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Hi I have read all comments, study help files but I still cant find solution with gallery filtering. Whan I click some filter category in gallery the page is linking to some onther without content… Please help:


That’s weird, no error , nothing, just a blank page.

But the image are added in those filters corectly right? I mean you did select a filter when adding a new image. Like a category to be in.

Try also to reset your permanlink, set them to default, and after again to the custom structure.


Hi Thanks for reply. Yes- I added it correctly. 1. Add item (photo gallery) 2. Choose some filter (at first I build filters category with parent, wich later I deleted, but in spite of this each item has filter) 3. I added photos I have also reseted pernamentlinks, and downloaded theme again and uploads some admin files…. nothing helps…


But when you installed the theme, you first added the content, and after changed the permanlinks structure? Or first change the permanlinks structure, wich was the corect thing to do.

I can play with the settings if you provide the login infos. Use the contact form on our profile page to privately contact us.

It’s definetly a permanlinks-content issue there, and I have to see the admin to analize what is happening there.


Before I buy this theme I have one main question- can the background image be easily changed? Thank you!


Sure, there is a simple option in the custom admin panel, from where you can upload any image you want to be used as main bg image.


Hello I recently downloaded the theme power gym and I’ve installed it easily but how do I add the carousel or slider to the home page? This is my website:


You must set your custom home page to be the default wordpress home page.

But I can see you found it and works, because your home page looks allright.


Hi, in my gallery, there are links to enlarge the image and go to the page of the picture, what I can do?

They do not appear in my equipment section


But it seems they apear fine to me.

Did you found your problem?


Hi, I have a problem with my menu on smartphones. The menu opens by clicking the menu button but some of its items are behind of the slideshow. In your demo the menu is on top of the slideshow, what am I doing wrong? (link:

Thanks in advance!


Just checked your website source code and saw that you installed also a plugin for the slider. And that is loading flexslider js file again.

Why are you using this plugin, because the slider was allready using flexslider code?

I gues this is where the bug is. Basically the menu stays behind the slider is because the slider have somewhere in code a “z-index” values smaller than the menu links value.

Hope this make sense. So eather you find that z-index value and make it smaller than menu value. Or disable the plugins and test again. The z-index value is a CSS value, and must stay in a CSS file, if you will look for it.


Hi, looking to purchase a new theme, stuck between this one and another gym one for wordpress and the other has 1,2 and 3 column layouts for the pages. Does this template have that feature as we definitely need some pages with 2 and 3 column layouts?


The basic structure of a regular page is with left content and sidebar like this one

But there are some shortcodes that will allow you to create some simple text section on 1/2 , 1/3 , 2/3, 1/4 width section. This shortcodes can be added to a full width page that will split the content in above shortcodes.


I wonder if you can help. I want to add like a twitter and facebook icon just above the navigation on the right hand side. Can you give me some help achieving this?

Im guessing the code will need to put in the header.


Yes I can give you some help.

But you will need to add some coding to the theme. Manually add it.

The code must be added in header.php file.

Open the file and right under the mobile menu code

<a class="hide_menu" href="#"><?php _e('close menu','admincore'); ?></a>

Add your icons code like

    <div class="top_social_icons">
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/social_icons/facebook.png" alt="facebook" title="facebook" /></a>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/social_icons/twitter.png" alt="twitter" title="twitter" /></a>

And in style.css add the

.top_social_icons{ position:absolute; top:5px; right:20px; z-index:999;}
.top_social_icons a{ float:left; display:block; padding:0 0 0 5px;}

This will make the icons visible on the right corner.

To avoid the show-hide menu button when the website is visible from a mobile also in style.css but under

@media screen and (max-width: 760px) {...code Add the
.top_social_icons{ right:100px; }

This will push the icons a little to the left.

You can change the icons SRC with other if you want, I am just using the default ones in the theme.

Let me know if this works for you.


How do I create a program schedule like you have on the website. I like the black and red just like you have it but I don’t know how to create it like you have it. Can you please show me how to do the full width?

Thank you,


Basically that program table is a table code, but with UL and LI elements rather thant old table HTML code, added in the TEXT mode of the editor.

