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How do I put the theme in blog mode?

Settings > Reading > Select your blog page as the home page (static).

I’m sorry Headset but I don’t think you understand what I need. I need my current posts to be displayed as a blog, not the posts I make from now on. I don’t have a blog page. I need my blog posts to be displayed in a blog format.

Excuse the comment above. I seem to have figured it out. Weird system but sort of understandable. Great work with the theme Headset. Sorry about so many comments but I have one last question. How can I have that statement bar like you have on the demo website?


The front page of the blog looks fine but things get weird once I browse to previous pages. Could you please help me out?


Also, the images aren’t resizing in posts. I have CHMODDED cache folder to 777. Not sure what the problem is really.


If you’re reading Headset, please reply.

First of all the timthumb script isn’t resizing any images in posts. I’m sure there’s an easy fix for this but I cannot get it to work despite having CHMODDED the cache folder to 777.

The second and biggest problem is that the theme is acting up when I try to go to older posts. You can see what I mean by going to the homepage at http://keepinspiring.me and then a page that should include older dated posts at http://keepinspiring.me/page/2/ . Does anyone have any solutions to this? ANY sort of help would be appreciated.

Currently not impressed by the technical support and it’s nowhere near the “top notch” support as you claim it to be on top of the page. It’s moderate support even if that. I’m currently redirecting the home page to the /blog/ page but would like it to be on the homepage.

I guess I’ll have to wait till and if you get back to me.

/ not impressed.


Well not sure if you realize that you left 6 messages and 1 mail within the past 24 hours… note that I am a freelancer and this is for me a secondary activity.

Send me via the contact form your FTP and WordPress login details, and I’ll have a look on Monday. Regarding the page heading you see on the demo, it is clearly explained on the theme’s documentation, please have a look again.

Best, Headset.

I’ll make you a temporary ftp account along with a temporary wordpress account. Sorry for the frustrated messages but it’s just that I have a website that makes posts on certain days and because of this theme upgrade I’ve had to postpone them. Can you email me on ray[at]keepinspiring.me so I can email the login details to you? I’m worried about where this “contact form” is that you’re talking about because I remember using more than one.


PS. Is there any sort of IM service I can get a hold of you on?

Please use the contact form on my user page (bottom right of the sidebar) http://themeforest.net/user/Headset.


I’m having the same problem as sfov above, in that the Welcome Text runs behind the slider images, instead of staying on the left side. example: www.caitlinthompson.com

Hello KittyCanuck,

Please wrap your Portfolio Items! text within a <h1></h1> tags, and the copy within <p></p> tags.

That should fix the home page issue.

Best regards, Headset.

The <p></p> fixed it! I already had the title in <h1></h1> tags after reading the comments, but I didn’t have paragraph ones. Guess I figured if it needed them it would add them automatically.

Thanks, it’s working great now!

Glad to hear it worked out :).

Best regards, Headset.

Headset, can you confirm here that you’ve received the login details?

Yesss I got’em. I specified I’d have a look on Monday if you read my previous answers ^^.

Regards, Headset.

Headset, I’m still having problems making use of the Museo font on the about me statement bar.

You just need to use a custom field as stated on the documentation. On the name field you need to type Page Heading and on the value fiel your just need to have your text, that’s it :)


My portfolio have working well until today, the images disappear and i don’t know


please solve this problem if is possible.

thank you charlie

Hi Charlie,

My demo has been up for several months at http://imediacreatives.com/demo/portfolium/portfolio/ and never stopped working. please make sure that you folder permissions are properly set up and verify that you images are properly uploaded. This may be as well a server side issue with Timthumb, make sure that your server complies with the requirements, maybe some changes have been done recently.

Please me me know if this helps. Regards, Headset.


How do I adjust Page Heading, custom field. I want to put a picture instead of text.

Look here: http://vila-christian.ro/contact-vila-christian/. I want the picture to fill the heading.


To do so you will need to edit the PHP /CSS files, because the theme is not supporting images for the top section, it is only meant for text so far.

If you require customization, feel free to drop me a mail via my user page.

Best regards, Headset.

I saw that support images just is not proprely aligned. Which css file I need to edit for that?

Not sure to understand you question, but you can edit or add your own CSS lines to the layout.css file.

Best, Headset.

Works great Headset. Could you tell me what the code for the thumbnails is because I want them to link to the post and I can’t figure out what the code for the thumbnails is..

Can you let me know what thumbnail we’re talking about? I am not sure to understand your question. :)

I’m talking about the thumbnails that are generated on the frontpage of my website. http://keepinspiring.me

How do I make them link to their respected posts? Also, the view comments button after the title isn’t working.. It’s just text.. How do I make those link back to their respected pages?

You can link images from you text editor with any link you like, if you are on the visual mode click the image, then an image icon will appear, click on it and then fill the URL field with the link to the post.

Regarding the comments link this requires a code customization, this is the tag you would need to implement -> http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/comments_link

Best regards, Headset.

I don’t think you understand. I’m not talking about the pictures in posts needing linking I’m talking about the thumbnails of posts on the frontpage. Look at the thumbnails at this link. http://www.keepinspiring.me/blog/ How do I make the thumbnails link back to their posts?

I got it, however I am afraid I can’t help on this one. Basically on the functions the code looks for the first <img /> tag and resizes it on the main blog page… therefore all the code relies on this tag and doesn’t support <a href=""></a> tags. To make your change I would need to recode about 20 lines of code sorry :s

That’s hardly ‘top-notch’ after support as you state in your sale. I’m disappointed with this whole purchase. It took you a few days to get back to me initially with my first problem and even then you weren’t that bothered with my problem. Now, all I ask of you is for a simple way for the thumbnails to link back to their posts and all you can do is tell me that it requires a lot of code.

The least you could do is write up a small tutorial and add that to your FAQ because it’s such a basic thing that every theme has.

All in all, I’m very very disappointed.

Sad to hear that knowing how positive are my feedbacks in the overall, sorry to disappoint you then.

Hey Headset,

Recently reinstalled my theme and website and having a few issues trying to get it to show the thumbnails. Can you help me out, please?

Make sure you make the cache and images folder re-writeable. If it doesn’t work I suggest you export your content and make a new install.


I’m using your theme and love the look.

I’d like to be able to make the gallery fade vs. slide over to the next image.

Anyway to do that?


Hello npmac,

I am afraid that the current jQuery plugin for this slider doesn’t offer any solution to switch from sliding to fading. Please contact me via my user pages’ contact form if you require some technical information about this regard.

All the best, Headset.