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Good Job Mate :)

Thanks, man :)

Congrats , good luck with sales!

Kind Regards,

Thank U!

very nice, good luck! :)

Thanks! :) We just submited 3.2 Joomla version. Waiting the approval

Now is 3.2 available

Good job my friend :D

¡Gracias! :)

Awesome! Clean and great work as always. :chuckle:

Thanks, Regis! :)

great theme…good luck htmgarcia

Thank U maskeenan! :)

Nice Template. Good luck with sales

Thank U! :)

hi, what are the colours available ?


Unlimited color. You choose the color scheme you want to use.


Hi htmgarcia,

Nice template!

I’ve installed your template but found my mobile menu looks different from your site.

Your mobile menu has a stylish design, but my mobile menu is a drop down menu.

Did I forget to install a plugin or module?

Thanks! Archie

Hi Archie!

May we know the url of your website? There is no extra plugins to make it work. You just need the template installed and a couple of menu modules (regular menu and mobile one).

Looking forward to help you


Hi Htmgarcia!

Figured it out. I was looking at your site template demo of Potassium and not the Joomla version. The site template version has a different mobile menu and that threw me off.

Thanks for reaching out to me and being patient.

I did finally finish the website for my brother’s restaurant. Here’s the site:

Btw, great work on this template. Very simple and stylish. :-)

Best, Archie

I’m glad you like our work :) I checked your website in my mobile phone and the menu looks good to me.

Please let me know if you need more help

Although I love this template… I bought this template 3 weeks and have trying to get support but no avail. I submitted the form (several times) via the envato form you suggested. I also emailed (several times). I’ve included my purchase code as well (several times). What does it take to get some answers? Please advise.

Hi John! That is a very dishonest comment from your part. We already replied around 5 of your messages. If you send us a new message, please wait for our reply. We are working to provide replies to our customers in a polite way.

Remember you need to ask for support using our profile page: and add all the details of your concern. Your first emails didn’t have enough details.

We apreciate if you are polite in your requests.


Hello, I’m working with this template at the moment and having trouble changing the ‘View project’ text in the gallery expanders to ‘more information’.

I have found where it appears to be in grid.js and changed the text to my desired text, saved the file, cleared browser cache, refreshed but ‘view project’ still shows on the site. Can you help?

Hi nordicar!

May you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Also, add the screenshot pointing the problem you’re stuck


I can’t get the single page menu items to function. Is there any documentation that explains how to set this up. I have set up a menu module and set it up to potassium but it doesn’t function. When i click it will go to a new page or it won’t do anything.

Hi jonan!

You need to set as homepage the one where you have assigned all your modules (including the menu modules) – also in documentatiuon/index.html inside teh zip you got from Themeforest we have guidelines to setup the template params.

If you need that I help you with this, may you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Looking forward to help you


Ok, I got the menus to work but I am not sure howe to set the scroll height so it scrolls to the top of the modules. Right now it scrolls but not to the correct position. I am using Joomla 3.2 and any help anyone can give me on this subject would be appreciated.

Hi Jon!

Just replied in email. Please follow our guidelines to provide you support assitance.


cool theme.

Where do you edit text above the dividers.

For example.


Potassium is designed from the ground-up to support and enhance the workflow of creativers. It

This text can be changed editing the Menu item in Menus >> Main menu >> Services >> Note and Menu Title

The documentation says that if I add a new menu item with external url link as #section-customname, a custom position is created when I go to create a module.

However, I do not see the custom module placed automatically. Am I missing something or do I have to manually add the positions?

Hi smk224!

You need to manually type the custom module position inside the position field.

Let me know if this worked for you


that solved it. Thank you!

hi, for the portfolio section (see our work) can i have tabs at the top to group by category?

this is normally done with K2 galleries

Hi damaskmedia, sure but you need add a third party extension to add the tabs.

Hopes this helps


what third party extension would i need to add as there are so many

Fr example look at the portfolio section on this template:

Depends on your needs. Did you checked in Joomla Extensions Directory for one?

Please consider read carefully and find the one match your needs


I see you have the feature on this template that you created. which extension did you use for this?

Which one do you mean? if is possible link to an screenshot to have a clear idea


That is an exclusive module with unique layout for this template named Last Works

hi htmgarcia. sent you a message thru profile few days ago but wondering if you weren’t able to get them yet since it was weekend or something. I’d appreciate if you’d be able to look at some of these issues. Thank you.

Joomla 3.2.1

1) Scrolling takes the page to below a title for the first click on a menu link, then if u click on a menu link again, it scrolls to correct position just above the title (where it should be). Please let me know how to make this consistently scroll to the correct position.

2) Think this template may have compatibility issue with K2 Article Extension Once K2 installed, when i go to the control panel, I get the following error message.

Fatal error: Class ‘JPane’ not found in /path/administrator/modules/mod_k2_stats/tmpl/default.php on line 32

I’m not exactly sure if this is issue with template or k2, but I didn’t get this message when installing k2 on another template.

3) Is there a way to add side module position on the article pages of your template? I see various article methods available on your template, but all of them just have header menu and footer positions. I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to add side positions so the article content takes up about 80%, and the rest 20% is used for side menu, tags, etc.

I’ve seen links like creating hidden menu in joomla to associate a menu item to create modules on articles but can’t seem to get that working.

Sorry for lot of questions, but I just LOVE your onepage TEMPLATE so much would like to have all things done with this template.

Thank you.

sorry if it came off rude but I was getting a bit frustrated that every time i send you communication by that profile message, I never seem to get a reply, but get a quick reply posting here. I don’t know which reply you were referring to but I didn’t get any reply other than asking for the url, which I provided through yet another message on your profile. Perhaps, there’s an issue with that little box.

I will try to show more patience, so I apologize, I didn’t mean to ruin your product or image, but I also paid for theme and felt like communication was lacking using that little chat thing on profile page. I’ll try sending you the URL again.

No problem at all. We are working on this.

We appreciate your patience


Hi, i have two questions: how can i remove tue botton VIEW PROJECT form gallery articles? how i can set (if is easy) the gallery with 4 images and not 3 ? thanks a lot

Hi denisphi, try adding CSS in: Extensions >> Template manager >> yourteamplate >> Custom CSS

.og-details a{
    display:none !important;

That should hide this link

Hopes this helps, regards

I have uploaded the template and realise if you make a text link on the nav bar two words it flows into the next nav text, it does not have any default or auto space for each nav text, can this be corrected?

Hi SteveBest1978,

I’m not sure I understood your request. May you be more specific. If is possible add a link to an screenshot

Looking forward to help you