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I just had a quick question. How do I make the navigation sticky?

Thank you.


Just bumping the latest question. How do I make the navigation sticky on desktop? (Sticky after scrolling past- with working dropdown/submenu)

Thank you.


To do that you will need to add position:fixed; in the CSS for the header section (....#header {position:fixed;}...)

I suggest add to the full header section, the logo and the menu that position fixed value.

Will require soma small changes in the style.css file to do what you want.

In case you cannot do it, drop us an email using the contact form on our profile and we will plan an update for you.


i want my website to be like please can you modify few things on the theme that will give me desired effect


This can be done, but with some custom modifications.

If will not take more than an hour to do, we can do it for free. But starting from next week. So please contact us in privately using the contact form on our profile page-sidebar.


I have purchased this theme and LOVE it so far. I am, however, not using it for “Trainers” but instead “Players” on a soccer team’s website. Is there a way to change the word “Trainer” to “Player” and “Trainers” to “Players” somewhere easily? I even went through the code to see if I could manually do it, but I didn’t want to break anything. The main places I am having the issue are: Once I click on a Category on the View All Trainers Page, the URL for the players is showing as ”.../trainers/xxxx”. I would like to change this to ”.../players/xxx”.

Website Url:


Thank you for choosing our theme.

Your website is looking great. Maybe you allow us to showcase it in our details page, because it’s a nice website.

Here are some instructions on how to edit the “trainers” url and titles.

1. The files needed to edit the title of the archive page is archive-trainers.php

Around line nr 12 of code you will see

<?php _e( 'Trainers', 'admincore' ); ?>

Change the word “Trainers” there.

This will change the title of the page, the one with the bg image in the header and the yellow ribbon under.

2. To change the url of the page, in your case “filter-trainers” from the “”

You need to edit the trainers-post-type.php found inside the admin folder in the theme files.

In that file around the code line nr 142 you have

// Register the Taxonomy
register_taxonomy(__( "filter-trainers",'admincore'),

You will have to edit the “filter-trainers” words.

PROBLEM: Since the register taxonomy take places when the first “trainer” post is created. You might have some problems there with older posts when changing that url “filter-trainers”. So please make first a test, change that to see what will happen, if not you will have to change it back. Or add the trainers post again, or edit them and save one more time.

Let us know how this goes.


Hi, is the theme compatible with WP4.4.1?


Yes, it’s working fine. We are updating the theme always to the latest version.


Hello! I want to buy your template. But in the beginning I want to know about the possibility of Russification of the control panel. I live in Russia and Russian-speaking my audience. Thank you in advance Sincerely, Vyacheslav Gribov


Since the admin is Wordpress, I think yes you can install Wordpress in rusian, and you admin will have the language you want.

As for the front-end, you can use the .po laguages file to translate the main titles in the front end of the website.


Is it possible to increase the size of the header tab background image? I would like to make it much deeper so changed 120px to 350px in the .page_header css but it has not worked. Other than this … what a great theme!

Did you get this comment ok? Would love to get this changed for my client if possible. Can you get back to me? many thanks


Sorry for the late response.

Yes, sure it’s posible. The right modification is the one you mentioned. In style.css you have

.page_header{width:100%; height:120px; clear:both;}

Changing 120 to 350 will do the job.

It must work, I just test that.

If is not working let me see you demo url so I can what the issue it.



I bought POWER GYM THEME, and I would like use free instalation option. I wrote to Alex McKenna (Envato Studio) and he redirect me to you. He wrote : “If you would like to take advantage of the free installation service that they offer you will need to contact them through that page.”

[ ]

Can You install this theme on my server ?


P.s. Please send information for other email :

Thank you for quick reply


We sent you an email.

Reply with the wordpress details and we will install it for you.


Is this theme going to be updated to be compatible with wordpress 4.5.?


Yes. Just updated the description page. It’s on the latest version.



Is there a changelog available for this theme?



No, just the comments we released on comments section when a big update was released.

BTW we are preparing an update right now for this theme. A quite important one and will be released in the next period (1-2 weeks)


Thanks, please see my other comment. It is a fairly urgent issue for two companies that have contacted us.

We see there is a vulnerability in this theme. Two sites repeatedly get attack php scripts uploaded. Have the developers fixed this?

If so, what was the mitigation. Thanks.

