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I bought this theme to use it for a fitness website. The main point was the ‘trainer blocks’ that I want to use for different segments of sports, instead of using them for trainers. My question is:

Is it possible for me add these ‘trainer blocks’ on the homepage, instead of using widgets. I want 6 blocks on the homepage, underneath the imageslider. Think of them like entries to different pages within the website.

I will probably have to edit some templates IF it is even possible?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


To add the trainers to main page can be done, but as a full page. Meaning to set the trainers page as home page. To move blocks from the trainers page under the slider cannot be done. On trainers page those thumb are listed from a custom post type.

But here an ideea I have, that I think will be on your needs.

Check our demo for example, the 1/3 section called “Fitness Club” under the slider

Why don’t you use 6 of that under the slider, with more or less text under to thumb. And link each one of that to your pages.

To make that no need to change the code. Just drag 6 widgets there. Custom text widget with image.



Thank you for your reply! I want to have some slideshow images on the frontpage so I will have to go with the solution that you gave: by using some of the custom text widgets.

Do you have any ‘standard’ code to accomplish the way it looks like in the demo? I’ve added a single Custom text widget to try it out. I also entered a URL of a image (via Google in this case, for testing), but the widget block didn’t show the image. I figured this has something to do with Timthumb. Once I disabled this, it worked.

Thanks in advance


Yes if using timthumb enabled from the admin, make sure you host the image on your server. Just upload it in Media section in wordpress, and get their url from there. Finally paste the url inside the widget input.

Our demo widget have the inputs:

Title: Fitness Club
Text content: <h5 class="subtitle">Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.</h5> <p>Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostru exercitationem ullam corporis laboriosam, nisi ut aad minima <a href="">veniamliquid</a> ex ea commodi <strong>consequatur laboriosam ipsum</strong> dolor sit amet, consectetur. </p>

Thumb Url :


I’m about ready to pull my hair out (what still left) Please explain how on earth I can create a blog page! There is no Blog Page type in the page types list. There is however a Sidebar Blog widget holder in the widgets section so that would lead me to believe that there is a blog page somewhere. How do I create different blog pages to contain different blog topics (by category that it)

Also, Why is it, unless I choose a Page Full Width template, I cannot turn off sidebars?

These are default options and features in EVERY other wordpress theme I have ever seen or used


Well that is very easy to do, not sure why you have problems with that :)

I guess you want to achieve a page like this one called blog or what ever you want right?


1. Create a category, called let’s say news.
2. Create a new simple post, add it to that category.
3. From the menu section in wordpress, just drag into the main header menu created initialy, the category, in our case news.

Just repeat this for another page you want, for example like “blog”. You can have multiple pages with the functionality of the example one.

Your mistake I think is that you want to create a page, and asing it a custom template like “Blog page”. Remember that blog categories, can be used as pages, and drag into the menus.

Hope this helps, and will save some of your hair :)


what he best way to have the nav center?


Do you mean to lower all the navigation bar under the logo and center it? Something like on this other theme we have:

If yes you will need I guess center the logo too, above the navigation. Other I don’t think it will look good.

If this is what you meant, I can provide some CSS guidance for you on how to achieve it.


also how do i extend the width of the drop down so text isnt on top of each other

figured it out

Just in case someone else will need this.

To increase the width size of the drop down you will need to go into style.css file and see the menu code

ul#main_menu ul li {position:relative; width:140px;....

And second level

ul#main_menu ul li ul li {position:relative; width:140px;

Can i compile it with phonegap? THANKS


No I think wordpress themes should be build with JSON API to work with phonegap.

This theme is not build like that.


my pics are coming up in the lightbox.

this is the error “image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”


But in the lightbox you have added the url of the post attachement, and not the image url. This why they don’t work.

Also it seems that you are using a diferent arrangements, and code for the gallery page. Try to use the custom post types we have created especially for this.


how can i put my videos on gallery page i’m really confuse about that. (i checked the help file and its not enough to understand)


You can see there are some options under the main editor area, when creating a photo gallery entry.

You have 2 options there “Portfolio big popup image” and “Or use a video in popup. Add the video url.”

If you want to use a photo use the first one. When using a video leave the 1 one empty, and insert into the 2 one, the video url.

