Discussion on Potenza - Job Application Form Wizard

Discussion on Potenza - Job Application Form Wizard

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movibes Purchased

Hello, We’ve added some extra fiends to your template, but now the top portion of the page with the form cuts off, and we can no longer see all of the form and it only scrolls partially.


movibes Purchased

as a wizard 2 steps should be required, but try this change…add the class “submit” here

(Not working/sending) We submitted to your support as well. Sorry about the rushing, we are hoping to launch this today. Please. Thanks!


movibes Purchased

Thank you for your support! I also had to make some changes to the ‘send_mail_1’ file, but all is working well now. Thank you!

Good…consider also to use the phpmailer version…it’s more robust. Please to rate the item in your downloads page. thanks


movibes Purchased

How many files do we need to edit to make sure the “uploaded_files” folder location is correct? We want the attachments to go into a specific folder somewhere else. Thanks

Hi, the item comes with 2 different features

1) FILE UPLOAD to a specific folder in your host. Taking for example this php file send_email_1_phpmailer.php you have to edit those 2 lines with your folder name and the second with a full path to that folder (be sure that this folder have permission 755…if not the file cannot be uploaded)

move_uploaded_file($file_tmp,"../upload_files/".$FinalFilename); $message .= "<br />Resume: http://www.yourdomain.com/upload_files/".$FinalFilename;

2) FILE ATTACHMENT: the file is attached to the email only and there isn’t any upload folder

All the best


movibes Purchased

Hello, Nice theme! We are getting a HTTP ERROR 500, and it shows ”......./send_email_1.php”. We are trying to set this up without having to include our SMTP username and passwords in the code, which we don’t think is the safest thing to do. Any assistance would be helpful. Thank you.


movibes Purchased

Update: It was in fact tied to the way the numbers were entered. 5,000,000 (with commas) did not work. Changing it to 5000000 (without commas) worked. Maybe something you can add to your documentation in the case other run across the same issue.


movibes Purchased

...in reference to Byte size

Thanks. We will investigate. All the best

Hi There, I want to include the availbity section from the demo (index-4) into the (index-3) how do I do this, I have read the documents but im not sure I fully understand. job application>Availabilty branches and then Bio. Glad of any help.

Hello, you can inspect a new demo created for you here.


What i did:

1) in index-3 paste the availability section with branches from index 4 after the job application section(that have branches too) and add an id “availability”

2) always index-3 changed the data-state=”end” of the 3 works prosition branches to data-state=”availability”

Hope it’s clear. Just only a correct use of id and data-state.

If you contact me via support tab i can send the file. All the best

Of couse you shoud have to copy and paste the code from the related php files to get the all the data/value in you email.

Hey. I might be interested in your product but I wonder if it’s easy to create some conditions? For example if I’ll choose an option “C” from a dropdown then other question will be shown.

Hi. How can I have 2 form fields next to each other e.g. First name and Last Name so that the form is not too long vertically?

We can help you tu put 2 fields in a row. Other request are to be considered under the support terms. All the best

Please read carefully the Envato support terms. All the best

If i want to upload photo (not pdf) how i can do this ?

Did you purchase the item from Themeforest?

Can we pay someone to install this?

hello, you can look at https://studio.envato.com/ all the best

Hi, the templete can work only filling the first step ? i mean with the name, mail, phone, gender and the file attached?

As an html site template, you can change the order of the inputs, the type or add different steps. All the best

thanks i will buy it.


As a suggestion for special characters I had to add the following line:

$ mail-> CharSet = ‘UTF-8’;

Thank you. For the PHPMailer version…we know. But really thank you to mention.

Where I change the green color to another color, for example dark blue Donde cambio el color verde por otro color, por ejemplo azul obscuro

If you are familiar with scss files you can change the color via _variables.scss (change $color-1 variable). alternatively use the find/replace functionality (for #1dbe72) on your html editor. all the best

Hi, may I know how to increase size of file upload ?

please read the documentation provided with the item. should it be clear. all the best

Hi I am looking for date picker option. Can you guide me on that?

hello, i’ve quickly create a demo here where you can inspect the code http://www.ansonika.com/potenza/index-5.html

how to apply to your site 1) add in the head of the page the css (cdn link or download it) 2) add in the input field the class .datepicker 3) On footer page call the js datepicker library (cdn link or download it) 4) add below the following lines

<script> $('.datepicker').datepicker({ autoclose: true, todayHighlight: true, startDate: new Date(), format: 'mm/dd/yyyy' }); </script>

This is a perfect solution to what I intend to achieve.

I have a question:

Can I have multiple nested branches in a single form?

Thank you for your response, but unfortunately that doesn’t work.

Trying to place two nested items makes the last parent and children disappears

I raised an issue here:

did you purchase my item in order to get support? it results not. all the best here is another item that have multiple branches…maybe can help you. https://themeforest.net/item/steps-multipurpose-working-wizard-with-branches/21134396

Thank you for your response. My client purchase through Envato Element.

Is there a way to still access support?

I can tell him to email you through the purchase email address.

how i can make a new step?

Hello, please read the documentation provided with the item where are explained the common settings. all the best

Hello, I am looking to generate a form step by step and at the end it shows me what was registered in the form, in the same way that when I finish having a button that generates a pdf, I would like to see if it is possible or if they have any other template either in wordpress or in html with php, I am urgent to know if you have something like this to buy it by Wednesday at the latest, I hope I can have a favorable and urgent response, thank you.

An example of something like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwKfIPNlYtY

Hola busco generar un formulario paso a paso y al finalizar me muestre lo que se registro en el formulario, de igual manera que al finalizar tener un boton que genere un pdf, quisiera ver si es posible o si tienen alguna otra plantilla ya sea en wordpress o en html con php, me urge saber si tienen algo asi para comprarlo a mas tardar el miercoles por fa, espero pueda tener una respuesta favorable y urgente, gracias.

can add and edit this in wordpress

the item is html based. it’s not a wordpress theme or plugin. if you have little familiarity with html, you can edit the item then upload the item in a subfolder of your main site root. all the best

if i purchase this in which format will i get the package…. after that where to edit it .. can you give the details

the item is html based and here a shor guide that help you https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-customize-an-html-template--cms-25886 + the documentation provided with the item

How do you turn on the display of the back button? I think you should add this to the demo as right now you can only go forward.

hello, for example in js/func_1.js aprox line 8, set this param to false:

“unidirectional: true,”

Incredible design. have a good sale :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


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