So the code I have added on a full width page to create the full program table is

[fullcontent title="Full width program list"] <ul class="program_list_detailed"> <li><span class="col1">Hours</span><span class="col2">Monday</span><span class="col3">Tuesday</span><span class="col4">Wednesday</span><span class="col5">Thursday</span><span class="col6">Friday</span><span class="col7">Saturday</span><span class="col8">Sunday</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">09:00 - 10:30</span><span class="col2">Morning Energy</span><span class="col3">Morning Energy</span><span class="col4">Morning Energy</span><span class="col5">Morning Energy</span><span class="col6">Morning Energy</span><span class="col7">-</span><span class="col8">-</span></li> <li><span class="col1">10:30 - 11:30</span><span class="col2">Swimming</span><span class="col3">Swimming</span><span class="col4">Swimming</span><span class="col5">Stretching</span><span class="col6">Stretching</span><span class="col7">Stretching</span><span class="col8">Stretching</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">11:30 - 16:30</span><span class="col2">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col3">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col4">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col5">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col6">Swimming</span><span class="col7">Swimming</span><span class="col8">Swimming</span></li> <li><span class="col1">16:30 - 18:30</span><span class="col2">Fitness Club</span><span class="col3">Fitness Club</span><span class="col4">Fitness Club</span><span class="col5">Fitness Club</span><span class="col6">Fitness Club</span><span class="col7">Stretching</span><span class="col8">Stretching</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">18:30 - 19:30</span><span class="col2">Fitness</span><span class="col3">Fitness</span><span class="col4">Fitness</span><span class="col5">Dancing</span><span class="col6">Dancing</span><span class="col7">Tennis</span><span class="col8">Tennis</span></li> <li><span class="col1">19:30 - 20:30</span><span class="col2">Boxing</span><span class="col3">Boxing</span><span class="col4">Boxing</span><span class="col5">Tennis</span><span class="col6">Tennis</span><span class="col7">-</span><span class="col8">-</span></li> </ul> [/fullcontent]

Copy that code, added into your page, in the TEXT mode of the editor, save it, and go back and edit it in the VISUAL mode to be easier.


Perfect! Thank you so much!

I looked through the first three pages of comments and didn’t see anyone else having this problem, though I’m going to go through the other 7 pages after I send this.

I’m having an issue with getting the file pattern_bg.png to repeat all the way to the bottom of the browser window. See for what I mean. It stops repeating at the bottom edge of the footer div tag.

It does this in IE, FF, and Chrome browsers. Any idea what’s going on?


Well that’s not a problem. Your content is missing and the page height is very small.

That pattern stays on the bg of the content. If you will add some content, and the page height will increase, the pattern will look good.

On home page it looks great


So, every page needs to have enough content so that its height is at least the height of the tallest visitor’s monitor? That doesn’t seem a workable solution. Is there any way I can change the CSS so that the overlay is attached to the background images, instead, or something?

You can put that pattern to the bg image if you want. But only in a photo editor software like Photoshop.

I can do it for you if you provide the bg image you want to put there.

And after in admin options, just remove the pattern bg, and leave just the one we will customize to have the pattern included.



Thank you for the beautiful theme. My client and I are really excited to create this website. I’m having a problem with the [map] shortcode. I’ve implemented the shortcode the way you say to in the instructions, but instead of getting the map as displayed in your demo, I basically get an iframe of the actual Google maps webpage. You can view the problem here:

Please let me know how this can be fixed, as the theme will not let me insert the <iframe> code for the map either as an alternate solution.



The text added in the page using the shortcode should look like this:

[map width="100%" height="280px"],-95.677068&sspn=53.961216,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Roma,+Provincia+Roma,+Lazio,+Italia&t=m&z=11&ll=41.901514,12.460774&output=embed[/map]

So the map code should start with https,-95.677068&sspn=53.961216,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Roma,+Provincia+Roma,+Lazio,+Italia&t=m&z=11&ll=41.901514,12.460774&output=embed

You can get this code from the google maps website, inside that IFRAME code check where SRC=”....” starts and get only the https…adress


Worked like a charm! Thank You!!

Hello again!

I am also curious as how to create a “program” on the home page widget area as in your live demo. A simple 2 column chart with the business hours. I see in the documentation as how to make a full width and half width only.


