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Very nice indeed ;)

Wow looks great!

Great theme, love the textures and the fancy jquery slider.

Just one thing, though. On this page:

1. If you scroll all the way down, the left sidebar content extends into the footer.

2. If this left menu gets too big, you won’t even see it when it gets longer because of it’s fixed positioning. It’s a simple fix of course, but you may want to just lose the “position:fixed”.

Definitely nice to have the menu follow you as you scroll, but it this case it doesn’t really work quite right.


You are right to a certain extent. I’ll leave it to the buyers to decide whether to leave the “position: fixed” on the ”#work-menu”.

I would suggest that if the list of their portfolio items is bigger (more than 5-6) they should remove the “position: fixed” property.

I will update the help files with this note.

this is so nice :) very simple to use.

love love love it. Great work tonyc!

Please contact me when you’ve done that fix so that I can purchase this awesome theme.

the blue one is my fav…

great template

Hi there

I can’t seem to figure out how to change the Twitter section so it picks up my tweets.

Any help?


Don’t worry! Sorted it!

I’ll have that bad boy, nice work (:

err ‘bad boy’ means ‘great’ (: