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I recently purchased the form maker plugin but it disabled my home slider on my home screen. I am trying to find a plugin that wont disable other plugins or features on my site. Does WuFoo work with this theme? I am trying to set up an application form to process secure registrations and payments. Help please, im kind of in a bind and im holding up my customer.


Sorry for the late response.

This is the problem when using plugins. Majority are using the same javascript classes and names. And they create conflicts with the files inside the themes.

The slider I am using is Flex slider, a well know slider, and should work fine with most of the plugins.

I can see your url is hidden by a “under construction” message. I can take a quick look if you want at your source code to make sure that plugin is creating a conflict.

Try to use the contact form on our profile page to faster answer to you.


Hello Dev,

I was wondering if it was possible to change the icons on the homepage slider. Basically where it says “Running” etc.


Do you mean on the carousel, not the slider.

Yes basically when you create a carousel entry you can add any icon you want. Or use the ones we have in our demo.


hi there, I have a website where all the images have broken urls, and even in the backend on the admin panel, images are breaking. any ideas? website is here

Thanks in advance

It seems to be a timthumb problem. Timthumb is the script that resizes the images

When trying to access an image that is intend to be resized I got the Timthumb error. You can see this by trying to access:

So try to set the corect permisions to the timthumb.php file and cache folder from the theme folder on your server. It should work fine after.

Or disable timthumb from the theme settings, and use another methos to resize the images.


Hey, I want to add a slider to the home page, How can I do it ?



Just use the Home slider tab in the admin, and add a custom post type there.

I guess you already created a custom page HOME and assign it to be the default home page of Wordpress.


Thank you for you answer, I try what you told me but it’s not working, please if you can precise what should I do, it will be good.

Thank you


Just open the HELP file from the archive you have dowloaded, and see the point

3B) Add a Home page with slider, carousel and widgets areas

Right under the begining text of that chapter there are 2 screeshots that say everything you need to know :)


Having some issues trying to incorporate a Woocommerce shopping cart. In attempting to customize the shopping cart display a child theme was needed. The theme is not functioning properly at all as a child theme. Any help getting this working?


As you notice this theme is not woocommerce ready.

And as I know by default the wocommerce plugin shold work installed in wordpress. Without needing a child theme.

Just try to follow the steps they recomand here

Try begining with duplicating page.php and make a new file called woocommerce.php….replacing the loop like they sugest, and so on…

It should work fine. Wocommerce is basic a plugin added to wordpress, it must work in default mode in any theme.


When using the theme with BuddyPress, the “Header tab background image” doesn’t display on the pages assigned to “activity” and “members” pages within the buddypress plugin.

When I change the pages to use another page within the plugin, the header is then displayed.

I hope that makes sense. Is this a problem with the theme or something I should take up with the BuddyPress developers?


I did not test the theme with buddypress, and I guess this is the problem.

The theme header images should work fine on every page.

Maybe if showing me a demo url of a page on wich is not working I can take a look at it and tell you for sure.


Thanks for the reply. My url is the affected pages are also /activity and /forum

Mant thanks

just wondering where the menu should be responively, im not seeing it


Do you mean responsive right?

The menu is using CSS and javascript to be responsive on mobiles. And the only way to test it corectly is with mobiles. No on a desktop browser.

So please test it using your mobile and you will see the menu beeing in the top right section of the mobile layout on a button that says Menu.


how and where can i put my email adress to contact-send.php ?

No, you must not go inside the code to add the adress. Just use the custom admin panel under Apearance tab, and see Contact tab. There is an option there to add the email adress.


My page headers have disappeared and the gallery is not working. Please advise on how to fix.



I can see it’s working fine now.

Remember that for “View all” filter from the gallery section you must add his link from the theme custom admin panel. Just add it to be the default gallery page you created “”. I can see you have not added yet.



Is there a way to increase the height of the main navigation bar to match the size of the logo? As you can see in this example, the logo is larger than the bar. ( Thanks!


Yes, you can increase the size of the header by modifing the CSS file style.css

Open the file and see the

/* Header Structure /-----------------/ #header{width:100%; height:65px;margin:0 0 37px 0;}

Just make the height:65px; bigger.

Make it bigger than your logo height.


I’d really appreciate support for buddypress. It seems buddypress breaks the head image, leaving no image on buddypress pages. I’ve also noticed the events manager plugin for buddypress breaks the page when on the add new event page, leaving a transparent background and making the footer the full width of the page. I’d pay an extra fee for buddypress support


Well we did not make the theme compatible with budypress.

We have in plan adding support for this and woocommerce also. But will take a while to add this to all our themes.


Hello i have a problem.

my text ist unformated. Whats wrong?


Looks like your header image is missing also.

When ading text in wordpress editor try to use spaces and break lines from the Visual editor to arange your text in page.


Hi, I upgraded my Wordpress to 3.8 and my photo gallery does not work properly. I can’t even add new pictures as the “Set featured image” option is not available in the gallery addition page.