To create simple program widget in the home page, we are using the simple widget called “Text”. Drag that widget for example like we did into the “Home widget bottom right” area. Add the title, and in the content add the HTML listing code for the table that will compose the program list just like this

<ul class="program_list"> <li><span class="col1">Monday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">09:00 - 21:30</a></span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">Tuesday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">08:00 - 20:30</a></span></li> <li><span class="col1">Wednesday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">08:00 - 20:30</a></span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">Thursday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">08:00 - 20:30</a></span></li> <li><span class="col1">Friday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">08:00 - 20:30</a></span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">Saturday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">09:00 - 16:30</a></span></li> <li><span class="col1">Sunday</span><span class="col2"><a href="program.html">10:00 - 14:00</a></span></li> </ul>

Just copy that text above, and edit it to suit your needs.


Perfect. Works great! Thanks for the prompt response!

hi there ! great theme, already bought it =)

how can i add a “sponsor” banner, as is shown in the live preview(under the “Bodybuilding Supplements”)?

i will add just a thumb of the sponsors, so when you click on each, you will directly go to their homepage…. thanks =)


In Widgets section you will see the Widget area called “Full width widget home bottom”. There you will need to drag the widget called “Custom supplements widget for home page bottom area “

Inside that widget under Content input you will need to add the HTML code for the images and link on them.

For example here what we are using

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="" /></a>

Hope this helps.


For the ‘Custom text with image” widget – is there a way to have that block be a link?

Thank you Kelly

Hi Kelly,

On the full widget block you cannot add a link. Only if you add a link in the content paragraph. Like we have on our home page, the red word inside the content of the paragraph. So only a link inside a text that is added into the widget.

I will note your sugestion, and on a future update I will make an option to enable/disable a link on all block, especially on the image.


hello on my gallery i get a image canot be loaded . make sure path is correct and image exist. i folowed the instructions. any ideas?

Thanks Mikw

on the android the menu doesnt drop down at all

also just checked and it does the same thing when i shrink the browser the menu doesnt appear when clicked


Just replied to your email as well.

I think the problem is that your twitter widget is giving some errors and it’s blocking the rest of the javascript code on the theme. And the menu is functional using some js code also.

Try to set your twitter settings corectly and after making it work refresh the theme, and the menu should work.

Other that this I don’t see why should not work.


Hello, I’ve worked on this as far as I can tell I can’t get it to work. I’m hving trouble with the filters on the photo album and now it seems to have cause another bug since I’ve updated the entire theme to include your bug fix for the trainer page. I used to get a blank page on when clicking on yoga category, now I get a page not found. I’ve read comments regarding the update and permalinks structure. I am using custom permalinks and reset to regular, update the file and then reset permalinks to custom without success. Also, once a filter is selected, the View All filter only shows for the last selected filter. Additionally, I noticed a difference on the Trainers page. I see it doesn’t use an except field to describe the photo and there seems to be a small (empty) button above the photos. Please advise. I can send you link to site via contact form.


Replied to your email and fixed all your issues.

Here is a part of my email to you. Just wanna to make it public so it will help other users as well.

“Wordpress generally see this filters from the photos and trainers archive the same as categories. So you cannot have a category in blog for example called yoga, and again a yoga category in photos archive and trainers. Wordpress will add something to the permalinks and will not be the same.

On your photos archive when you created the yoga filter, not sure if you notice but wordpress added a yoga-3 to your slug name, because the simple yoga slug was allready added to a category you created before.

I have renamed your yoga category in photos page to “yoga photos” and now works fine.

Also rename the trainers page to “our trainers” and it works better. You see not the content of the page is vizible (the text above the photos). And the View all link is working.

As a conclusion to all mentionated above, this is available only when using custom permanlinks. When using the default permalinks in wordpress with URL’s and ID’s wordpress will behave diferent, will add ID’s to pages usl’s and not text.”


thank you so much for the prompt reply, for the fixes and the explanations! I do appreciate it! btw, I would have never thought to reset the theme settings while saving the text beforehand and then plugging it all back in. She is very happy with the site and I hope to wrap it up soon. i would recommned your site and service to everyone considering to purchase it! -nick


Thanks for the positive feedback. I really apreciate it.

Best Regards.

Hi there can you please tell me if there is Dummy Demo content that can be imported to speed up development of this theme?

Many thanks



Yes there is an XML file inside the main archive with demo content.

This will import the pages, posts , custom post content with images and text.

Will not import the custom widgets added in the widgets areas. This is the only thing you will need to drag into the widgets zone.


