybe?

if you wonder here are 2 of those widgets &

kind regards


Thanks for the advice.

We probably will do the update to Popcase by adding dribbble social icon links and widget.

Recently we also add it to our brand new theme “Timeline”, you can check it here

Thank you so much for purchased :)

Best Regards

Man i wouldve snapped it up if it was responsive.. Is there any future update planned to make it responsive?? ALthough your timeline theme definatly looks interesting.. great job !!

Hello, I want to buy your theme but first I would like to know if I can add ad displays on the left side and on the header?


my suggestion is, you can add Ads to the image slider. You can also adding URL ’s to each image.

Thank you for the question, and I’m sorry for late responses.


Hi Man, I luv this theme but I’ve many problems: 1. The theme don’t show the information side over main image. 2. The theme don’t show the widget area. 3. When you mouseover a post, the content expanded area is under the other post instead above.

You can find my theme here . If u want to contact me I can provide you of my access data to check the theme.

My personal email .

Thank you


Thanks for purchasing our themes.

I just replied your email. Please check it out. If you have any problems, email me via message board.


I love this theme.

I had a little problem with displaying the latest tweets but I managed to solved it. I just needed to unchecked the Protect my Tweets in the settings in twitter.

Absolutely love it! 5 stars!


I Ihave two questions:

1) If you place an introduction text it automatically leaves a space before the text. Can this fixed? 2) How can I eleminate spaces under name? I need it like John: hello blah blah blah blah blah blah

instead of

John: hello blah blah blah blah blah blah


1) you can put the title on ‘Title’ form, do not put it on ‘Dialogue’ form. Here the example

2) I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean of ‘eleminate spaces under name’..

If you have another questions about troubleshoothing or anything else, for fast responses please email me via message board here and I’ll try to assist you.

Thank you.


Also, one more question. Is it possible to open the preview of the post by clicking the picture? It works only with the button.

Yes, it is possible :)

Any details when a WP version will be released?


I want to change some things.



thank you for purchasing our theme,

it’s possible to do, but we need you to email me via message board here and I’ll try to assist you.


Dear Tofu, I love the new template but I dont see a follow me button on the template for others to hit on Tumblr. Please let me know where I can find this or activate it.


Hi Dsanae,

Actually it’s appear to tumblr users, but you can activate follow button for non tumblr users on : apperance settings -> advance -> hit Promote TUMBLR . here a screenshot

if you have a trouble feel free to contact us


Thanks Tofu, so I cannot see it myself in the dashboard, but its there for others to see?

May i know your tumblr url?

Thank you.

Hi I started using this theme about a week ago and went on my site and it isn’t working properly anymore. The slider pictures, profile picture, logo, etc are no longer working. Can you take a look at it and let me know what you think? My URL is

The theme HAD been working fine though for about a week with the images I had uploaded. Everything was working fine, even today until about 2 hours ago (I check on the site very often). After it stopped working I tried clearing and reuploading the JPEGs with no luck. After that I tried deleting the code and reinstalling it and nothing changed in that case either. Any ideas?

I really do need help with this. The problem isn’t going away. I just want the theme to work correctly like it used to. I have continuously deleted and repasted the theme in its original unaltered code and it still isn’t working. There has to be more to this. Is it possible to speak with you via email or something that is faster than this? Thank you.

Yes, for fast response contct us at


Is it possible to disable slider but still keep widget drop down?


Yes, it’s possible.

Please let us know if you decide to buy our theme and I’ll do my best to assist you.

For technical problems, feel free to email us via user page contact form here


Good Morning,

First and Foremost I love the theme. But I am having one problem. I am trying to modify the gplus badge at the top to be a store link. I have already changed the icons and have that working. But the inputs for the link never seem to take. could you take a look at my site and see what i may be doing wrong here.


Hi there,

For the links, please insert a full URL .

For the example “”


Hi, thanks for this great theme, I’m really enjoying it ;-) this is what i would like to do but I don’t know it it’s possible? I would like to remove the Icons menu for a text menu like in your theme “Timeline”. Let me know if it’s possible, i’m ready to pay a bit more ;-) this is how my Tumblr look right now: www.

Thanks ;-)

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Can we get in touch through email?

For technical problems, feel free to email us via the user page contact form here . We’re happy to help you :)

Btw, you have great artworks ;)


Thanks a lot, what is the mail I’m suppose to write to? I can’t see it.