Filters do not work as well

When I view the older images, it opens it as a single view image, link is :



When did you bought the theme? I can se you are using an older version of the theme also. The new version is using an updated photo gallery page with that filter/ajax effect removed, and 2 icons on hover.

Using that older version is not bad, it should work fine too.

But looking into your source code I can see some modifications there and a lot of new plugins installed.

When updating wordpress and the plugins you need to make sure you did not made some modifications to the theme code before. As you can see our demo works fine on the latest WP version.

For example I am not sure why the slider js code I am using in the theme loaded directly in my demo, on your website is loaded into a plugin


Normall I should sugest you to update the theme, and use the latest version we have now available to download. But if you made some modifications this will not work.

The problem from the gallery page, the popup and filter are definetly javascript conflict problems, and not WP compatibility.

Just try to disable/enable back the extra plugins you have and see if one of that cause the gallery conflicts.



The carousel and the dropdown menu was working up until a few months ago. All of a sudden the content is not showing, just the black background. I have not found in footer.php code line <?php if ( is_page_template(‘homepage.php’) ) {?>... My site is Please help me…

I resolved alone this enigma – the NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati plugin. I deactivated and my site work fine now…


Yes some extra plugins can create javascript conflicts.

This why I allways recomand use the themes at the begining with what they have build in. After all the content is added, and the website is checked to see if it’s working fine, add some extra plugins, and check again the website each time a new plugin is added.

Available also when the plugins are updated, they might be changed in code and ruin the theme allready js code.



I have a little problem with the translate. The french accent are not display correctly. (on the comment fields)

you can see it here :

I used Poedit and the file in the theme directory and i have also verified that i used UTF8 but the problem is again here :(

Have you an idea for that ?

Thank you very much



In the .po file I have inlucluded I have

“Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n”

And this shold support that charcters

You said that “verified that i used UTF8 ” Did you changed that to UTF8 in the .po file?

If not make a test and change it to see if it works.


is it possible to add another calendar to another page, that is have more than one calendar?

is there a short code for that or how do I make that

If you did not imported the XML file and tooked the code from there, just use this code

[fullcontent title="Full width program list"] <ul class="program_list_detailed"> <li><span class="col1">Hours</span><span class="col2">Monday</span><span class="col3">Tuesday</span><span class="col4">Wednesday</span><span class="col5">Thursday</span><span class="col6">Friday</span><span class="col7">Saturday</span><span class="col8">Sunday</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">09:00 - 10:30</span><span class="col2">Morning Energy</span><span class="col3">Morning Energy</span><span class="col4">Morning Energy</span><span class="col5">Morning Energy</span><span class="col6">Morning Energy</span><span class="col7">-</span><span class="col8">-</span></li> <li><span class="col1">10:30 - 11:30</span><span class="col2">Swimming</span><span class="col3">Swimming</span><span class="col4">Swimming</span><span class="col5">Stretching</span><span class="col6">Stretching</span><span class="col7">Stretching</span><span class="col8">Stretching</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">11:30 - 16:30</span><span class="col2">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col3">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col4">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col5">Bodybuilding</span><span class="col6">Swimming</span><span class="col7">Swimming</span><span class="col8">Swimming</span></li> </ul> [/fullcontent]

And add it in the editor using the TEXT mode of it, not the VISUAL mode. And just edit the text in it. Duplicate the lists for more rows and so on.

Add it on full width page to create that full width program.

And for half content program lists use

[halfcontent title="Half content programm"] <ul class="program_list_detailed_half"> <li><span class="col1">Hours</span><span class="col2">Monday</span><span class="col3">Tuesday</span><span class="col4">Wednesday</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">09:00 - 10:30</span> <span class="col2">Junior</span> <span class="col3">Medium</span> <span class="col4">Senior</span></li> <li><span class="col1">10:30 - 11:30</span> <span class="col2">Medium</span> <span class="col3">Junior</span> <span class="col4">Senior</span></li> <li class="even"><span class="col1">11:30 - 16:30</span> <span class="col2">Senior</span> <span class="col3">Medium</span> <span class="col4">Junior</span></li> </ul> [/halfcontent]


Hello – loving the theme, thanks.

I am having the same issue as jademinx, and I’m hoping you can help. I am certain the problem is not an error of implementation or a plugin conflict. I have gone so far as to build a fresh VM with a fresh Wordpress Install with a fresh copy of your theme with ZERO changes other than installing the wordpress importer plugin and importing your data. The issue persists.

The problem is: When re-sizing a browser window to mobile-size, or viewing the website on a mobile device, the 3-columns on the homepage don’t size/align properly. Everything else does accross all other pages. Please see image and test my current implementation:

I desperately need a way to fix this; thank you in advance for your help!


But did you added some content in that sections? That sections must contain some widgets, or something in those areas.

Looking now at your website, and test it on a mobile I can see it looks good. Only that you disable those section to be viewed on mobile right?

