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Spectacular work as always mate :) you’re on to a best seller here!

Thank you sir! Yes we’re very happy thus far :)

In both the demo and in the full install, on the Typography page, there is a link “more icons”. This link goes to a 404 page. I would like to see an example of all the icons included in this theme. Do you have a working page displaying them?

Sorry, nevermind about the modal. It works just fine, I had a problem in my html.

When I put a single image in the modal’s body div, is there a way to make the modal expand in size to match the size of the image? It currently is squishing the image smaller than it should be. I’ve got width & height attributes on the image. I also tried setting the modal’s main div to a larger width with css, but, it caused the modal to not be centered on the page.

I’m glad you figured it out. If you have additional questions in the future please refer to our forums as that is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at


I added Video to the mega slider but the video does not open in the light box . Do i need to install the light-box plugin or am i missing any configuration


Please don’t post support questions here in the comments, you have forum access so please utilize the forum.

Go ahead and post your question in the forum and I’ll do a few video tests on my local install. I actually have never tried the video functionality before.


Impressive Theme! Well Done Refaktor!

Thank you very much Bisso! We look forward to talking with you more in the forums :D

With the theme can be done q is 100% fluid or max 1170px screen, I need to know if you can put 100% more resolution screens, with only the settings from appearance.

sorry for my English ews of google a greeting

The default Bootstrap container width is 1170px but I suppose if you really wanted to you could make that width 100% but that would lead to some weird results.

Simply said: Great Drupal themes + Serious and Awesome support. The attitude to a long stay in business

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words. We look forward to continuing to speak with you in the forums :D

Question: If I buy this theme, will I be able to apply it to an already-built Drupal 7 site? Sorry for asking in this space, but I can’t find the documentation, and don’t see the answer in the forums either. Thank you.

Yes you can absolutely install the theme on an already built D7 site. We have a custom content module that you can use to automatically create the content types, fields and Views the theme uses. We also have a bunch of examples for how to replicate certain sections you see on the demo.

Theme is working beautifully on a site I previously set up and adapted it to. Author was very responsive and patient with my support requests. Would definitely buy again.

Thank you for your purchase and for your kind words! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the forums with any issues you may come across :)

Hi :)

First – really awesome theme! I was wondering if this theme includes the possibility of have a log-in protected area?


Thank you for the kind words! The theme doesn’t but Drupal certainly does. Depending on what exactly you are looking to do there are probably several different ways to go about it but user roles and permissions are a core part of Drupal and are easy to utilize for things like password-protected content.

Have a look to the original Porto Version which can be purchased for 14$ at Themeforest

The author – Crivos – made some very good and nice enhancements which are complete missing in the drupal version – WHY?

Compare the features – those marked bold and cursive are NOT available in the drupal version even this version is 3 times as expensive as the html version. Buyers don’t know actually that they are actually buying nothing else than the html version as until now refaktor only inserted the html code into the edit areas – nice and easy job to make good money ;-) Sorry. But I think you really should over think your strategy in developing DRUPAL Templates so that those 45$ also are worth 45$ and not only less than 14$ as so many features are simply missing! I hope your new release will fix all those issues. I am sorry to say this but as deeper as I dig into the code the more I realize what crab I actually bought! I am absolute NOT satisfied with the coding – Like said it Looks just perfect but that’s it!

HTML5 and CSS3 Grid System and Responsive Design Touch Swipe Support 35+ HTML Files Wide & Boxed Layouts Header Versions 4 Footer Versions Parallax One Page Template/i SEO Optimized 350 Icons/i Google Fonts Support FlexSlider Nivo Slider Premium resources Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin (12$ Value) Working PHP Contact Form Newsletter (MailChimp Signup Form Only) Working Search (Using Google Custom Search Engine)/i Responsive Pricing Tables Switcher & CSS Generator/i Responsive Sorting Gallery Bootstrap Components Compatible Twitter & Flickr Feeds files – (Home Page & About Us)/i – quite important to reproduce the nice gallery effect! All files are well commented and organized Crossbrowser Compatible

Also Check out the updates what have been made to the original Template and which are NOT available at all in the Drupal Version!

Version 1.7 – 02 August 13 - Google Maps API v3 Plugin. NEW! - Changed Lightbox Plugin. - Toogles – Bug fixes./i Version 1.6 – 25 July 13 - 4 Footer Versions. NEW!/i Version 1.5 – 16 June 13

6 Header Versions. NEW!

- Update to the latest version of all libraries. Google Maps zoom fix./i Version 1.4 – 12 June 13 – Learn more…

- Twitter Upgrade – bNow using API v1.1 Version 1.3 – 03 June 13/i - Added ability to configure fancybox attributes in the HTML./i - Revolution Slider Fixes. “Toggles” max height fix. - Added ability to use image as icons. - Font Awesome Update./i Version 1.2 – 30 March 13 - Google Custom Search Engine – NEW!/i - Nivo Slider – NEW! - Home Page Circle Slider Fixes - Minor Bugs Fixes Version 1.1 – 19 March 13 – Updating to v1.1 - Bootstrap Fixes - New Social Media Icons - Fixed Contact Form Special Characters

Sticky Menu - NEW!/i

When will this missing stuff be entered in the Drupal version?

