Porto - Ultimate Responsive Shopify Theme

Porto - Ultimate Responsive Shopify Theme

  • Responsive Shopify Theme & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Only free Google Fonts over 300
  • Easy Install Sample Data
  • Fluid Product Grid 2 – 8 Columns
  • Unlimited Header Types
  • Lots of Product Detail Page Variations
  • Dark Version available!
  • Responsive On/Off Mode
  • Super Fast Shopify Theme
  • Various Category Banners
  • Parallax Category Banner
  • Banner Slider in Category Page
  • Product Page with/without Sidebar
  • Lots of Userful Custom Blocks
  • 20 Homepage Layouts including Full Screen mode
  • Touch Friendly for all Mobile Devices
  • 300+ Admin Features
  • Browser Compatibility(IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Social Bookmarks for Products
  • Customizable Product Image Ratio
  • Related Product By Tags
  • Related Product By Collections
  • 4 Types Product Page Tabs
  • Product Daily Deal
  • Color Swatches function
  • Advanced Filter Collection
  • Grid Layout & List Mode
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Ajax Wishlist ready
  • Quickview
  • Product Label
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Languages
  • Infinity Scroller Products
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu
  • Flexible Menu functionality
  • Change Image on Hover
  • Fast Support & Regular Updates

  • Version 1.0 Release (21/12/2016)

    Version 1.1 Release (1/18/2017)

    - The broken style of the search result page.
    - The theme is not responsive on mobile in the boxed mode.
    - The responsive options issue.
    - The thumbnail images don’t display on the screen < 767px
    - Can’t disable each small sections on the Main Section on Demo 8.
    - The navigations don’t work on Section Group Product on Demo 13, 15.
    - Update demo 1 new design.
    - Update demo 2 new design.
    - Support RTL language.

    Version 1.2 Release (2/21/2017)

    - Duplicate notice text when disable multi language
    - Displaying search result page issue.
    - Duplicate products issue.
    - Continue shopping button & process checkout button on the cart page.
    - Sale label issue.
    - Disable product zoom issue.
    - Undefined in inventory issue.
    - Light box issue.
    - Can’t click on Edti/delete on the cart page when using the second language.
    - Adding cart note feature.
    - Demo 3 new design.
    - Demo 4 new design.
    - Demo 5 new design.
    - Demo 6 new design.
    - Demo 7 new design.
    - Demo 8 new design.
    - Demo 12 new design.
    - Demo 13 new design.

    Version 1.2.1 Release (3/13/2017)

    - The availability on the product page shows the error: ‘Undefined in inventory’ .
    - When clicking on the variant on the product page, the availability (number in stock) doesn’t change on the product page.
    - The image on the Brand section on mobile display small and in 1 column.
    - The broken style of tab collection section and CSS toolbar on mobile
    - Footer issue on the new skin demo.
    - Header issue on demo 2 - new.
    - Add options to change the logo size and the sticky logo size on Header section.
    - Add disable options for each Top links on Header section.
    - Add disable options for each product tab on Product page section.
    - Add URL box to make the whole slider image and banner image to be clickable on Slideshow section.
    - Add the new header types 17 - 24 for all demos.
    - Add sections for demos  1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,20( Featured Products, Featured Brands, Blog New, Tab Products Collection. Parallax, Instagram) 

    Version 1.3.0 Release (5/15/2017)

    - The Banner images of Demo 8 - new are blurry.
    - The image show $NaN in Best Seller sidebar of Product page and Collection page. 
    - Set “None” in showing Categoried on Collection page but the title doesn’t disappear.
    - The product code - SKU doesn’t display on the product page.
    - Add to cart button on the Sticky doesn’t update to sold out when the product is out of stock. 
    - Can’t translate the mini Cart-total.
    - New design of Demo 16.
    - New design of Demo 17.
    - Add Filter checkbox. 
    - Add more Color options to modify the background color, text of the specific button.
    - Add Video Sider feature.
    Changed files: 
    - Demo 8: Sections/ main_section.liquid 
    - Sections/ slideshow.liquid 
    - Assets/ style.scss.liquid 
    - Assets/ frontend.js & frontend.min.js
    - Snippets/ layer-nav.liquid 
    - Assets/ style.scss.liquid 
    - Sections/ slideshow.liquid
    - Config/ settings_schema.json
    - Assets/ style.scss.liquid 
    - Templates/ product.liquid
    - Snippets/ header-cart.liquid
    - Config/ settings_schema.json 
    - Assets/ color-config.scss.liquid 
    - Snippets/ search-bar.liquid
    - Templates/ product.liquid 

    Version 2.0 Release (6/26/2017)

    - The page on the collection page can’t be clicked.
    - Header mobile on the cart page can’t be clicked.
    - The broken add to cart button on the search result page. 
    - The sticky menu issue on homepage mobile. 
    - The sticky add to cart is overlapping issue on the product page on mobile. 
    - On the product detail page, add the space between the review stars and the star number.
    - On the cart page, fixing the style of ‘Continue Shopping’ button to be same with the ‘Update Shopping cart’ button.
    - Make the homepage slider on the Demo 2 - New design to be in full-screen mode. 
    - On mobile mode, modify the mini-cart icon to be vertically aligned with menu and search icons.
    - Fixing the demo 7 - New Design categories page style to be the same with the demo 12 - New design.
    - Changing to show 2 products per row on Homepage mobile
    - Fixing the style of the size and color swatches on the collection page.
    - Major update version 2.0 - change the process to import demo.
    - Able to add all the sections from Porto Shopify demos.
    - New design of Demo 9.
    - New design of Demo 18.
    - New design of Demo 19.
    - New design of Demo 20.

    Version 2.1 Release (10/12/2017)

    - The margin issue of the carousel. 
    - Can’t translate the next/prev button text on the product page
    - Can’t navigate the link of Banner Text 2 & 4 section.
    - The issue with the banner onepage collection. 
    - The issue with the onepage collection.
    - The zoom function doesn’t work on the product page.
    - The minor style issue on the demo19-new
    - The minor style issue on the all collections page.
    - The sticky menu for the header type 28 doesn’t work.
    - The discount price for the bestseller product on the product page sidebar shows wrong price or show NaN error.
    - Updating the Wishlist feature.
    - Adding the Compare product feature. 
    - Adding the Menu image icon disable option. 
    - Adding the Gallery zoom feature.
    - Adding the Image swatches feature for the product page. 
    - New design of Demo 10.
    - New design of Demo 11.
    - New design of Demo 14.
    - New design of Demo 15.