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Beautiful theme with many options, a very well documented help section and the support has been so great I feel I should leave a comment to immortalize my sincere “thank you”.

“Top notch support” x100

Thanks for the nice comment ntho :)

Hi Headset

would like to change the dimensions of the Home slider. I tried to do what is in the documentation on the karmicFlow.css / css, but without success still do not see any change. only see the height and width can not find


Hello xpto,

I apologize, I forgot to mention on the documentation that there is a section of the slider that can be styled from the layout.css. Please refer to that file and at line 119 you will find /* Home page slider styling */ and all the CSS below concerns the slider section.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best regards

Hi Headset

thanks for the quick response, many congratulations for the theme

all the best regards charlie

Your are most welcome, and many thanks!

Great Template! Just one question, how do I get the Magenta button saying “visit portfolio” in the “we build nice and…” box?

Thanks for the comment :)

The Magenta button is an images, that you can find and replace under /wp-content/themes/portfolium/images

Please let me know if you have any other question.

All the best!

Hi! The template is greate I just used it for http://www.hypotiek.nl/ but I get this weird message.. in the top.. what could this be?? Hope you can help me

Warning: main(./wp-content/themes/portfolium/php/rss.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/hypotiek/domains/hypotiek.nl/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/portfolium/functions.php on line 640

Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ’./wp-content/themes/portfolium/php/rss.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/hypotiek/domains/hypotiek.nl/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/portfolium/functions.php on line 640

Thanks! Merel

I was trying to fix the problem but now it moved.. here http://www.hypotiek.nl/wordpress/ and here http://www.hypotiek.nl/wordpress/wp-login.php hope you know what to do Thanx a lot

Best, Merel

Hello Merel, thanks for purchasing.

This looks like a plugin compatibility issue. Could you try disabling all your plugins before installing the theme, then re activate them 1 per 1 to see which one is casing the issue.

If the problem persists, please drop me a mail via my user page, I’ll have a look into this in the morning if required.

Best regards.

Got another question. I need to make the statement-banner higher, which file should i edit?

Do you have the lines for me perhaps? So that I know which I have to edit.

What I am trying to do is to get an image and some text into that field, is that possible to do?

Hi, yup sorry, you should edit #secondbanner .statement at line 228 for the height of that section, and yes with a couple of css changes (so they display nicely) you can have an image there as well :)

Let me know if you require further support.

Best regards.

For some reason the logo is not showing. The View Source shows img =””. The file is getting uploaded via the HD panel (I set chmod to 777 in /images and it is there)

Ideas? http://fhamefriesians.info

Also, can I name the Portfolio page Galleries?


Please send me your login details (or a temporary account) to my email using the contact form on my user page I will check it out for you. And yes you can rename the portfolio page to Galleries.

Ah, I found the problem. I selected a file to upload but di dnot actually press the “Upload” radio button. Duh! Thanks….

^^ I am glad that you found out the issue.

Quick question – the general body font (example p tag in a regular page) sees so small. Is this being set via cufon? I cannot quite see where it is set in the css

You can change the font on /css/typo.css, code: body{ font-family:"Helvetica", Arial, sans-serif; font-size:12px; }


I purchased this theme a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. There was one little glitch encountered after installation on my site and the dev’s support had it modified and fixed in no time. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend this theme or any others by this dev (Headset)

Thanks for the great testimonial =)

How can I change the text in the Promo Button in the middle?

I want to change the ‘view portfolio’ text into something else. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

Hi nello,

To do so you need to change the graphic from the PSD ’s provided since it’s an image, and then replace the image on the /images folder :)


Great theme, I love it’s clean lines and simplicity.

Wordpress Version. As with most ….hopefully just a small glitch

Using the HD panel I’ve edited the 3 text boxes the one i”m having trouble with is the Welcome or Text for Intro box.

Using HD Panel, I type in my blurb, but it doesn’t get cut off at the picture slider, it’s running behind the slider.

Slider pics have been cropped to your dimensions of 433×247

I’ve even tried putting in 10 words, entereing a page break and keeping it short at 10 words Still runs behind the photo’s.

Secondly: As I’m still playing with this. Is there any way for the Slider to actually Loop? instead of going through the pictures, then scrolling back through the pictures to start at the beginning again? that’s a little annoying if you have a lot of pics.

Lastly, and this is just a suggestion. Great documentation, a lot more than most do, so thanks for that. but: Would be nice at the beginning of your documentation to have a section stating what is required before starting on this (for ease of use) Example: If you want to use the slider on home page, you will require pictures cropped to 433×247 gallery pics should be xx X xx or they’re automatically resized You will require the following plugin’s: plugin 1 plugin 2

For the gallery I assume the pics are resized automatically but not sure.

instruction statement in HD Panel under Layout settings for thumbnail sizing. Optimum size is 125×125 200×100 etc…but at least have a starting point

Sidebar Ads, you state rotate banner, but where’s the banner? and what’s the banner size? general sizing of Ads to start, 125 boxes? 250? is the sidebar dynamic to accomodate a 432×60 banner?

