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Every time I put a username for instagram, the drop down menu stops working. And I know it is instagram causing a problem because when I leave it empty, it starts to work. This was one of the biggest reasons why I bought this theme.


For instagram widget, it’s need an intagram userID to work (please read the documentation carefully!). Instagram userID is different with instagram username. UserID commonly with numbers.

May I know your instagram username so I can give you your instagram userID?

Or you can follow this step to help retrive your User IDs. All you need to do is plug in the URL of an uploaded photo and go from there.

Instagram User ID is the numbers that you find at your photo URL , its usually numbers after the sign ‘ _ ‘ (underscore). Search your Instagram photo URL from here

(example: ) referred to the example, “1574083” is the UserID.

Let me know if you still have a problem, feel free to email us via the user page contact form here

Cheers! :)

Hey! I just bought this amazing theme. However I’m having a slight problem not being to synch my flickr account to my blog ( the pictures wont show on my photostream widget). I’ve entered the right account name but I don’t know what to do next.

Hi, geloriffic

Thank you for purchased our theme. may i know your tumblr url? so i can analyze this issue.


Hi there! Weeks ago i bought this great theme but i have an important question about “hearts vote” because in your Live Preview i see that comment and likes in that heart vote is possible but it doesn’t appear in my theme, please help me with this because i want to have comments and votes, thanks!!


Heart icon will only appears when somebody likes or reblog your post. And comment icon appears when you enabled disquss comments for your blog.

May I know your tumblr URL ?


Hi, its strange because i thought “how somebody can vote for one of my works if that icon doesnt appears?” for examble i saw that somepeople have also that icon above with de Follow and Join Tumblr options… Another question is how i can enabled that disquss comments for my tumblr? This questions are important please Thanks for help :)

Hi again,

Could you let me know of your tumblr URL ? so that I can see what’s the problem.

Or you can email us via message board here


Dear Tofuthemes,

I am seriously considering to buys this theme, but I read something about a possible version for wordpress in the comments of several months ago. Is there any progress in that development? Let me know, I would be very interested in it.

Best Regards

Hi! First of all, great theme.

I’m having trouble with the photostream. I’ve got my username entered, and it’s just not showing up. I’ve tried various other ones (like my flickr login, etc) and it doesn’t seem to work. keithkurson.tumblr is my blog :)


Thank you for purcahsed.

would you email us via message board here ? so i will assist you directly.

Best Regards


I am wondering how I can update my description for my profile so that it shows up while hovering over the “i” like in the demo.


You can open your customize page ( and find “Description” part to write your blog description. Here a screenshot


I love your theme, but there are couple things that I need help with.

First. I added my description into the appearance tab for customization but it is not working on my blog.

Second. I want to add a “heart/like” icon to the thumbnail that someone can click before going into the actual post. Please help me with this.

Third. It doesn’t seem like a caption is allowed on the video and photo post until you view the post. I really need a caption option on my thumbnail posts as well.

my url is;



Would you mind to send email to us regarding to this issue? Or you can contact us via message board here and the team will assist you through email.


is it possible to convert this theme for wordpress?

Definitely need a few changes for wordpress version. But it’s possible to do :)

hy Tofuthemes…great theme…i use it here i made some changes to the theme but i want to put a pin it button…you have some code???


Hi sanduionut,

Nice blog.. good job with sidebar post :)

Yes, we plan to add the ‘pin it’ button for next update.

ok…thanks…I look forward for this update

Just bought this, LOVE it. Seriously, great work Tofu!

Can i add customize page for my resume or something like that?

Sure, you can find “PAGES” setting at your customize page.

click + Add a page and then choose Custom Layout.

Hy…why the “Clicking this photo links to the URL ” from the edit zone, is not working…i want to make a single photo do be opened in original size like in gallery photos…




You can re-download the theme from your Downloads page. We’re recently updated the POPCASE theme.

Thanks :)

It’s not working.. Is there any htmls required for custom layout? i wanna post my resume on the website..

If you want to use default layout to post your resume, try to choose Standard layout for your pages. or choose Custom layout if you have a template for your resume page.

I’d like to link my Yelp account to my Tumblr page. How would I go about doing that? Will you be adding a Yelp social icon in a future update?

Thank you

We’re sorry that we don’t add the Yelp social icon to the recent update. But you can customize the icon from PSD file that included in the package.

Try to re-download the theme from your Downloads page.

Thanks :)

This is one of the Best themes for Tumblr – Thank you oh so much for creating it for the rest of us – Stunning Perfection :bigwink:

Hi sunnevajoh, thank you for purchasing.

And thanks for the compliment. I’m really glad to hear that :)

Hey man. Is there an option to remove the black top bar with slider? Or to place it at the bottom perhaps?

Hi themartist,

Yes, there’s an option for it at customize page

If you decide to buy the theme and have a problem with customization, you can email us via message board.


Just bought it, but some previous images which appeared without error on the previous theme are not appearing here. You can see at

Over 2 weeks and no reply???


first of all, we’re sorry about that. We rarely checking the comments here. We recommended that you submit tickets through email for faster response.

About this issue, we’re still investigate it. For right know, I suggest you to edit the post and re-upload the photo with smaller size. We’re assuming that the problem lies in the image size is too large. because I saw another photo post and the image is appear there.

I will let you know if we had fix this.


Hey – just a quick question. Is there a way to shorten the tag cloud ‘count’ – the more I post, more tags get added into the widget tag cloud and it’s immensely long now – need to keep it under 20 tags or something and I have no idea ‘how to’ do that.

Thank you kindly :D

The simplest way is to add the following code in the “Add custom CSS ” box at customize page

tag_list {overflow:hidden; height:250px;}

tag_list li {line-height: 12px;}

If you find another problems with this theme, it would be nice to contact us via email.

Thanks :)