BTW. Your website is looking great. Nice implementation of the theme. Can I use this in my showcase?


Hello, thanks for the reply. I tried it with and without content (your included widgets), and the results were the same – I just wanted to show you that it happened with a completely basic install (no changes to possibly alter your code). Currently, I’m hiding that content area on mobile so the issue doesn’t appear, but as I mentioned, I’m not the only one with this issue. I was wondering if there was possibly a new error to the re-sizing that got introduced with an update? Please advise how I can help you further diagnose the issue.

Thanks for the kind words – other than the issue above, the theme was an absolute joy to work with. Definitely one of the better I’ve used. If you can help me get around the issue above, then please feel free to showcase it :-)


Looking at my demo it works fine on those sections, viewed from a mobile, or responsive mode in browser.

And the only diference I see in my style.css is:

Under the media queries max width 480 I have

.home_widgets .left13{ width:90%; float:left; padding:5% 0 0 5%;}

So make sure you add that soo, just like below:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {
.home_widgets .left13{ width:90%; float:left; padding:5% 0 0 5%;}

Let me know if that worked. Not sure why the online archive I have does not include that. I will try to see when the last update was made not to missed something.


Hi, can this them be used with Woo Commerce or similar yet? Tx, Robert5


No this theme is not woocommerce ready. Meaning does not included custom files made in the style of the theme.

But Woocommerce can be used in the theme as a normal plugin (like in any wordpress theme), but with his default layout and style.

Check the plugin sectionWebsite for more info.


I just bought power Gym and set it up for a trainer. He is very happy. My only issue is that the carousel always scrolls three items either way – which seems to be based on the pixel width of the containing image. On a mobile device with resolution less than this, the result is that some of the items are never visible. Is there an easy fix for this?


Alistair Hale


If you are testing this on a desktop browser like firefox and resized the window to a mobile resolution, make sure you refresh the page.

On a real scenario, if you directly load the theme on a moblie resolution, on a mobile, the slide works perfectly. Sliding just one by one item. Please give it a try on a mobile device. I have tested the carousel and works fine on ios, android and windows mobiles.


Thanks – I was just being clumsy with the Android browser – I was not used to touch screens on such devices. But there is another issue. On the site I’m working on the top menu very rarely if ever displays on a mobile. If it is displayed on a wider resolution window on, say, a PC, it is fine. But when the menu is just “menu” and a pop up is supposed to appear, it rarely works. I have gone back to using the default sample menu for this, (I thought it might be something in my menu item text) – but I still have the same problem. I have tried different browsers – same result. Right now I am also able reproduce this issue in Chrome on a PC. If I keep resizing from wide to narrow, it only very occasionally displays the popup when it is in “narrow screen” mode.

On the Android browser, you do see a very thin strip of something appear to the right of the “menu” button when you touch it. This might give some kind of a clue. The site (for the time being) is

This problem is on the default Android browser, on Firefox for android, on the default iPhone browser, and can also be seen sometimes on Chrome for PC.

Help much appreciated!

Alistair Hale


Yes I think I got a clue what’s wrong with your menu.

1. I can see on your home page url , you are not using the twitter widget.But you added a username in the source code.

So please load the twitter widget on home page if you have in plan to use it. If not try to delete that username from the admin.

The javascript code is the problem, when a function is blocked somewhere, can influence the other functions. Like the mobile-menu drop down.

2. Another small observation is that your website url loads quite hard. It could be a slow hosting. This can influence also the time of javascript execution. And this why some times maybe the js of the website is not loaded completelly when you want to puch that menu button.

So please add the twitter widget, test the website again, and let me know if the menu works corectl now on mobiles.


Hello, forgive my English, I am Brazilian and I speak very well yet. Well, I installed the theme Power Gym and follow the recommendations, not installed any plugins yet, but the menu is not responsive works by reducing the screen, and image galleries created does not work the option of expansion. Check out the link on my website:


It’s definetly a javascript conflict somewhere.

And looking at the source code I think it’s from the # sign added in the place of the twitter username.

username: ”#”,

Try to add you twitter username corectly in the admin. And set all the corect API details I am mentioning here Under the title “Update the Twitter settings”

Let me know if after the twitter code is enabled, the gallery page and menu will work corectly.


Your information was correct. I am very pleased with the support. Thank you!

Another detail is just the contact form is not sending message. I contacted the host support and was informed that there is no blockage. Can you help me in this matter?


I am glad the info about twitter settings was helpfully.

I just tested your contact form, and I saw I get the success message. So it seems to work. If you don’t get the email it’s must be something wrong there.

I supose you added your email corectly in the admin section rigth?

Did you modify the code of contact.php or contact-send.php from the theme files?

If all above are positive, please use the contact form on our profile page (right sidebar) and drop us an email. I will reply, and you can send us after this 2 files contact.php and contact-send.php attached to the email.

I will debug all the code to see if it’s something wrong.