I am having problems with adding a picture for the main slider using pics in my library can you please help? Where do I start?

my website is


In admin you have the tab called “Home slider”, just click Add new to add a new slider entry.

And to add his picture just use the Featured image option in the right sidebar. You can add there any image you want from you computer ot the library you have in Wordpress (if you have added before some files to wordpress).

Looking at your website it seems that you did not create the custom home page.

So I guess this was your issue. To create a custom home page and asign it to be the landing page of wordpress just:

1. Create a normal page in wordpress. 2. Select from the option of the new page create from the right sidebar the Default template as Home page. 3. Go to Wordpress Settings-> reading options.And select this page you just created as home page. From the option “Front page displays:”

Hope this helps.


I am having problems with adding a picture for the main slider using pics in my library can you please help? Where do I start? My website is


In admin you have the tab called “Home slider”, just click Add new to add a new slider entry.

And to add his picture just use the Featured image option in the right sidebar. You can add there any image you want from you computer ot the library you have in Wordpress (if you have added before some files to wordpress).

Looking at your website it seems that you did not create the custom home page.

So I guess this was your issue. To create a custom home page and asign it to be the landing page of wordpress just:

1. Create a normal page in wordpress. 2. Select from the option of the new page create from the right sidebar the Default template as Home page. 3. Go to Wordpress Settings-> reading options.And select this page you just created as home page. From the option “Front page displays:”

Hope this helps.


I would like to install the WooCommerce plugin on the site to make a web store is this possible?

I do not speak English I’m using google translator sorry for the spelling mistakes


I duplicated the page.php I called woocommerce.php eliminated :

< ? php if ( have_posts ( ) ) : while ( have_posts ( ) ) : the_post ( ) ; ? >




                 ” < ? php post_class ( ) ; ? >>


                        < ? php the_content ( ’

Read the rest of this page » < / p >’ ) ; ? >


                        < ? php wp_link_pages (array ( ’ before’ = > ’ Pages : < / strong >’, ’ after’ = > ’ < / p >’, ’ next_or_number ’ = > ’ number’ ) ) ; ? >


                    < / div >

                < / div >

        < ? php if ($ famoustheme -> get_option ( ’ enable_page_comments ‘) == ‘enable ’ ) { ? > < ? php comments_template ( ) ; ? > < / div > < ? php } else {} ? >

        < / div >

        < ? php get_template_part ( ’ sidebar_pages ‘); ? >

         < / div >

< ? php endwhile , endif ; ? >

and wrote :

< ? php woocommerce_content ( ) ; ? >

Everything works fine . But the margins disappeared

Could you help me with the code ?



Yes you did the corect thing by adding that code to a duplicated file of page.php

Considering now your woocomerce is on a full width page with no margins you can customize a little the duplicated page.php

Open the php file you duplicated and change the

div class=”content”

to something for example called

div class=”wooc_content”

And then open style.css file and find the

.content{ background:url(images/content_shadow.jpg) no-repeat center top #FFFFFF; width:100%; padding:0 0 30px 0; clear:both;}

Add next to it a new class

.wooc_content{ background:url(images/content_shadow.jpg) no-repeat center top #FFFFFF; width:100%; padding:0 30px 30px 30px; clear:both;}

And change the padding of that class, adding for example 30px on the left and on the right, like I did above.

Let me know if that worked.


FamousTheme, I am ready to buy your theme… but too am REALLY interested in a WOOCOMMERCE ready theme… can you make a quick update and make it so? On standby for your reply!

Let me be upfront with you! Some jerk put your stuff out there for free. Now, I am trying to support your work by “bying” it instead but you are making it hard for me if you can’t simply make a quick update with a simple woocommerce ready template. I understand you are busy but that isn’t the type of support I need (“do it yourself”) after I buy your template.

So let me know… will you update or should I look elsewhere for what I am looking for?


I will not update the theme with woocomerce because this is not a shop theme. It’s just a niche theme for gym’s and fitness related websites.

You can use woocomerce, like any other free shop plugins.

For woocomerce I did not add customizations in the theme files, and did not provide support for it.

You can add it by following the steps HERE . Basically just duplicate page.php file inside the theme, and follow the instructions from that page.

No problem about “Some jerk put your stuff out there for free”. It happens to all the themes here. And I know you didn’t buy the theme because I can see this on your profile. But it’s ok I can provide support for the theme, but only in the shape it is now without the shop integration.