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Hi, I have some trouble to enjoy the theme on iPad or on Safari (on mac, i didn’t experience it on windows), cause the text/button/link of the portfolios doesn’t not work. Is it something i done wrong ? Or an update i missed ? I’m on 1.2.0 with WordPress 3.9.2 thx for helping :)

^ ^ I have the same problem w/ u.


I have a problem with the responsive feature. When pictures are resized, the width reacts well, but the height is not adapted, resulting in compressed look…

Is there a quick fix in the code I can apply ? I have changed heavily the code directly on the theme, so not updating the whole theme would be a must :)

Thanks !

Can you please share me your site link so I can have a look on it?


Hi! I was wondering if you are going to update the theme to wordpress 4.0 soon?

Yes next updates are coming soon with some existing issue fixed and support for WordPress 4.0 2nd week of Oct, 14

Please email me via my profile.

Hi. I’ve updated the WP to 4.0 and I have some bugs + additional questions on how to bring small changes to portfolio rx theme. Pertaining to previous comment, are you going to release an updated version soon? Otherwise I would like to discuss these fixes with you. Best regards.

Oh! Seems the email is “do-not-reply” can you forward me your email again to me.

The version is almost ready as the shortcode and core framework updated the testing phase is running yet, If you want I can send you the theme zip so after installing it you can forward me some feedback.


Hi. I have sent you 2 other emails. Please confirm their reception. Thanks

Yes, I got your email but also I wanted your “your@emailaddress” attached. Thanks


I have an urgent problem and I don’t know why I don’t have the option to update the theme to 4.0 and I’m having problems for not updating to wordpress 4.0.

I’ve seen that you have already update a new version so I don’t understand why I don’t have the option to update.



Thanks! I send you a message via your portfolio. Tell me if you receive it please. Thanks again.

The theme isn’t working properly… I don’t know if you want me to give you my admin user and password so that you can see whats happening.

I’ve send you all my FTP and wordpress passwords via your portfolio to see if you can help me.


Is it possible to have featured images with different aspect ratio than 3:2?

Now if i have some portrait image, it shows just the upper part (i would prefer center). But what bothers me more is that it affects also the overlay image (with the ”+” icon), that is shown on mouse hover. So if i hover over the image, the + icon is located near the bottom of the image, according to its original hight.

Can you please send me your website link through my profile page messaging option, So I can have a look on it. Thanks

Hi, I and everybody else can’t click “continue reading” and any link in the portfolio page on an iPhone or iPad.

Can you please help me? http://nina-schneider.com/

Hi, I really like the theme, but would there be a html version available?

No, It has no html version but PSD available. Thanks

i have installed your theme but i can’t make it to show more than one article in a row i don’t understand why

URL: http://desarrolloweb.club


Hi, Is the issue fixed already? Seems it is showing 2 column portfolio on your site, please feel free to email me here http://themeforest.net/user/codereactor#contact Thanks

Hi, Can we change the fonts for this template ? Thanks !

Yes it is possible to change it template fonts. If you need any more help please feel free to ask me. Thanks

I bought the portfolioRX theme and installed it here:

http://www.animrig.com I can’t seem to get any thumbnails of the images in the posts to show up on the main page. I also can’t get 2 columns to appear on the main page. I basically would like it to look like the demo page here: http://atomic-theme.com/portfoliorx/

I have wordpress 4.3.1 installed.

Okay. all I need is to know how to make multiple columns on the main page. what CSS do I change. that file is huge.

You need to create a page with portfolio template to use 2 column portfolio page. Note: you are allowed to create 2 column page with portfolio post type only not blog posts. As http://atomic-theme.com/portfoliorx/ page is listing all portfolio posts and http://atomic-theme.com/portfoliorx/blog/ this page listing all blog posts.

If it is not clear yet, please send me this sites admin access via my profile contact form http://themeforest.net/user/codereactor#contact . So I can get your email and respond accordingly.


Is this theme still being supported? It looks cool but notice it hasn’t had an update in quite some time.. :)

Yes it’s active yet. What kinds of support you need. I hope to submit another major update within 2 weeks from now. Was busy with completing with other plugins thats why it’s taking a bit time to submit next release of this theme.

I know this theme last update is a bit old but it is working on current WordPress version 4.4, if you face any trouble please post me here I will assist you :)


Hi, Please tell me where I can change the Logo. I can see this option under ‘Site Identity.’ Thanks !


Can you please send me your website URL and admin login to my email by visiting contact form on my profile page. Thanks

When I am adding images in media library, it says ‘You don’t have permission to attach files to this post.” Why its happening ?

Its been 2 days, I waiting for the answer. Please reply. Thanks.

Can you please send me your website URL and admin login to my email by visiting contact form on my profile page. Thanks

Hello, one question before buying: Is the Smart Scrollbar avaible trough the widget area? So can I place there for example a instagram widget? And is it easy to change the width of the sidebar? Lets say I want to sidebar 40% and the content area 60%? Thanks in advance!

Ok bought your theme :) Done it to place via a plugin some shortcodes in the left sidebar. Do you have any idea how to change via custom css that the left sidebar has a min-widht of 40% of the screen?

Hi, I’m considering purchasing this theme but noticed it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. Will there be future updates because I want to be able to customize my page with a color other than the packaged green/blue/red/yellow themes. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the interest, Yes the current release in progress and coming by this week. You can go safely, also if you find anything wrong you can put it here, we will take care of it. Thanks

Yes waiting for the update!


I’m using PortfolioRx and would like to remove the post date and author, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please send me an email via my profile url here: https://themeforest.net/user/codereactor

I will assist you replying email. Or you can do it by adding custom css via the theme settings page.


How I can display social media links/icons in mobile ? Thanks !

Thanks for your query, according to the design you can add social media links on menu. For more specific can you please submit your website URL and tell where you want to show the icons via my profile contained contact form.