Then when hovering the thumb in the front gallery page, a video icon will apear. And the video will popup if you click.

In the details page, you will see the text you will add in the editor. If you want to add more videos in the details page of one entry, just add the videos also in the editor.

Hope this helps.


My Contact Box doesnt work anymore… when testing it I dont receive any email to my suggested email account .. looks like forwarding through my host doesnt work. There was a change of PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4 automatically some days ago ..

is that maybe the problem?



Php could be the problem.

When did you bough the theme? What time ago? I will look to see what code you have in your actual theme contact page.

I can modify the code to work with yout php version if this is the reason.

Or just open contact-send.php file form the theme folder, and see on line 60 you have this:

$mail = mail($emailto,$subject,$messages,"from: $from <$Reply>\nReply-To: $Reply \nContent-type: text/html");

Or this:

$headers = 'From: '. $name .' <'.$email.'>' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: ' . $email; $mail = @mail($emailto, $subject, $messages, $headers);



I have the first Code in contact-send.php on line 60

I bought in Aug 2013 so longer time ago ..



Try to replace then this line you have

$mail = mail($emailto,$subject,$messages,"from: $from <$Reply>\nReply-To: $Reply \nContent-type: text/html"); 

And put instead the

        $headers = 'From: '. $name .' <'.$email.'>' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: ' . $email;
        $mail = @mail($emailto, $subject, $messages, $headers);    

Give a refresh and let me know if it works.

Or drop me an email using the contact form on our profile page sidebar, and I can reply with the contact-send.php file updated.


URGENT….. I recently switched to the Power Gym theme. I created a main menu it updated properly, then I tried creating a footer menu which I have not seen. I thought that maybe the fonts for the footer menu are white and the page footer is in white so the menu is invisible.(the main menu text is red and white) I tried creating a slider but the message said page not found or something…. so I restored the pages I deleted earlier …still nothing happened. I tried activating some widgets after editing and saving the theme still does update with widgets or sliders…..

The only update to date is the main menu…........



I think I replied to you also by email.

As I saw on your admin, you really need to disable those extra plugins you installed, and take it from there.

As a future advice, do not install plugins before adding content to a wordpress website. Add the content first and then add the extra plugins one by one. And check the website each time, to make sure the plugins do not break your website.


I am trying to make the font size on the home page larger 14px to be exact and have the titles for each widget h2 or h3—

As you have widgets for the homepage i first tried to change font size using html but it did nothing.. then I tried adding this to custom css
.home_widgets p.widget_area_text{font-size:14px; }

but that did not work either.. can you please tell me how i can make it so the text is not that small


Thanks - while I have you here - how can i remove some social icons that show in the custom social and text wiget – i only want to show twitter, facebook, and Google+ and want to remove rss feed and vimeo..

I figured that out.. sorry.

Glad you found the solution. Cheers.

The custom page header is not working on the site now… I added my own image however it is not showing???

site is here:

i added the background header image and don’t know why it isnt showing up?

i disabled timthumb and now it shows up


Yes timthumb does not resize images from an ip domain. You need to use a real name domain, or use timthumb disable.

But I guess your website will be finally on a real domain like and not an ip. If yes it will work fine once you will add it there.


I am at my wits end with my photo gallery I cannot get it to function at all like the one in the demo theme. Can you please help? I noticed that when i click on the camera it only displays the set default image, and then you click on the link option it will open the page and then show the default image and then the gallery at the bottom. Once you click on an image at the bottom it then functions correctly.. Basically what I am trying to do is one the user clicks on the camera link i want it to function like the demo, open the slide show and then proceed through the pictures i have set. my website is at

Thank you for any help you can give.


Looking at your gallery page I can see is empty now.

You need to create a custom page, asign it the Photo Album template, and start adding photos-posts using the Photo Gallery tab in the admin sections.

Please see 3F) Create a Photo Gallery page from the HELP guide included.

If you cannot do it, we can add some demo content for you. just contact us on our profile page sidebar contact form.


Yeah I removed them because i got frustrated, I re-added them back in if you click on the photo album it has the filter section and then the jujitsu section has some pictures.


Replied to your email. I hope it make sense what I have explain to you.


