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What is the meaning of this answer could you help?

Great Design

thank you :)

Awesome work mate, good luck!

Bol satislar..

thank you :)

Great design. Bol satislar.

te?ekkür ederim :)

Looks nice and warm design for me! :)

Good luck!

Nice work u hv got there.. Welcome to the forest!

Good luck with the sales! :)

Looks great, congrats :)

thank you :)

awesome design.. good luck!

Thank you :)

Great design. all the best!


Great design, however the Photoshop file organization is very messy and difficult to navigate. Would consider including all fonts to ensure even better file experience. I found them free on the web, but they are not the same exact font name, so I have to go in and manually change them all out which was a time-intensive ordeal. Other than that, it’s great!

“the problems you were talking about is fixed. Besides thanks a lot for your warning.”

the design will be updated throughout the day.

design has been updated. :)