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Hi, I am trying to add Google analytics to the module that you use in Drupal 7, but my configuration button just take me to the main configuration page and not to the Google analytics options.

I have set permissions to admin in Drupal, tried messing with memory size in settings.php and .htaccess but nothing at all.

Any help as I am now lost.


That is more of a Drupal functionality issue rather than a theme issue and isn’t really something we support. If you’re having trouble using an analytics module you should get in touch with the module’s author or make a post in the Drupal forums.

For all theme-related questions please go ahead and use our forums -http://refaktorthemes.com/support

I misread your original comment a bit but I found your forum thread so I gave you a bit of a different answer there. In the future please don’t post the same question in the item comments, the forum is where you should leave all support questions. Thanks!

I bought the HTML 5 version of this template, but I really don’t feel like spending months editing it. Is this like wordpress where I can pick and choose what goes on each page with the widgets? Then from there fill in the information?

The HTML 5 version I purchased doesn’t have static php header and footers. My questions with this version is. Can I input my “phone number” in one section and it will populate on all the pages? If I change one thing on the header or footer, will it populate on every page I pull up? One last question. I need to implement a shopping cart of sorts. Is this source open so I can hire and outside programmer to add this feature within drupal and your theme?

If these are all possible I will convert over to the drupal theme and purchase this today.

Thank you!

If you’ve never used Drupal before I would highly recommend installing it locally or on a development server and playing around with it a bit first to see if it would be a good fit for you. Drupal has a bit of learning curve regardless of what theme you are using.

Drupal does use blocks which are like widgets so both platforms are similar in that regard, but there are also a lot of differences as well.

Hi refaktor, I recently purchased the Porto staff, the truth is that I really liked, good job congratulations! But I find that I don’t know how to get to install “quickstart” I have all the folders and files css, js, etc but I don’t know put files and how. I tried putting the files in sites/all/themes but you fear nothing, but drupal isn’t detected the template, any ideas? Thanks for everything. regards

Please refer to the installation instructions in the documentation. If you’re still having issues please post in our forums – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

Very good job, I’m very happy with the purchase of your product. Although More than one day ago I made a support request by email but not yet received a reply from you, I appreciate your response Apologies for machine translation.

Ok, no problem, I could already solve the problem. regards

In the future please post all support related questions on our forum – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

I got the following error doing the full install. Any idea?

PDOException: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘*eigb_dru3’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /home6/*eigb/public_html/asi-test/includes/lock.inc).

Did you set up the /sites/default/settings.php file correctly for your server config? Sounds like the username or password for the database isn’t correct. Double check that and if you’re still having issues please post on our forums – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

I’ve checked the settings and now I get a blank page when accessing the site. Any ideas?

I replied to your forum thread so lets go ahead and keep the conversation going there.


I just want to purchase your Drupal-Version of Porto. Now, I’ve read, that the HTML Versions last Update is from 03. Feb and the Drupal Version is from November 2013. When would it be updated? Should we wait for it?

Thanks in advance.


The Drupal version will never be 100% like the HTML version so please go through the demo and be aware of what you are purchasing. We are going to continue to make small bug/feature updates but there are things from the HTML version that will not be included such as Bootstrap 3.


I don’t find the php folder with newsletter-subscribe.php file in my donwload template version 5219986.

The newsletter don’t work. Any help?


That is not included in the Drupal version, that is something from the HTML version. You will need to use some kind of newsletter module like https://drupal.org/project/simplenews

For future questions please refer to our forum – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

I want to ask if there is any specific reason the Porto CSS files are being added directly into the html headers through template.php’s preprocess html function. I’m doing some site performance tweaks with the advagg and boost module, but your method seems to bypass the aggregation system.

Wouldn’t it be better just to include the CSS files through the theme’s info file? This would allow for performance tweaks on CSS aggregation and optimization.

Greetz Alex

We had to do that to dictate a very specific ordering in the way that the stylesheets are called but we may look into finding an alternative for that in the future.

You could add all stylesheets through the info file and alter the conditional sheets (by unsetting) and ordering all stylesheets through hook_css_alter. But usually they get loaded the order you define in your info file.

Do you have the project on github? I could provide you with some pull requests to update the code. I’m doing the performance tweaking anyway.

I’m going to take a look at everything again. We have private Github repos for everything but if you want to discuss this further you can shoot me an email via http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from


Is RTL supported?

Not at this time no.

Looking to make it so the Sticky Header eases into position.

Can you tell me where to add that in the source?


I believe I responded to your forum thread yesterday. In the future please just post in the forums, thanks.

Hello, i would like to buy your theme but i need to know something first: 1- if it’s easy to add new content and it will be viewed in the apposite place without making anything else. I mean, I want to add new content and I want it displayed using custom defined content type and custom defined views: so the final user only has to add new content by content type and it will be displayed in the right place. 2- is it a very user-friendly theme (adding slider content with a user-friendly editor and options?). 3 – where can i see the region-blocks of the theme? i really need to know that today. thanks in advanced.

My apologies for just replying, I was not notified of this comment for some reason.

1. What you’re describing is not dependent on any theme and is basic Drupal functionality.

2. The slider has a full UI and is very easy to use.

3. http://i.imgur.com/5pHc2Dv.png

Worth every cent.

I’m an advanced Drupal themer, and have been building sites with Drupal for roughly 6 years, so I may have it easier than some. It wasn’t until about two years ago that decided to exclusively use Drupal for my web development niche. I don’t really have any questions, I just want to let you know that you did a fantastic job on this theme. I’ll be honest, I typically build all of my themes from scratch, so I did end up stripping out some features I know I’ll never need, but I’m very impressed with completeness, and organization of this theme. 10/10 and keep up the great work. Thanks Refaktor!

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words :)

Hi i dont know how to reach you other than the support forum, can you look at my post on the thread? and get back to me on the MD slide issue i’m having?

Responding to all threads right now :)

Great work

Will there be another update in the next weeks/month for drupal 7 ? eg. to work with MD Silder in last version (2.6) What about support for drupal 8 ?

Support for Drupal 8 will happen when D8 is stable. For info regarding the slider see this thread http://refaktorthemes.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2140

Hi, looking to purchase. Is this commerce ready?

We added some templates to bring the Porto style to some key elements of Commerce such as the order/cart/checkout page but that is the extent of what we have done so far.


Just want to ask that Is this support videos in blog? Instead of an image or image slider.

You can easily embed videos into your node content, image/slider field is optional.

Hello, I am having a trouble with the metatag module: no titles/descriptions are shown on the site (front and internal pages); Just the default metatags are displayed. I changed to garland and the new metatags are displayed; And I checked all the functions in the template.php file of Porto theme but no success. can I have your help please. Thank you.

Can you post a thread in our forum? Thanks – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

Glad to know that you have latest updates on April 1st. I have made some changes base on the theme, so how can we update the them to latest version, please?

This thread has a lot of information regarding the updates themselves and updating the theme in general http://refaktorthemes.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=650 If you have further questions or need additional help go ahead and make your own thread.

Is there a joomla version ?

No there is just the Drupal, HTML and the WordPress versions.