Hi, I purchased and installed the Power Gym theme and noticed the the “Prev” and “Next” navigation buttons were missing from the flex slider. I tried to fake it by including them in the images on the slide, but it still doesn’t look right. Can you please help me find the settings, codes or any way to install them just like how they are in the demo? Thank you!


1.You have more than 1 image in the slider added?

2. Did you installed the theme corectly? Meaning only the theme folder, and not the full archive dowloaded.

Those nav icons should apear corectly. Not sure they don’t. If you provide a demo url I can see what the problem is exactly.


i have tried everything to increase the size of the text in the custom menu widget to 14px.. nothing seems to change the size of the list.

you can see it here:

under Baseball Training – I have a custom menu but the type is too small..

Thanks for the help

Hi, Add in style under

.sidebar ul li a { font-size:14px;}


on the silhouettes under the slider—is there a way that I can add some code so that they automatically rotate rather than clicking the arrow to manually see the other silhouettes? kind of like the slider?

I would appreciate it if you could show me how to do this.


Yes I got it. Working on that customized file and will reply to yout email.


I am just curious as to if you are still customizing the js file for the elastislider.. it has been a few weeks so i am just checking the status. Thanks


Replied to your email with the updated file.

Sorry for the huge delay, but things got seriously busy around here :)


Hello, sorry to bother you but can you give me a tips to make a ‘news’ page like yours which automaticaly use my latests posts??

the news section will be ;

thank you in advance for you help;


That’s great thank you very much!!! Just please let me know in which part i can translate the blog page title? Instead of default “Latest Post” i need to display “Derniers sujets” thnak you in advance, regards

The file with that title is archive.php

And the line with the title is

<h2><?php _e( 'Latest Posts', 'admincore' ); ?></h2>

As you can see that line is translation ready. So either you manually edit the Latest Posts title inside there, or you translate the full theme using the .po file inside the languages folder. More details about transation can be found HERE


as always great answer thanks :)

I know you guys are working on the customized js file for the elastislide carousel but for some reason my silhouttes are not showing under the slider this morning? I havent done anything with the site so I am wondering why all of a sudden its not working? site is here


Seems to work fine now. I guess you found your fix. Make sure that any extra plugin you will add will not ruin some javascript used in the theme. Usually this is the cause to make the slider/carousel/widgets not working.

Yes we are working on the customized js file to make the carousel autoplay, but we are having hard time to keep the js of theme compatible with this autoplay function. It seems that autoplay function elastislide is using is not that great. Will be ready, but it will take a few more days considering that we are working on something else also.

We do received your email, and you will be the first to reply with that update.

Thank you, and nice website btw.


Thanks for the compliment! When i view the site in internet explorer the elastislide carousel shows, however, it is not showing in Firefox or Google Chrome?

There seems to be a problem with my menu and H2 headings in Chrome. On the home page they disappear after a refresh. They come back after I click on the Logo.

At first I thought this was only happening on my home pc, but I see it is behaving this way on my laptop to. What could cause this? In IE en Firefox it works fine.


The strange thing is that our demo seems to work fine when first loading it in Chrome.

Your demo yes when first time loaded the h title was not visible.

Not sure why, did you installed any cache plugins? or any extra plugin at all.

My idea is that is something with the google web font used in the H titles.

And after I reload the page everything is fine with all titles.

Hi there,

Great theme! I have a few issues I need help with though.

1. How come the arrow buttons on the homepage slider aren’t showing up? 2. On the roster page, how can I get each block to look like the live template you guys have? Basically want to be able to add a title and a description under the name, and add social media links for each player.

Thanks so much!

For number 3…it only says 2014 Roster when you view all. When you use one of the filters (for example “wide receiver”, it changes to “Trainers” in the header. How can I fix this??

How can I fix the plugin that’s overwriting? Can you email me at and I can give you admin access? Sorry, but we need to get this website up asap. Thanks so much!


Replied to your email.


When we bought the theme, Do you give the photos in the demo?


Yes Power Gym theme have those photos bought with Extended License. So they are included in the theme. But you cannot use those with comercial license. We have just included them in our theme as demo photos.

Also when importing the Demo XML file, if you choose to have a demo like our to get a start point, you will import the photos we haveon our server too. Regards.