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Wonderful job! So clean and readable!

thanks guys, glad you like it.

Nice template mate. How would you insert it into an email?

Nice and easy way is selecting everything in your browser (ctrl or mac + a), and then pasting into your email client message window (ctrl or mac + v).

Thanks I presume the images should be hosted first?

Yes, they should be online :)

Great, the best newsletter!

Well done mate :)

thanks a lot guys :)

What font is the Billboard image?

Also, did you emboss it? I am trying to duplicate that look.

Thanks! :-)


Font is Museo – google it, it is available for download :)

We used inner shadow layer options to achieve the letterpress effect. PSDs with layer options should be included in the download package :)



How can I make this a print friendly email ?

I love the template.

However is there anyway you can incorporate some social media into it: Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, or Email to a friend. This addition would make this template perfect!

Hi, I bought this template and I need to modify it. I erased some inner table, but I don’t understand why the main table remain of the same height. I looked with firebug and other, but i cannot understand. Please, can you help me? Thanks & regards


please check if there are any adjacent cells that might affect the height.


Please could you let me know if this works with MailChimp?


Your preview link is broken.