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Just wanted to say great theme and fantastic support. Thanks guys. All support calls on the forum have been answered within 24 hours.

Thank you for your business and for your kind words, much obliged!

May I ask how can I add videos in Blog section?

Thank you.

Just embed them into your node content. If you have further questions please post them in our forums

Do you have any plan to update the bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3, please?

Yes the original HTML version is getting a big 3.0 release in a couple weeks and we will be incorporating that into the Drupal version, which includes Bootstrap 3.X

That’s wonderful, could you hurry up _ because I can’t wait to see the new version with Bootstrap 3.X.

can i use this theme for my rtl site? help me!

The theme does not currently support RTL but this may be a feature in a forthcoming update.

Hello, The option to change color scheme, isn’t available, how I can fix that? i need help to with social icons, I can’t make them work and how to put the secondary menu and search box, sorry to any questions, I’m new with drupal

Please post your questions in our forum for support, the item comments are not a good place for this –

Hi ,

je me suis tromper dans le choix du CMS , j’ai pris la version drupal au lieu de wordpress , pouvez vous m’aider ?


hi ,

I mistaken in the choice of CMS, I took the drupal version instead of wordpress, can you help me?

thank you

I can’t but you can contact support via

Hello, in the documentation i can’t see about made elements like, the theme bring shortcodes? everything is with code? thanks.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Please post a more detailed one in our support forum

I love this theme!!

Just a quick question.

On the services page, there is an accordian on the bottom right of the oage.

Is it possible to switch this accordian so that the whole thing appears compressed, and not exposed when you viewer lands on the page?

As opposed to the current set up where the top section of the accordian is open when the viewer first lands on the page?

Many thansk

Can you please make a post in our forums with your question? Thanks –

is this available in Joomla? please email me on if it is.

No at this time theres is only Drupal, WordPress and the original HTML version. I’m not aware of any plans for a Joomla version at this time.


Currently, there is just one Portfolio option. I have multiple Product Portfolios that I need to display. However, when I replicate the blocks, views, filters, content type and template files, it simply doesnt seem to work. Kindly help.

My requirement is as follows:

When a user clicks on the “Video Devices” link, it should show two filters: Analog Devices | IP Devices.

When they click on the filter Analog Devices, all the analog devices should appear and when they click on IP Devices all the devices should appear.

Now in the Analog Devices, there are Analog Cameras, DVRs, DIY Kits and Accessories. So when the user clicks on Analog Cameras, he should be takes to Analog Cameras Portfolio which contains filters such as Speed Cameras, Dome Cameras, Box Cameras etc…


Kindly suggest a way how I can create multiple Portfolios using the current theme. It simply seems like next to impossible. I have just one week to put the website up and running and I am stuck. Please help. I am a beginner in Drupal.

I see you have already made a thread on our forums so I will answer there.

This is blue, there is no other color can be used? Such as white or green.

You can use any color you like, there is a color picker option in the theme settings.

Hi refaktor,

Theme is awesome, really like it. I have one question, I wanted to know if you have a “Mega Menu” option for the theme where I can buy, or if it is compatible with another ones ;)

Thank you!

We are going to be using for our next major update. A few customers have used it in their existing sites without issues so that would be our recommendation.

I tried to insert TB Menu, MD Mega Menu in the menu area of the template and did not worked at all. To make it worked I need to take time to code or configure another section for the menu.

What about MD Mega Menu? I’ll be using that one for many projects that means that I’ll be buying the template more times. I already bought another template for this project, but I would like to use this one too on another projects.


I’m not sure what MD Mega Menu is. You shouldn’t be having issues with TB Mega Menu though, as I mentioned several other customers are using it and we’re using it for our next major update.

Please make a post in our forums with a link to your site and we can help you troubleshoot –

How do I upgrade to the latest version of the theme?

Just visit your ThemeForest download tab and download the latest files and extract the updated version from the /theme folder. Then upload that to your /sites/all/themes folder and clear the cache. If you have further issues go ahead and post in our forums –

Can you please tell me how can I change color of testimonial (the triangle part)?

I found it. You don’t have to :)


The theme looks great. There are some extra features on the WP version like Page Builder and Parallax support. Are they coming to the Drupal version too?


We are updating the theme currently to reflect the latest HTML update, there will not be any kind of page builder support though.

Great work!

This a very well constructed theme and well supported too. It has loads of great time saving features and is very easy to customise with a little knowledge of drupal.

I’ve had bad experiences with two other Drupal themes from theme forest, one from one of the biggest authors on here. Both turned out to be unusable eye-candy.

I know now to look out for your Drupal themes only on Theme Forest from now on.

Good luck – you deserve it.

Thank you for your business and for your kind words, much obliged

I like this theme, Will one page be included, please let me know the exclusions. I may not need Mega Slider Drupal Module, is it mandatory?

Regards, Rohit

Everything you see on the demo is what is included. We are currently working on a major update to bring the theme up to date with the HTML version. That should be finished in a couple of weeks.

Sorry but this theme is not fully responsive. Sizing is not responsive.

I’m not sure what you mean, can you be more specific or give me an example?


I purchased this theme today, but unable to install it with content, can you please help

Regards, Rohit


Please refer to the installation instructions in the documentation. There is a copy right inside the theme folder as well as in the root of the download files. If you need further help please post on our forums –

Hello, I tried to install the theme with the demo option and was not working properly. Step 1, import sql gave mistake. From there nothing works properly. This is the error: #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘PK’ at line 1

What may be due?.

BR. Tito

I’m not sure. Can you please make a post in our forums describing your issue and give us some information about your hosting environment and we will offer you support there –