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Installed last version 1.1.2 that come with MD 2.2 but when I try to edit slider something is wrong, is not possible to “move” any element (text, pics). Tested with sample Slide and creting new ones. Tested with Chrome and IE browser. Any suggestion?

I see your thread in the forums so I will reply there. Please just post your questions on the forum in the future, the item comments are not a good place to provide support. Thanks.

Great theme however the latest update for the megaslider is 2.3 and I am unable to download it. The latest version here is 2.2. How do I go about getting the latest version?

We reverted back to 2.2 because 2.3 was buggy and removed some options that were added in 2.2. The module authors are planning a new fix that should be out shortly. We will test it out and if it looks good we will update to 2.4.

Our Drupal environment was highly complex and Refaktor has done an amazing job supporting us through our migration to Porto. I cannot recommend this theme enough due to the support author provides. If you are on the fence, I would not hesitate.

Hi Refaktor.

I love the look and feel for a number of your themes – you have a good eye.

My question(s) before I purchase ‘Porto’

1. How well does the theme work with Panels? Have you added the panels classes to the theme template?

2. I will be posting a lot of embedded video (from Kaltura) should copying the portfolio content type and adding a few extra cck fields retain your nice design?

Thanks for your advice


1. The theme does not have any custom panel templates and I personally have not used panels with this theme. I see no reason why there would be any issues with panels though.

2. As long as the corresponding template files are duplicated and appropriately named yes I don’t see why there would be an issue with that. Thats the kind of thing you could get some guidance on in our forums –

Hi, do you have screenshots or a demo of the back end of this theme to have a look at? Thank you

Also, would it be possible to see the documentation prior to purchasing? Having already purchased, familiarised with and used, the HTML version; I hoping to get a better understanding of the drupal versions capabilities and what extra work i will need to do. thank you

Get in touch via and I’ll send you the docs.


Great Theme but when i change the colours in design—> config it doesnt change on the website itself.

It saves in back-end but on front end the buttons etc stay grey. I have checked all the settings and its all good and writable etc. How to solve this?

Do you have the LESS module ( installed? Make sure that is installed and that your temporary directory is configured properly and is writable. If you’re still having issues please register and make a post in our support forum and we will provide further help –

Will Drupal Commerce work with this?

The theme does not have any direct template support for Commerce but there is nothing preventing you from using it. If you run into any kind of conflicts with third party modules you can get support in our forum –

Wonderful theme!

I have a question.

The panels of the homepage can be relocated from place? I want to put the latest news from the blog who are finally over.

This panel of recent blogs written appear automatically or do I need to manually place?

The panel of blogging more accessible and recent is automatic? or I have to manually place?

Thank you!

Everything you see is a block so they can be moved/reordered to your liking. The recent posts is a View block that is pulling node content so you do not have to edit it manually, it will automatically display the latest posts.

Hi Is this theme Retina ready ? Have it Filterable Isotope Portfolio? Thanks

Hello. No it is not retina ready but it does have the filterable portfolio items using Isotope.


I was wondering what the code is i have to put in the block for the twitter posts.

Now there is written placeholder. who can help me?

Gr Laurent Twint


Check out the documentation (there is a copy right inside the theme folder) which has the code example for replicating the Twitter block. It’s under the “extras” section which is the second to last item in the menu.

If you need additional support please refer to our forums –

Hi We sent you an email! We need support! We are having issues about finding sql files which comes with theme!


It is in the folder you downloaded from ThemeForest called porto.sql.


can i disable the color gradient on the menus and buttons?

Please register for our support forum ( and post your question there and we will get back to you. These item comments are not an ideal place to offer support. Thank you.

Where can you edit the ‘Team’ categories?

don’t worry found it in Structure—> Taxonomy

Great! If you have future questions please post them on our forum –


You can embed youtube videos in the portfolio page?

You would have to add an additional field and modify the template file in order to embed the video. Where abouts are you thinking? Where the current image slider is?

What files on template i need modify? I add another field but i do know how to add a embled on template.

Please make a post on our support forum, the item comments are not a good place to provide support –

Great work ! This template is a winner to start a fresh new Website. I’m really happy with all the options and possibilities included in it.

Thank you for your purchase and for your kind words, we really appreciate it!

Is there any documentation that breaks down the information arcitecture of the site? Such as “this is a block with custom content/code”, “this is a view being displayed as a block with this display”, etc

There is a full set of documentation which outlines all of the custom content types/fields, their corresponding Views and the template files they utilize. There are also code examples for anything seen on the demo that is not controlled by node/View content.

As far as an exact outline of where each element on the demo goes no there is not, but we provide the full demo install so you can install it and see how everything is situated. You also get access to our customer forum where you can ask as many questions as you like –

Awesome. Where can I find that documentation? I want to see how much of the AI is built out before I buy.

You can get in touch via and I will send it to you.

I really like the theme however there are a couple things that I feel were neglected…

Like the “Popular/Recent” block on the blog page – that entire block is hard-coded and does not have any dynamic tie to any posts that are truly “Popular” or “Recent” so I am disappointed there.

I mean the purpose of using a CMS is so you don’t have to code content and I feel this particular block was a bit of a let down seeing how there is lots of custom PHP coding in other templates, why not take a few minutes to actually code this block to pull dynamic content/info?

That is something we are planning for a future update. It is a lot more involved than just a few minutes of coding. It was originally just presented as a placeholder for the demo content but ultimately it is something we do want to provide as functional content so we will hopefully be releasing that soon.

Do we need to pay extra $20 for mega slider?

No it is included with the theme.

Hi, Is that theme support rtl ( multi-languages)

Best Regards.

Not at this time no, but it is something we are looking at adding in the future.

Can you send me the block region demo screenshot? the one at the top that is covered is the “branding” region.