I was in the process of typing out a response before I realized who you are. You are fully aware that we are working on an update as we have been communicating with you a lot in the forums. In fact, you just asked yesterday when the update is going to be released and I told you that we are aiming for releasing it on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Why would you take the time to write out this gigantic post when you know fully well that we are working on the update?

I’m kind of at a loss for what to say to you at this point. You’re obviously not happy with the theme and you have every right to that opinion. There seem to be a lot of people that are very happy with the theme and our support if you look at the rating on the theme so we must be doing some things right. You have some ideas about what the theme should be and how it should be done that we simply do not agree with, and while you have brought up some good points in the forum there also seem to be other customers who would agree with me on this point.

Now, to anyone reading this comment who is not in the forums you can follow along with this thread which outlines the update we’ve been working on Feel free to register and voice your opinions, because we will continuing to be updating and improving the theme to not only add elements that are being added with the HTML version updates but to improve the Drupal side of things as well.

I’m interested in buying this theme, but it looks like the live preview site is down and has been since yesterday. Just thought I’d let you know in case you weren’t aware. Thanks!—Dave

Our host has been having intermittent issues, we’re hoping that they’re resolved very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Dave

Can you please let us know what issue you are getting with preview site?


Hi. This message was from three years ago (oops). Your original response was just fine (the preview starting working soon after I wrote). Thanks!

Any luck on wordpress theme yet?

I believe it is being worked on by another author but I don’t have any clue when it will be released.

Hello: I have installed the demo and I have a problem. In the backend, management windows are very high. You can see it here: This gives me a problem with mega slider, I can not edit because the edit window opens very up and creates a conflict and screen freezes You can see it here: (The screen is dark and frozen) How I can fix this? How I can do to make the slider screen open in the center? Testing website: Thank you

Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business.

When working in the admin panel I typically like to remove the overlay and just go straight into /admin as the overlay window doesn’t always work very well. You can actually disable the Overlay module as it is a core module and that is something I typically do on an install.

As far as the slider goes it sounds like you don’t have the correct version of jQuery update or its not properly configured. Please refer to this forum thread for information about properly configuring the jQuery Update module

Also for future support please go ahead and refer to that forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. Registration is free and you can ask all your questions there. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your super fast reply :) I have gone to another vesion of JQuery and now seems to work correctly

Great! Yes the stable version of the module doesn’t allow you to set the version used in the admin panel which causes issues with Mega Slider as well as Views. We’re really hoping the author makes the dev version the stable version as some people accidentally update to the stable version when doing routine module updates and it causes issues. Just be sure to keep that in mind and if you ever accidentally update you can just grab the dev version again.

Great Job, amazing support!!!! I bought this theme a week ago and I’m really happy with it. I had couple of questions regarding installation and refaktor replied me within minutes and helped me out throughout the whole process. When it comes to design, support….this author is the best. Stable and responsive theme. Worth it every penny. :)

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words :)

Do you port this beautiful theme to the new coming Drupal 8 ? How much time does it take ?

Porto will be one of the first themes we port to Drupal 8 but we don’t have a timeframe at the moment. A lot of it will depend on how many modules the theme utilizes will be compatible with 8. It may be a little bare bones initially. We’re aiming for a base stable release end of September/ Early October but the core demo install will continue to be Drupal 7 for a while.

Hi Gr8 theme, I am not familiar to Drupal and if I purchase the theme then can plz you guide me how to install any shopping cart with the pricing table.

Waiting for reply

That’s not the kind of support we offer unfortunately. If you run into any kinds of conflicts with third party modules when using our themes we were here to help but we cannot tell you how to set up a store on your site.

Hi refaktor, how can I update from old version to last update in my porto site??? There is not information about it in the documentation. Thanks so much!

Hello there,

Please refer to this forum thread where we go over some of the bigger changes

There is also information in the documentation under the “Custom Content Types” section. If you need additional help go ahead and make a post in the forum and we’ll answer any questions you have.

I am very impressed with the good work on this theme, and very good support, congratulations.

Will there be a Wordpress version? If so when? Thank you.

It is currently in development by another author but I’m not sure when the release date is. That would be a better question for the original HTML author

I am interested with this theme. However, would like to check if this theme plan to have updates on Bootstrap 3 compatible? If yes, roughly about when? Thank you.

Yes there is a plan to upgrade to Bootstrap 3. I do not have a timeframe at this point though.