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Really appreciate it :)

hi that a great work . i like too match.

Love the theme , will there be a WP version ? glws!

Thank you! I’m not sure about WP I will check with our partner about that.

Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you very much!

Great work man! Congrats ;-)

Thank you!

Hi this looks great

I shall purchase this tonight – there appears to be a resize issue on the search box. As you shrink the browser width the search box icon is no longer attached to the search input and it overlaps the nav content.

Occurs in chrome, firefox, ie Looks fine on iphone, ipad.

Thanks Ian


To make a long story short we’re aware of that and are going to continue and improve the search bar. We made sure that it worked on the standard desktop resolution as well as tablets and phones.

There are always going to be some responsive quirks when resizing a browser as responsive design is primarily intended for mobile devices and we sometimes use specific stylings for those different resolutions. That being said we are aware of that issue though and are currently looking to take care of that.

Very good looking theme my dear friend, i love it :D. Wish you all the best and luck with many sales ;)

Thank you for a Drupal version for Porto.

Could you please explain shortly how to get all “dummy-content” imported to Drupal. Installation is ok, Porto theme enabled but in some reason I am not able to get content imported.

Thank you.


Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business. Please refer to the documentation. There is a copy inside the theme folder as well as a copy inside the root of the folder you downloaded from ThemeForest. Follow the instructions for the Full Drupal Installation.

If you’re still stuck please refer to our forums. You can register at and then you can make a post in the Porto forums for further assistance. Thank you.

nice work my friend! wish you many sales :)

Thanks partner :)

Very nice theme. I wonder if your theme supports posts that include song and video clip?

Thank you for the comment. There is nothing in the theme per se but there are plenty of different modules to embed audio and video into Drupal node content. For example the following media module can be integrated with the popular WYSIWYG module

I love this theme, is perfect. I need it for drupal commerce. Will an upgrade to version commerce? would be amazing.

There may be direct theme support for Commerce in the future but there aren’t any plans for that at the moment.

Hello, I have just purchased the theme. Very nice.

There seems however to be an issue with the main menu. If the last top level item has children, the main menu entirely dissapears. Is this a know issue ? How can it be solved ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business.

Oh wow you are absolutely correct, that is very strange indeed. For the time being just rearrange your menu and we will work on a fix and get an update out as quickly as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For future support please refer to our forum. You can register at and you can get unlimited support there. Thanks.

I actually have a fix I’d like you to test out if you don’t mind. Use the following contact form to shoot us an email and I’m going to send you a file to replace –

I can’t seem to get the flex slider (from the front page with the testimonials) to work properly. I have made no changes to the installation yet and installed in to a fresh site. Any ideas why it won’t work? Thanks!

I’m not sure. Please register for our forums ( and post a topic with a link to your site and we will help you troubleshoot there. Thanks!

Hi Refaktor,

By any chance your Porto theme also support shortcode for dropcaps.


At the moment no but I can discuss the addition of that with the original HTML author. He is currently working on the next big update so I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem to add.


How do i get the Blog Medium Image as shown in the demo . seems most of the things shown in the demo is not include with the theme ..

I am very disappointed not sure what do i do now .

Hope i will get help from you .

Regards Nile


I see you already found the forum so I will answer here as well as in your thread.

That is controlled via the theme settings. Visit /admin/appearance/settings/porto and click on the “layout” tab and there you can set the Blog View Image Size setting to “medium”.

Thank you.

Thanks I found it

So far its been really great. Fully reccomend.

Also where would I go if I have some questions?

Thank you for the kind words. For support questions refer to our forum –

Wonderful theme I am absolutely loving it! I have been viewing themeforest themes for drupal for ages and finally decided to sign up. I have a few ideas of my own though.

Things I’d like to change when I buy this theme: 1. The black bar changes with each color scheme/color change. 2. Move the breadcrumbs out of that said area (Black bar area) and place it below with a small home Icon and preferably a “You are Here…” instead. 3. Drop Caps short codes. 4. Pop over shortcodes. 5. Only need One content title in Article or Blog (the one in the Black area preffered to stay). By the way, I love the Date format. :) 6. infinite Scroll on a View or Search result node. 7. Will I be able to use a snippet to put a login link on the front page?

As I have said, I absolutely love your theme and is on the brink of purchasing as we speak but would just like to know if it will be difficult for me to make these changes to the theme. I am not a programmer of any sort just knowing the basics I suppose, however, given clear instructions I am a DIY guy :) I have no problem in that area.

Lastly, has the career section in the theme been setup using short codes or drupal Field etc. It’s not a factor just my curiosity at work. :)

Thank you and Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the kind words, I’ll answer each of your questions individually.

1. I’m not quite sure what you mean, but anything related to the style switcher is only for the demo. In the customer version the color is controlled via a color picker in the theme settings.

2. That shouldn’t be too difficult a modification and is something we could advise you on in the forums.

3 and 4. I will discuss extra shortcodes with the original HTML author as he is working on a 2.0 update that we will be doing for the Drupal version as well.

5. That would also be a pretty straight forward modification that we could advise you on in the forums.

6. I’m not quite sure what you mean by that one, can you elaborate or provide an example?

7. The front page is just a standard Drupal page with various blocks controlling the content so you can add whatever kind of content you want, including the Drupal login block.

Finally regarding the career page that is using shortcode.

And oh! How long does support last for this theme and does it includes free upgrades/updates for new versions etc?

Thanks again.

I answered your questions in your other comment, did you not see them?

Oh my bad just seeing your reply…my bad. Taks for item 1. I meant that it would be nice if the area that contains the Page or Article title (Black area/regiot etc) would change aswell from black to any color you choose in the color theme picker.

Question 6. I was thinking about implimenting infinite scroll in the theme on the search result page. Something like google’s “See More” on their image result page. Sorry for the confusion. I am anticipating your v2.0 release. Great job in my opinion. ;)

Thanks again for you quick response. \

Oh I see what you’re asking about the title/breadcrumb. Yes that could be modified as well.