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Cool & Clean work mate :)


How do I change the header logo in navigation bar? Im not sure if im just over looking it and in front of me somewhere. That be helpful for your help.

Nevermind found it. Field box finally show up after reinstall

glad to know that. :)

Hi in the Appearance/Customize/Static Front Page I choosed “A static page” – Front page. In the Front Page I choosed the “Portex Fullscreen Gallery” link Template and I added images to show in. How can I add the description text over any slide like your “live preview”? Thanks

Hi, I tried to solve with the video tutorial “Data importing and Configure & Theme” and some things are ok now. But in the download of the theme, in “import-data” directory there are not the attachment. When I import the data and click “download an import attachment” all the media failed the download. Please answer me this time. Thanks.

HI! Please help me: how can I remove royal preloader from the theme? Thanks. Olga

its our pleasure :)

HI! I have one more question :) I need to create 2 pages with portfolio, but with different tags (which is used for sorting). Now it shows all tags at both pages :( How can I fix it? Thank you! Olga

HI! Still waiting for your answer… I need to create 2 pages with portfolio, but with different tags (which is used for sorting). Now it shows all tags at both pages :( How can I fix it? Thank you! Olga

Hi, could you please send us a mail to themebucket@gmail.com with the subject line “Portex Portfolio Issue”

Please include the following informations 1. Site URL 2. Admin username 3. Admin Password

an we will look into this

Hi! We solve the question :) Just didn’t remove some photos from the page that’s why their tags where shown :) Thank you for your attention! Best wishes, Olga

you’re welcome :)

Love the Portex template! I am setting up the blog at the moment and would like to know if there is anyway to add elements to the main blog page of the Portext Blog template. The blog is only a section of the overall website so I have a common logo across all pages. However, I want to add a row just below the main header that can display the blog title and perhaps it’s own eventual logo too.

At present I don’t see any way to edit this page as it simply falls to the default masonry view of the latest articles. I will need to add the top row and custom elements on the right sidebar as well (namely adverts here). Thanks for your fast response and keep up the great work!


I am afraid there is no direct way of doing this from inside the theme panel. You will have to modify source files a bit. To add extra components over that blog masonry section in the file /page-templates/blog.php

The main masonry section starts from line # 32

thanks and glad that you liked portex

Hi ,

I’m using a Full Screen Gallery page using Portex Portfolios as the image source. The order that they cycle is important to me, but it seems as though the order is reverse chronologically based on image upload?

I would think that changing the published date on the Portfolio pages at the very least would dictate the order, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there a way to modify the order in which the items cycle through on a full screen gallery?

Please send us an email to themebucket@gmail.com with a subject line “Firebrick Contact Box Width Problem” and include your site url, admin username, admin password.

Please also include the problematic page and a screenshot so that we understand it better. Sorry for the delay


I think this must be meant for a different issue, as mine had nothing to do with a contact box width problem.

As far as the order of display of portfolios on a full screen gallery page is concerned, it appears that it is determined by the publish date, but this isn’t reflected until the cache is cleared.

Hi, I want to disable the sticky function of the header. I checked the template files but i didn’t find anything about it. Can you tell me please how I can do that?

Thank you Sergiu Chiriac

I found it. I have myStickymenu plugin installed and I totally forgot it. :)

Hello; My purchase code is d720db46-7c45-419c-97e2-8b7b78854798

I want to change the height of the Menu, how can i do that?

Other thing i want to do is change the size of the images that appear below the project details when you are seeing a specific porfolio .

Thats all :D Many thanks :D

Hi, In that case, you may need to modify your CSS file. Here is some screenshot indication where highlighted the CSS you need to edit.

Height menu: Following screenshot you can set you expected height and line-height. Please do all height and line-height same.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9fkude7tq72bq2/Screenshot%202015-11-26%2012.39.37.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/908882om1eupmmc/Screenshot%202015-11-26%2012.39.18.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z77uxi6a1hz3i94/Screenshot%202015-11-26%2012.38.56.png?dl=0 Image size of project details: Here you can set your expected image size. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2m2oh9br8i9ygbs/Screenshot%202015-11-26%2012.41.04.png?dl=0

Hope solved your problem.


Hi there,

I’ve recently bought your theme and was testing it’s responsiveness with Screenfly. It seems that for screen measuring 1024×600 (10 inch notebooks) and 1024×768 (12 inches notebooks), i loose the 4th column of the gallery page http://portexwp.themebucket.net/gallery-without-text-4-col/# Is there a way to change the size of the masonry grid slightly or make it go to a 3 column page on smaller screens?

Thanks Anna

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Hi sorry again, I am also trying to decrease the size of the masonry-list-col4. I was trying make the navigation vertical but the gallery hides behind it and when i add margin-left to the desktop version i lose the last row.

Can you help me please?


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ok, no problem :)

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could perhaps help me with a minor customisation. I would like to add social media share buttons to the image pop up.

Any way you could help me or advise me please? Anna


I want to install the theme to the website with the same content in the demo website then start changing it

I’ve been trying to do that but failed

Hi There – For this site: lesliefry.com I want to add one more image to portex portfolio slider. I have added to Portex Portfolios but how do I get it to show up?

Any quick fixes for woo commerce? When install wooc – Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support

Hello. I’m having issues with getting the blog section to display the full image size.

Eg. http://ck1photos.com/2016/08/08/married-robyn-jared/

The featured image displays correctly but the other images are not displayed in the full 2500×3343 size.

Is there a max limit somewhere? And how do I change it?


Dear author team: I need your helö: as

1. the gallery can only upload one single picture and not more but the themes asks to upload more pictures there. so it should be possible.

best regards G.R.

HI! Please help me:I would like to add sentences in the portfolio’s gallery layout. Now only titles are displayed. I want to display a caption.

Please Help me.I would like to add sentences in the portfolio’s gallery layout. Now only titles are displayed. I want to display a caption.

Hi, I’m having problems with the portfolio images they are not showing on the preview an ether on the full screen home page. this is the link of the site http://diana.morfeodesigns.com/

Forget it I figured out

Glad to know. Thanks