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Just downloaded this theme and it’s not working on my tumblr. There’s no header and the word “blocked” appears in front of every field. Is this normal?


We’re not every day checking the comments here. For a faster response, please contact us via email so that we get a notification.



Have just purchased the Popcase theme, which is really great. However, I am not sure I like the ribbons on the images. How can we get rid of them?



Have you try to contact us via email about this issue? If you haven’t, please send us an email about this and we’ll try our best to assist.

Thanks :)

Purchased the theme but the drop down button doesnt work, i tried enabling everything on the customize option menu but nothing worked, here is a link to my blog


Have you try to contact us via email about this issue? If you haven’t, please send us an email about this and we’ll help you to fix it.

Thanks :)

Love love love the theme. A few questions:

1) When sharing a page, the image I have added to the post is no longer showing up as the thumbnail. It’s pulling every other image on the page (profile, banner), but I don’t need the thumbnail to be one of those, I need it to be the image I put in the post. 2) The dropdown arrow under the banner doesn’t work. 3) I have top social icons enabled, yet they do not appear at the top of the page, only at the bottom. 4) I still can’t get my Instagram account to show up in my social icons. 5) Isn’t there supposed to be a Facebook likes widget? I have it enabled, but it isn’t appearing anywhere?

Requesting a REFUND because this is faulty—Facebook will not recognize the correct Thumbnail and you won’t help me figure this out.

Hi Brandi,

We’ve tried to overcome the troubles that you have sent to our email. About facebook share, POPCASE theme is using sharing platform for the web, ShareThis:

This problem is beyond our control, because it’s 3rd party. If this issue is very influential with the theme, we will try to fix it ASAP.. but if you insist on refund, you can contact Envato


That’s the thing, I really don’t want a refund as I think this theme is perfect for my site. How is it that you can’t include the correct line of code so that Facebook crawls the right image for thumbnails? This is such a simple fix.

I have a problem and want to help me. When I want instagram widget is displayed on the bar, this bar seems to be inactive, and does not allow me to click. The other problem is that the facebook widget simply does not appear, but in the preview if I see … What I have to change?

It’s causes by js conflict, you must fill Instagram userID not Instagram username. You can check your Instagram userID here

After you get the ID’s (combination of numbers), you need to fill it into Instagram Account at Appearance Setting.

I hope it can help and thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Is perfect like theme but i have a problem. I have a facebook page but do not see the widget


Have you try to select “Enabled Facebook Widget” on Appearance Setting? See this screenshot


Yes…in preview mode i see the page of facebook but when i click save i not see like box. :(

iv just bought the theme and tried installing it but it comes up with this error

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

slightly confused, iv tried looking up on the issue but i cant figure it out, please help :)


You can try to re-download the theme package from your Downloads page. This is what you get in the package

The theme doesn’t have style.css file, the CSS included within HTML file (index.html) and you can read the READ ME.txt or documentation.pdf on how to installing the theme.

Or you can contact us via email if you still have trouble with this.

Thanks :)

yes i tried this, i have got the package, but when i click the index it comes up with a new window in my browser?

can this theme be used on wordpress?

Tumblr is saying your html is invalid. Either please fix this asap or I’d like my money back asap.

Looks like the Instagram widget has stopped working. I checked on the live demo of the theme and it’s also not working there… :(

Hi, thank you for letting us know about this :)

Seems like instagram has been update the access token. We have fixing the themes, but had to wait some time for the file can be updated on ThemeForest.

If you want to fix it immediately, please contact us via email and we will try our best to help.


Hi guys – our tumblr is

We’ve followed your instructions but obviously we have done something seriously wrong. Could you have a look please?


Hi, thank you for purchasing.

For all issues regarding to the theme, please send it via email to and please explain to us what happened in detail.

It is our pleasure to assist in any way possible.


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POPCASE theme is a very nice theme I liked. Also, the support was excellent and got my questions answered in a timely manner. You feel comfortable when you buy something for which support is provided. It helps a lot.

This is my blog where I used the POPCASE theme:

is it possible to add section exemple: if it s a blog for cars: section 1= models section 2=make etc

I really love it ^^ thank you!

hello, I would like to add a button for people to follow me on tumblr near the archive, search and home button. How is that doable?

Hi, I’ve tried emailing you direct, but thought I’d leave a comment as well since I have not heard back. This theme does not work with flickr as a photostream. Could you please advise how to make this work? Thank you.

Before purchase, is this theme still supported, and where can I see a changelog of fixed issues that I encounter here before purchase.

Hello, is possible to add a business style footer? and also make the header full page? Thanks, Dom

hello, i need some help. My facebook box, don’t appear.