The theme DOES use timthumb and it’s 2.8.5. I’m not sure if it’s getting hit by the webshot vulnerability fixed forever ago. The current version is 2.8.11. Who knows, could be another 0day. We updated the timthumb version on one of these sites and will respond again if it gets compromised.

Wordpress’s official theme store bans any themes that use this script and its own developer says not to use it.

We looked more deeply into this. Client came to us with 2.0 version of theme. Current is 2.1. 2.1 has timthumb removed (thankfully)

A changelog really would have helped resolve this faster.


Timthumb was removed a few years ago from the theme. At the time it was announced.

Each time we released an update, we leaved a public comment, and send an email to all buyers. To the email adress they register on themeforest account.

That was the issue.


I created a 90×90 px png image for the carousel. Seems as though it should center itself in the circle, however it does not. It is shifted down about 50%.

Thanks, Mike

I am proficient with Illustrator and Photoshop. I liked the circle icons on the carousel, but I needed to make ones with silhouettes suited to my needs. So I inspected the element and seen that your demo site was using a 90×90 png. So I created my own 90×90 circle icon. When I added it to the carousel, I noticed that there was already like a faint circle there and mine was on top. so I re save my artwork without a circle , but it is still not centered in the default circle. What are the png image requirements?


Is there some sort of Padding or Margin in the css that needs to be taken into account?


The link I sent should work.

The icons used in the carousel have different sizes as you can see. If you cannot see the link browser the images folder of the theme to see those shape PNG icons. Just make your using the same style.

What you can see as 90×90 px is the CSS code that creates the round circle around the PNG icon. So 90×90 px is the CSS code, not the PNG

.sport_icon {
    width: 90px;
    height: 90px;
    display: block;
    text-align: center;
    border-radius: 45px;
    -moz-border-radius: 45px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 45px;
    -khtml-border-radius: 45px;
    border-radius: 45px;
    float: left;
    background-color: #222127;
    border: 1px #5c5d60 solid;
    margin: 0 20px 0 0;

The PNG icon is centered inside this circle created in code.

Hope this helps.



MyraD Purchased

Hi, is it save to update to WordPress 4.7 ?


Yes sure. We are updating our demo allways to the latest version.

Check your plugins also. And other outside resources.


Hi! Can you please help me to remove widget area from front static page, home page because i want news to be all over Left and center widget area.


Go to “Power Gym Theme Options ” panel in the admin, click on the Widgets button. And there you have options to disable home widgets areas.


I can see that but i can remove them all and i would like to remove only 1 so that middle widget is spread over left and middle


I am afraid you have only options to remove all.

But we can add a short customizations to your widgets. Just contact us using the contact form on our profile page and we can customize it for you.


How can I make embed Videos appear bigger on my posts? And also how can I rename header name on pages when i enter my posts?

I think i got it. i just have to remvoe S letter from HTTPS://

If you keep the same format it must work.


It works only when i remove s :) No idea why but it’s ok now

Hi! Is there any way i can change menu items to start with big letter just like on footer menu items?


But after removing the text-transform:lowercase;

Did you edited the text of the menu links from the Menu options in admin? Meaning adding the first letter big.

Removing text-transform:lowercase; allow you edit the menu link how you want.

Menu name are already all with the big letter as you can see on footer menu


It’s ok now right? All the menu have link with the first letter big.

Let us know if you will need anything else.

PS. You have created a nice website. We really like how junglebjjsplit end up.


Hi! How can I add this Slide Caption text on Front page pictures as I can’t see that option anywhere?


If you click on “Home slider”. When adding a slide use the “Excerpt” input to add the caption text for the slider images.

The option under the editor.


Hi! What’s the propper way of adding images so they scale together with size of page?

I added one normaly but it’s so small. Check it here:

and I typed this: Jungle BJJ Split Trogir team


When you inserted the image with wordpress editor you should not had selected to import that as a thumb, but as a full size.

Right now your image is as thumb, and have the thumb size at 300×169

Use the full size image in posts.


Colleric Purchased

Adsense ad is not working on my page. It just shows me blank space when I enter adsense code in it

Did you added the code in the custom admin panel corectly?


Colleric Purchased

Yes, ofc I did but it’s just a blank space shown instead of ad


Can you show me a demo url?