Thanks again for the great theme though, it’s just I’m Joe B no coder, so tend to stumble my way through things until I either break it or make it work :-) I really had a time with the “wrapping the images in this code” portion LOL ..but figured it out

Thanks again.

Hi there :)

Please send me the URL of your blog so I can understand what the problem is on the home page, It might be a lack of HTML tags on the content you included.

I am afraid that there is no option (that I am aware of) to make the slider loop. I agree that it may be annoying when you want to use a lot of images, but I would suggest to not use a lot of images for the home page if you want it to load fast enough. You may want to check the JS plugin’s page at http://www.karmagination.com/blog/2009/09/24/karmic-flow-0-2-content-slider-for-karmagination-jquery/.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep those in mind for the next one, though I stated what plugins are needed at the beginning of the document. ;)

Best regards

Thanks for the reply…

At this time, the person I had installed this for has decided to pass on it so the URL is not active.

What I will do though is to install it again down the road (within the next couple of weeks, and then if it’s still doing it I will forward you along the URL with login to have a look. I may have a use for it yet…

That’s too bad about the picture scroll though..but understand…

Will let you know the URL when it’s back up and doing the same thing.

If you like you can also email me direct so that I can pass along that URL to you instead of posting it in the forum.

Thanks again

You are most welcome. If you don’t mind I would prefer you to contact me via my user page if there is a need for it, I get quite a lot of requests and I prefer to handle my inbox in priority ;)

All the best!

Hello, I have now a website (created with Dreamweaver) and a blog (created by Wordpress) I am interested in purchasing this item to join both in a single site created with Wordpress, but I would like to know before, if I could use my actual administration panel from Wordpress, change the theme I have now in my blog so as not to lose all these months of posts and comments of my blog and that the blog page stays as a 3rd or 4th page of the web, not the main as it is now. Then at the end I would have to change the domain of the new website+blog to replace my current website. Would this be possible? If not, how can I do to copy all my actual blog in the new one? Thank you very much

Yes you can. The theme is just a skin and doesn’t affect the database, therefore your comments and posts will be kept on your site after you switch themes. You can either choose to use this theme for the full website or only the blog section, you have the choice ;)

Best regards.


Your theme is nice, but please add that we need to put h1 Welcome to our Website /h1 in instruction files, I just lost one hour for nothing :(

Sorry to hear that. I’ll be more precise for the next ones ;)

Hello Headset, your theme is still great, but I have one suggestion:

on a “blog template” page, posts are listed in a way hardly readable (just have a look here: http://www.lexique-poker.com/definitions/ , it’s hard to see where next post begins. It could be great if it was like in categories (like here: http://www.lexique-poker.com/category/jargon/ ), it’s much more easy to read no ?.

Best regards and good continuation ;)



I believe it’s all a matter of formatting the text properly, I would suggest to break the articles using the read more function and having one one heading per post displaying on that blog listing, that way you would have the same styling that you have on the archives page.

If you check the way I have set it up on the theme demo, I just think it looks great ;)

Thanks for the suggestions though.

Best regards.

hi there, I am typing the blurp on the custom field but it doesnt shows up on the page.:/

Hi, would you please be more specific or send me a link to your site so I can understand what you mean?

Thanks :)

Hi, I have some problems with this theme, first of all I purchased it 2 weeks ago and whenever I go to the HD panel to change something everything within the panel resets like the logo and pages that should be hidden etc. Also I really like this theme but unfortunately I don’t like the tiny space that I have in order to set my logo, Is there any way to make my logo space bigger?

here’s my website http://evarsamis.com


I am not sure to have a clear picture of the HD Panel issue, but make sure that when you install the theme you do it on a “fresh” copy of WordPress, because you may face some troubles with plugins. The only conflicting plugin I’ve heard of is the feedburner plugin.

Regarding the logo spacing you just need to change the values for the header and logo via CSS on the layout.css file, you may need to edit the height of the header and probably play around with the paddings for the logo itself (#header h1).


thx for the feedback, well I am dont know how to play with css and I am afraid cuz I have more than 100 articles and 20 plugins that needs setup so I wont riskit to :P though can you do that for me? I mean can u provide me step by step what to do in order for my logo to be 300×48 ? just tell me exactly what to change. I would appreciate it :)


Please contact me using the form on my user page I’ll send you some information. :)

Best regards, Headset.