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Hi, how about update of md_slider module? I purchased with v2.9, now is actuall v2.11 but i dont know how to update this one. I tried “re-download” whole theme, but there is still outdated version :(

Contact us via and we’ll send you the latest version.

Hi, could you let’s know the specific date what you will release the Bootstrap 3 Porto theme, please?

There is no specific date at this time, I’m sorry.

Hi, I have a couple of questions: - If I buy one of these licenses I remain authorized to modify the source? because I need to better personalize the template. -How many times can I use the template (how many domains). -For how long is the license. -That way I deliver the source, and whether these include files *. PSD to modify some designs.

Thanks for your purchase. I’ve had many Windows users recommend so that is what we recommend as well. If you have any more issues please post them on our customer support forum now that you’re a customer –

I can not extract it with 7 zip tool, I just post in “I can not extract the downloaded template with 7 zip” but I get no response. Please I need an urgent solution

I replied to your thread.

Is it possible to have some portion of the site as a one page with its one menu system? If so how?

Hi. Please make a post in our forums with all your questions, these item comments are not a good place to handle support –

Hi, I am about to buy this theme but need support for high resolution images. Why is this feature not included and how much additional work would it be to implement it? Thanks. Best, Chris

You could use a module such a s to include/manage retina ready images.

Hi, I ‘ve an issue with the block “Newsletter” in footer. The form to subscribe to the Newsletter doesn’t work. ( erreur 404). Datas are sent to “php/newsletter-subscribe.php”, but this file don’t seem to exist. Any Idea to solve it ?


That is just a placeholder. You will have to use a module like to manage a newsletter subscription block.

Hi, I just post here: Key access Control panel demo – User Steve this is the url: I need the user’s password Steve listed as administrator for the demo template Responsive Drupal 7 Theme. There is an urgent response. Thank you.

I replied to your thread. The default demo passport is in the documentation.

I’m exploring this theme, but I’ve compared it to the WP version and many features that I like on the WP version are missing from the Drupal version, like the logo smoothly animates from the larger to smaller size, and the front page browser scroll has gravity. Is there any plan to implement these WP features into this theme?

We’re currently working on an update now. Some of the features will be included but not all of them. All three versions (HTML, WP and Drupal) have differences.

Thanks for the response! Are you independent from the developer of the WP version of Porto (SpyroPress)? There are a lot of comments telling that their support is poor and software is buggy.

Yes there is no relation at all.

Good Day sir… I am not able to log into your support site…. Can you have this matter resolved please. Thank you. Regards

Not sure what happened…

Seems to be working fine to me, are you still having issues?

Hello, this is a great looking theme. I have a question though, is it possible to increase the size of the content text without a sub theme.

Also, and more importantly because it’s smaller than the body text is, can I increase the size of the text for taxonomy terms when they appear in entities without a sub theme?

I have a UI developer but he’s not a Drupal dev. If you can provide very clear information to us on what to do, we will purchase a few of the licenses for this theme.

Sure small CSS modifications like that can be done in the user CSS option in the theme settings. You can get help with small things like that in our forums so after you purchase you can make a thread and we can help you with a bit of custom css -

Hello! I like your theme very much. I need to make a website with a lot of pages. Can I use “one page” and multi page option in the same site? I’ve seen such possibility in some themes made for WP, but I have to work with Drupal.

Thank you very much!

Yes of course, that is how we have it set up on the demo and you can do the same thing on your site.

Thank you very much!!!!!

You’re welcome!

I am new to your theme and interested to use, but I would to know two things,

1) Does it support Multilingual site? 2) How’s the font setting and support for Chinese character?


1) Not out of the box but there are Drupal modules available for that. 2) You would also have to add support for that either by a module or by modifying the theme.

I’m very frustrated. When i reedit my content i saw that some characters are replaced with curious characters: ????

How can i solve this?

Can you post in our forums and include some more details or possibly a picture of what you’re seeing on your end? Thanks –

o.k. i did it

Outstanding and very personal support! Wow! Thanks refraktor!

Thanks for your business and for the kind words, always appreciated :)

Sorry for my bad english but a big thank you for this amazing template! I have bought it for Drupal but I don’t understand one thing:

When I am in a detail of a article (Menu: Feature/Blog/Single Post (blog/29 or node/29) the template is ok but if i’m going to another blog page (blog/27 or node/27) the template is not the same.

Is it normal or did i find a bug?

Thank you for the return

What version is the current demo?

And how/where is the video background?

The current demo is the new 2.0 upgrade. An example can be seen on this page

Ok I found the solution to my problem

It’s popular block who create this bug.

You have to go into the views popular post and latest post then edit each views :

- Go to advanced option - Add contextual filters - Add “Content:Nid” - Check “Provide default value” - Select “Content ID from URL” - In “More” check “Exclude”

Save the 2 views and the problem is solved


Great Job ! :)

A question before buy ^^

I use many forms (webforms module, webform grid) with imput (radio, textarea, text, list, fieldset, collapsable fieldset , files, button). There is also many

==> Do you have CSS implementation for this fields ? Can I see a page sample ?



Many of those can be seen here:

Everything you mentioned should be styled, if you purchase and discover we missed anything we will be sure to get that fixed up and provide the necessary styles.


Thanx for the excellent theme. We are trying to import the MySQL database, but get the error; #1153 – Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

This is a consequence of the large amount of cache in the database. Could you provide a backup file, which we can restore in our database through the backup/restore module.

Many thx in advance, Emile

We always clear cache before exporting the DB but yes I think we could make a quick backup for you with the backup/restore module. Shoot me an email via and I can send that to you.