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Very nice! Good luck ;)

Wish you the best with sales :)

THANK YOU!!!!! I have been waiting for this!

Glad you like it :)

Hey, love this theme. Just bought it.

I keep getting this message when I try to upload the theme. What do I need to do to upload it?



What message are you getting?

If it’s the “missing style sheet….” you must upload the theme corectly.

Unzip the main archive and upload in Wordpress just the theme folder.


Thanks for the quick reply. I open the zip, extract the first file named “Power Gym Worpress”, rezip it, then try to upload it. Is this the right folder to zip and upload? I don’t see a file in your zip called “Theme”. Thanks for your help.

The corect folder to upload is “power-gym” folder found inside the main zip.

There is also in the HELP file a section dedicated to how to install the theme.

You can install it using the FTP or directly from wordpress.

If it’s directly from wordpress make sure you make a zip from that theme folder (“power-gym”) only.


Very nice theme i buy it :-)

It’s a great looking theme – good luck!

@eliteprojensen zip the folder called power-gym, it should work.

hi where should i look for support, as i cant get coursel to work.


I can help. Can you provide a demo url so I can see exactly what is not working?


@nicholefava thanks for the reply. The problem was that I was trying to upload the folder as .rar Its fixed. Thanks for your help!

Hi in the gallery page have a image break. And in my admin not have the Filter OPTION to add categories for the galleries.


Remember that galleries and photo album custom post types are 2 diferent things.

To create a photo album page please read the HELP guide.

You have there a screenshot also showing where that Filter categories are added.


Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Quick question, my pages seem to not accept a hard return (there is no spacing between paragraphs) unless I hard code it. Is there a way to rectify that so when a client takes over, they don’t need to use HTML?


Let me know you are talking about the content added inside a shortcode or in a normal page editor mode.

In shortcodes yes you have to use html code to add HTML elements and the wordpress editor in CODE mode view.

In normal pages without shortcode added, I have not made any changes not to accept spacing. An enter hit should work fine to create space between paragraphs.


The Archive header isn’t uploading. I’ve made it 1000×120 and keep getting this message:

” target=”_blank”>” title=”The image might be resized, click for full preview!” alt=”” />


It’s a strange error, should work fine, never happen before. Just made some tests to our demo server, and works fine. That “The image might be resized, click for full preview!” is not an error it’s just an info text.

I think it’s from the permisions you have set for the uploads folder.

The image apears after you selected from your Pc to upload ? Or it’s white empty ?


The picture does not appear after I upload it. Just that text message. I tried to upload it as a .png and .jpeg. Do you think it has to do with the updates wordpress did a few weeks ago?


We are using the latest wordpress too on our demo website, and seem to work fine.

Did you checked the permisions on the uploads folder in wordpress? If the photo does not show, it means it was not uploaded.This can be the problem.

Can you provide some admin login for the wordpress, so we can analize it.

Drop us an email on the contact form on our profile page.


I would like ALL blog posts to display on the blog page. How do I remove the Older/Newer Entries option?

The simplies way is to set from wordpress settings->Reading a big number of posts to show on home page, like 999, and the pagination will automatically disapear.


For the life of me… how do I get the carousel tuned on for the homepage.

I imported the demo content. I have a homepage that is using the home theme. All carousel content from demo is in place. I have gone through options and have looked for a switch to turn on home carousel. I have gone through the help files. Nada.

All help is appreciated.


Hi Rob,

Are you using the latest Wordpress version?

I am using some functions for that carousel wich are suported by the latest versions of wordpress. This might be one problem.

Let me know, if not I can tell wich function to remove , and will work 100% sure.


I am using the latest version of Wordpress 3.5. I love this theme BTW.



Try this fix :

In footer.php file you have the line of code, right at the bottom area:

<?php if ( is_page_template('homepage.php') ) {?>

Right above that line add this line:

<?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

And let me know if it works.

The reason why that carousel is not working is strange to me, because on my server works fine.

And the only reaons in my mind, is that you have enabled a lot of widgets in that center area, I guess by default they were added.

And you need in the footer a reset off all that queries made be the widgets.

Let me know if it work, if not I have another ideea


Where do I upload the demo XML file? what directory on my website do I upload it to using my FTP?

Thank you, Also I’m getting 2 home page links? I followed the instructions to leave the home page blank but now I get 2, 1 with slider and one that just says “not found” how do I get it to show the homepage that I want?

nevermind, just figured it out! thanks

This theme are compatible with woo commerce?


No the themes is not compatible with woo commerce.

This might be a stupid question, but how do you activate google fonts for the header?


There is no option to edit this google font loading. Is it automatically loaded in code.

Do you want to remove it ?

If yes the code is in functions.php

function load_fonts() { wp_register_style('googleFonts', ''); wp_enqueue_style( 'googleFonts'); } add_action('wp_print_styles', 'load_fonts');

And in style.css the name of the font is loaded on each element. For example h1, h2, h3, h4{font-family: ‘Terminal Dosis’, sans-serif;}

Hope this make sense


Would you mind posting the html data that was used in the program widget on the front page, instead of having to retype everything that is in your help image file please?

Greatly appreciate it.