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Porto is a fantastic next generation theme for Drupal. Quite tricky to set up all the features, but support was good for a bit of hand-holding.

1. Does your theme supports multilanguage?

2. Can this theme show second and third menu levels on left/right sidebar?

3. How can I change portfolio, so show collection of images, instead of single images? To be more descriptive I would like to show on portfolio page one image per collection, and after user clicks that image other images from that collection are being displayed. Can this be done with this theme, or would it require to install additional drupal module (any advice which one would be good for that) and coding porfolio on my own?

1. Nothing in the theme prevents you from using translation modules in Drupal. That is handled within the CMS and has nothing to do with the theme.

2. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.

3. What you see on the demo is what the theme does out of the box. Anything else you wish to do you would have to customize yourself.

My MD sliders were working perfectly on my localhost however after migrating the site to my test server I get the following error.

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 1397 of 5948 bytes in MDSlide->initialize() (line 233 of /home/admin/public_html/apbc/sites/all/modules/md_slider/includes/

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

For future support please refer to our forums which is our preferred method of handling support –

Try saving the slider settings (both the actual slider itself and then the config options for that slider) and give your cache a clear. If you’re still having issues make a post in our forum and we will help you troubleshoot there.

I am thinking of purchasing this theme. I do have a question, can I include a YouTube or Vimeo movie into the slider on the front page? Also does it come with the demo content? How can I incorporate a gallery of picture (ie connected to flikr or other)? How can I added Our client & testimonials?

The slider has an option to include a YouTube or Vimeo video. Yes it comes with the full demo install (there are placeholder images instead of the copyrighted images). The theme includes support for a Flickr widget but there are also third party Drupal modules you could use to accomplish the same thing.

Where is the “Blog Medium Image” page code?

I can’t find it in download zip document?

That is a theme setting under the “layout” tab.


I’d like to use this theme for a drupal commerce. Is there enough styling for products presentation? Do you have an example?

Thanks in advance.


We have added some basic styling for the cart/checkout/order pages but that it is at the moment. We may extend the styling to the product display content type but I don’t have a timeframe for that.


There are other great themes out there but no one quite understands how to blend dramatic layouts with great typography like the Refaktor boys. This is one of the best three Drupal themes out there. Possibly THE best.

If you are applying Porto to a large existing site, you will have to make a bit more effort and you must make a copy of your production site and apply your Porto theme to that before switching the DNS over. You should not try to apply it to a site that is open to users.

To get the most out of Porto, you’ll need a bit of extra work and you might have to learn a new trick or two and you might want to take the opportunity it offers for a bit of a structural redesign but that’s all to the good because that’s what make Porto different. And you will get good help from the team in their support forum.

The reaction to the new Porto site from users has been fantastic and it’s been worth the effort.

I now have two sites with Refaktor templates, the other one os a photo based site using Montreal, and am delighted with both of them.

Top Marks.

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words, we really appreciate it :)

Love the template and have seriously considered using it for my next website. However, there is an issue with the way the slider renders on the home page. For a couple of seconds before it orders the elements on the page properly it shows all the animated elements scrunched up in a jumble in the top left of the dark banner area. Although it ends up fixing itself – for the first couple of seconds visitors will get a horrible first impression – as if there as a major problem with the site. I captured what I see here link to snapshot jpeg here: There seems to be some kind of javascript thing going on. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

I get the same problem in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. I have a reasonably fast cable Internet connection.


There was an update to the slider recently that fixed this issue but the new version has a bug with the slide transition settings. We’re working with the developers to get that patched up but once we do we can get everything updated to the latest version and fix that issue.

The Available Updates page of my website is reporting that version 2.4 of MD Slider is available, but Drupal can not download the update itself.

Where can I obtain the updated version of the module?



That update has a pretty major bug where the slide transition settings are missing so we do not recommend using it. We are trying to get a hold of the developers to see what the issue is and when a fix can be expected.

Hello, i just bought this theme but i want theme for wordpress. I was missclick.

I bought even for wordpress. Can i get back 45 dollars on my account from this theme?

You will have to get in touch with Envato support as they are the ones in control of the marketplace –

If you didn’t download the files you should have no problem getting a refund.

Main problem is, that i downloaded files and after uploading it on server i find out, that this is template for drupal. :(

Well in any case you are going to have to contact support. Best of luck :/

Consider buying… Will you upgrade this theme to bootstrap v3?

Great support. Quick response, helped me a lot. And a great great template as well (:

There is a small problem with One Page. When you are at the beginning of the One Page and you click on a Menu item. The page scrolls down to the next section but stops a bit further than it should. When you click again on the same Menu item, it then scroll a bit up to adjust. How can this be fixed so it stops where it has to stop when scrolling down.

I think I see what you mean. I’m making a note to look at this during our next update. If you have issues in the future please post them on our forum –

If you would like to register and make a post about this issue there as well please feel free.

I purchase this item….How do I install the demo content?

Any input to the above Refaktor?

Please send me an email via as these item comments are a terrible place to offer support. Thank you.

Sent you an email

This theme leverages Drupal very well. It got me to respect the platform so much more. I would trust any future Drupal projects developed by refaktor. Thank you for this!

Thank you very much for your business and kind words, we really appreciate it :)

Amazing Th. Sry my english is very bad… I have in my portfolio a 3 digit and 12 items are listed … but I have considerably more than 12 how can I change this? so I can see all articles in my Portfolio?...

grezzzz from switzerland

Edit the portfolio view and change the pager options to allow more than 12 or you can even set it to unlimited if you like. If you have more questions please go ahead and post on our forum as that is the preferred method of handling support –

Hi there! Our Company uses drupal. Just a couple of questions: on which modules does the theme depend on? Does it work straight out the box with views?

I’ll buy it anyhow… but I’d appreciate a couple of useful answers know before I get it

Excellent work

Sure no problem, the main modules are the standard ctools/views, LESS for handling the color picker option in the theme settings, jquery update, and the rest are optional if you don’t want to use them. The two slider modules, profile2, pathauto, menu block etc.

Great theme. Does the slider work on a one page site? Thanks.

It sure does, the demo just uses that simple example of the slider for the one page but you can do anything you want with the slider on the one-page.

Hello, Just purchased the template and love it. I’m slowing getting there with how to install everything, the one I’m stuck on setting up is the Price Table that’s shown on the demo site. How do I set this up? Thanks Hayden

Check the /examples folder inside the theme for all the different page examples, there is one for pricing. If you have more issues in the future please go ahead and post them on our forum –

Will you make a Joomla version of Porto?



We do not develop on the Joomla platform so we will not be releasing a Joomla version of Porto. There could be one in the works by another author but I am not sure.

OK! thank you for the info! Regards